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The best travel apps for travellers

To the point Here's a list of the best travel apps for travellers sorted by category with the Apple and Google Play download links.

The best travel apps

In a world where technology is omnipresent, travel has become not only more accessible but also more organized, thanks to a multitude of dedicated applications. These regularly updated travel apps have become indispensable companions, making travel easier, less stressful and safer.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family looking for a memorable vacation, or a luxury globetrotter, today’s companies offer an application to suit every need. You’ll be able to track a flight, book accommodation, compare prices, find your way around a city and more easily meet travellers like you on the other side of the world.

In 2023/2024, these travel apps will no longer simplify your journeys; they will transform your experiences, enrich your adventures and connect us more deeply to the destinations we explore.

What’s the best travel app?

There are so many applications that it would be a shame to restrict ourselves to just one would be a shame. Many complement each other. It all depends on your needs, your travel profile and your passions. Interface navigation is also essential. Some applications will be more intuitive, regularly updated and easy to use. These are important criteria when choosing an application.

We’ve selected the best apps that every traveller should have.

We’ve included links to the Apple Store or Google Play pages to enable you to download them to your iPhone or smartphone.

Travel apps in Canada

Several applications can significantly facilitate your stay and enrich your experience when travelling in Canada.

Here are some of the best apps specifically useful for travelling in Canada:

Canada flag Communauto Apple Store Google Play Car-sharing at low prices.
Canada flag MétéoMédia Apple Store Google Play The weather forecasting application.
Canada flag Parks Canada App Apple Store Google Play Provides detailed information on Canada’s national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas.

Apps for cheap travel and deals

Travelling on a budget is a significant concern for many travellers, and fortunately, there are several apps designed to help you save money on your travels. Here are a few we recommend:

27 Cheapflights Apple Store Google Play Search, compare and book cheap flights, hotels and car rentals.
Hotel HostelWorld Apple Store Google Play Travel planner for backpackers on a budget and hostel booking.
Hotel HotelTonight Apple Store Google Play Find and book a last-minute hotel at a great price.
27 Priceline Apple Store Google Play Compare, book a hotel, a car or a flight… and get discounts.
27 Skyscanner Apple Store Google Play Compare travel deals on flights, hotels and car rentals.
27 Trivago Apple Store Google Play Compare hotel prices and book one easily.

Applications for booking flights, accommodation or cars

Travel planning inevitably involves finding accommodation – unless you’re staying with family or friends – and can be accompanied by plane tickets, car rentals, activity bookings, etc.

Searching, comparing, and booking can sometimes be time-consuming, complicated and stressful. With the following applications, you can now efficiently manage the crucial aspects of your trip at competitive prices.

26 Airbnb Apple Store Google Play Book or offer accommodation with a private individual.
26 BOLT Apple Store Google Play Order a driver or reserve a scooter.
26 Apple Store Google Play Book a hotel, apartment or vacation home and take advantage of special offers.
26 Expedia Apple Store Google Play Book a hotel, a car, a plane ticket or a cruise.
26 Grab Apple Store Google Play Book a cab or have food or shopping delivered to you in Asia.
26 Apple Store Google Play Hotel reservations and travel with benefits for Rewards members.
26 Kayak Apple Store Google Play Book a hotel, a car, a plane ticket and track prices with alerts.
26 Hopper Apple Store Google Play Compare and get the best prices on flights, accommodation and car rentals.
26 Rocketmiles Apple Store Google Play Book a hotel in traver le mone and earn reward points.
26 Turo Apple Store Google Play Private car reservation (US, UK, Canada, France and Australia).
26 Private Travel Apple Store Book a trip that offers great experiences at the best price.
26 Vrbo Apple Store Google Play Organize your vacation rentals.
26 Uber Apple Store Google Play Book a driver in a major city.

Aircraft and airport lounge applications

When you travel, it’s always pleasant and reassuring to be able to follow your flight at all times so that you know, for example, of any gate changes or delays and can anticipate your future stopovers. So why not spend some time in an airport lounge to relax before your flight? If you’re a fan of Milesopedia, you’ll know that it’s one of the favourite perks of our traveling community!

We also recommend three tools that are not available as downloadable applications:

Here are the applications we suggest you download:

FlightAware Apple Store Google Play Real-time tracking for all flights.
FlightRadar24 Apple Store Google Play Live global flight monitoring.
Flighty Apple Store Google Play Live global flight tracking: notifications of changes (gates, delays, take-offs and landings) with weather updates.
LoungeBuddy Apple Store Find airport lounges according to your loyalty cards.
PriorityPass Apple Store Google Play Quickly locate airport lounges for PriorityPass cardholders.

Apps for traveler reviews and testimonials

We’re all hungry for reports, reviews and comments from other travellers when it comes to choosing between two or more restaurants, hotels or activities. Before you buy, check out our reports or the following applications:

27 Civitatis Apple Store Google Play Book activities, excursions and guided tours worldwide.
27 OpenTable Apple Store Google Play Book restaurants and read reviews.
27 TripAdvisor Apple Store Google Play Traveller reviews on hotels, restaurants and activities.
27 Urbanspoon Apple Store Google Play Find out about restaurant reviews.
27 Viator Apple Store Google Play A TripAdvisor platform: Viator offers access to thousands of tourist experiences and activities around the world.
27 Yelp Apple Store Google Play Reviews on a variety of establishments, from restaurants to hotels.

Map applications for getting around

When travelling, one of the essential tools to have on your smartphone is a reliable mapping application. Whether you’re venturing through the busy streets of a big city or exploring hiking trails, these apps will guide you every step of the way. They make getting around easier, arriving at your destination on time or discovering hidden corners. It’s always best to have access to the Internet, but if there’s no network, remember to download your maps offline.

Google Maps and the essentials for finding your way around

With applications such as Google Maps, you benefit from precise, real-time navigation – essential for finding your way around unfamiliar places, whether you’re driving, walking, cycling or taking public transport. Features such as step-by-step directions, estimated journey times and even augmented reality views make navigation intuitive and efficient.

For areas without an Internet connection, apps like offer offline maps, allowing you to stay oriented even in the most remote locations.

Transit gives you easy access to public transport timetables, which is essential in major cities.

23 BestParking Apple Store Google Play Find the best parking lots in major cities.
23 Gas Buddy Apple Store Google Play Find the cheapest gas, pay with the app and collect points. US and Canada.
23 Google Maps Apple Store Google Play Reference cartography and navigation.
23 Apple Store Google Play Maps available offline.
23 Transit Apple Store Google Play Public transport information.
23 Waze Apple Store Google Play Real-time navigation and traffic information.
23 Pin Drop / Map marker Apple Store Google Play Easily save places you’ve seen on the web and want to visit.

Communication applications

When travelling, staying connected is essential; communication apps are your allies in keeping in touch. Whether you want to send photos, call your family, share moments with friends, or contact local services, these applications simplify communication. Buy an eSIMS to travel. Airalo offers data plans in over 190 countries so travelers can access the internet without high roaming charges.

With options like WhatsApp, Skype, or. Messenger, you can send messages, make calls or set up video conferences easily, and often for free. Download a communication application to stay connected with ease, wherever you are in the world. Beware, however, as not all of them work everywhere. Restrictions exist, for example, with Facetime in Asia and the Middle East.

Google Translate: communicating without language barriers

Google Translate is a key application for overcoming travel communication challenges. It offers translations in over 100 languages and boasts many practical features. It’s one of our favorite applications. It offers:

  • Offline translation: You can download language packs without an Internet connection, which can be invaluable in regions where Internet access is limited or expensive.
  • Instant camera translation: This feature lets you instantly translate signs, menus or other printed text simply by pointing your camera at them.
  • Voice translation: You can speak directly into the application to obtain a spoken translation, ideal for real-time conversations.

Find a Wi-Fi network with WiFi Free Finder

WiFi Free Finder is a very useful application for all travellers who want to stay connected while on the move. This application uses your geolocation to show you all nearby WiFi networks. It tells you which networks are closest to you, and which are free and which are not.

Finding travel companions

Finally, travelling alone doesn’t necessarily mean being alone all the time. Finding travel companions can enrich your experience and enable you to share memorable moments. Several applications and websites connect travellers with similar interests or overlapping itineraries: Travello and Worldpackers join travellers around the world, promoting cultural exchanges and volunteering.

Don’t forget to consider a few criteria before choosing your travel companion: shared interests, travel pace, budget, etc.

21 Airalo Apple Store Google Play An application offering eSIMs for traveling abroad.
21 Messenger Apple Store Google Play Communication via messages, calls or videoconferences.
21 Telegram Messenger Apple Store Google Play Secure messaging.
21 Translatium Apple Store Google Play Instant translation in several languages.
21 Skype Apple Store Google Play Calls and videoconferences.
21 Travello Apple Store Google Play Travel community
21 WeChat Apple Store Google Play Popular messaging and social network.
21 Whatsapp Messenger Apple Store Google Play Message-based communication.
21 WiFi Free Finder Apple Store Google Play The application covers over 140 countries around the globe, enabling you to find a WiFi network almost anywhere you travel.

Applications for tracking points

The accumulation of points can sometimes be complicated to keep track of. The tool Awardwallet tool. Many have also set up an excel file that they update every week. This is an exercise we recommend you carry out at the same time as you do your accounts so that you can easily see the benefits of reward points and not let them lie dormant on the table.

24 Awardwallet Apple Store Google Play Manage all your loyalty programs and monitor your points in one place.

Airline applications

Every airline has its smartphone application. This can be useful for tracking your flight if you have purchased a ticket from one of them or wish to track your reward points from a particular program.

Air Canada + Aeroplan Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and management of flight reservations and consultations.
Air France Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
Air Transat Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
American Airlines Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
British Airways Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
Fly Delta Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
Jetblue Airlines Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
Lufthansa Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
SouthWest Airlines Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
Swiss Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
United Airlines Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.
WestJet Apple Store Google Play Ticket booking and reservations management.

Hotel group applications

Every airline has its smartphone application. This can be useful for tracking your flight if you have purchased a ticket from one of them or wish to track your reward points from a particular program.

22 Accor Apple Store Google Play Book & manage your Best Western account.
22 Best Western Apple Store Google Play Book & manage your Best Western account.
22 IHG Apple Store Google Play Book & manage your IHG Hotels and Rewards account.
22 Hilton Apple Store Google Play Book & manage your Hilton Honors account.
22 Marriott Bonvoy Apple Store Google Play Book & manage your Marriott Bonvoy account and get your room key.

The best apps for traveling families

Family trips often require extra planning and organization to ensure that all members, from the youngest to the oldest, have a good time. To make the most of your family trip, take the time to visit the website of our partner BB Jetlag. A ton of information is available. Founder Sophie Reis has published her book Le Guide des Parents Voyageurs to support parents with children aged 0 to 12.

The AroundMe example: find all the activities nearby

AroundMe is a powerful application that lets you quickly locate anything in the vicinity of your current location. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant for dinner, a cinema for entertainment, an ATM for cash withdrawals, or even a gas station or hospital, this app provides you with the information you need in real-time. Moreover, AroundMe also provides you with the distance and travel time required to get there.

Here’s a selection of particularly useful apps for traveling families, including those my kids love:

24 AroundMe Apple Store Google Play An application that quickly identifies services around you: bank, hospital, gas station, etc.
24 Duolingo Apple Store Google Play A free application for easy, interactive learning of the basics of a language.
24 Geocaching Apple Store Google Play A fun worldwide treasure hunt for the whole family to explore the surrounding area in a playful way.
24 HappyCow Apple Store Google Play Easily find a restaurant for a member with a special diet.
24 My Disney Experience app Apple Store Google Play Recommendations based on your tastes, interests, map and waiting times for attractions, and other features.
24 Where are the toilets? Apple Store Google Play Handy when you’re abroad to find a toilet.
24 My Talking Tom Apple Store Google Play A cat that will keep your child entertained for a long time.
24 TrustedHousesitters Apple Store Google Play To find someone you can trust to look after your pets while you’re away.
24 Sittercity Apple Store Find someone you can trust to look after your children while away. US only.
24 School Apple Store Google Play It’s a cute application to learn and have fun for free.
24 Two dots Apple Store Google Play A free puzzle game to exercise the mind and have fun simultaneously.
24 Water Map Apple Store Google Play Find one of the 280,000 water points worldwide to fill your bottle or flask.

The best travel planning apps

Are your accommodations, flights and activities booked? Have you thought about everything – your itineraries, what to pack in your luggage? Here are the best apps to help you plan before, during and after your departure:

24 PackPoint Apple Store Google Play Checklists to help you remember everything when you travel.
24 Rome2rio Apple Store Google Play Plan your trips anywhere and any transport: flights, buses, ferries, carpooling, etc.
24 The Jet Lag App Apple Store Easier adaptation to jet lag.
24 TripIt Apple Store Google Play Consolidate your reservations in a single application.

The best apps for hiking enthusiasts

Hiking apps offer many features that can greatly enhance your hiking experience, whether you’re a novice or an experienced hiker.

A fan of roadtrips? The Roadtrippers application is specially designed for planning this type of trip. With it, you can create an itinerary adapted to the stops you plan to make. The application also lets you discover destinations of interest close to your itinerary.

With applications like AllTrails, you can access a vast database of hiking trails worldwide. You can filter routes according to:

  • your skill level,
  • distance,
  • or specific points of interest.

These apps provide you with detailed maps, trail descriptions, reviews from other hikers, and often photos to give you an idea of what to expect.

For those who like to get off the beaten track, apps like Gaia GPS offer detailed topographical maps and offline GPS functionality, essential for wilderness navigation. You can score points, record your routes and even share your adventures with the community.

Racing and cycling enthusiasts can record their performances, share them with their network and follow pre-designed routes with the Strava app, even when travelling.

When you download a hiking app, you’ll be sure to find trails that suit your mood and level, as well as hiking in complete safety, thanks to tracking and position-sharing features. Here are the tools you need to plan your outdoor adventures and enjoy nature to the full:

Card AllTrails Apple Store Google Play Find hiking trails and outdoor activities.
Card Gaia GPS Apple Store Google Play Plan and explore nature on your phone, tablet and Apple Watch.
Card Mapstr Apple Store Google Play Please keep track of your favourite places worldwide and share them easily.
Luggage Roadtrippers Apple Store Google Play Road trip itinerary planning.
Card Strava Apple Store Google Play Run, ride, hike: record your route, take photos, and share your performance.

The best apps for tracking your journey and keeping beautiful memories

To preserve your travel memories, several apps can help you capture and organize your experiences creatively and efficiently.

Although Google Photos is the most widely used for storing photos and videos, or Instagram for social networking, several other applications might interest you for keeping track of your memories.

The 1 Second Everyday application is like a video diary that captures your daily moments to create a movie.

For example, FindPenguins is an application that lets users create a digital travel diary. It records your itinerary, lets you share photos and stories, and even creates a trip book.

How does FindPenguins work?

After installation, you can activate the Travel Tracker, which automatically records your itinerary. So you can track your movements on a world map, even offline.

To begin, create a new trip via the “Create a first trip” button on your profile. Enter the trip name, start date and privacy level. The application records your position every 5 minutes, or every 5 seconds for greater accuracy. Location data is updated as soon as you are online. You can then add photos, comments and stories to your itinerary to enrich your travel journal.

FindPenguins also lets you share your itinerary with friends and family, or keep it private. You can even order a photo book of your trip directly from the app.

Rewards Day One Journal Apple Store Google Play Easy note-taking, audio, video, photo, like a diary.
Rewards FindPenguins Apple Store Google Play Travel tracker to print photo albums of your adventures and your travel journal.
Rewards Polarsteps Apple Store Google Play Track your routes automatically and share travel itineraries. Add photos, comments, and create printable albums.
Rewards 1SecondEveryday Apple Store Google Play Creation of travel videos based on your daily captures.

The best apps for your finances

Finally, what could be more important than keeping track of your travel expenses and setting goals for your portfolio? Managing your finances is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy your trip to the full.

Mint is certainly the most widely used application. It’s comprehensive and helps you track your expenses, create budgets and monitor your investments.

Educfinance is a recent application launched in 2022 by a finance professor at Collège Montmorency in Laval, Youcef Ghellache, and his team. We recommend you look at their website if you’d like to learn more about managing your finances, saving or investing. You’ll be able to define your objectives and reach them easily thanks to its tools and methodology.

Of course, before you leave, consider taking stock of your credit cards with the help of our rankings, and choose the best one for your needs to maximize points accumulation and save on travel.

27 Educfinance Apple Store Google Play Manage your finances and keep control of your money.
27 Mint Apple Store Google Play Monitor and manage your finances.
27 Wise Apple Store Google Play International money transfers: low-cost transactions with real exchange rates.

How can you share your trip with friends and family?

Sharing your trip with loved ones through apps is a simple and effective way to stay connected. Instagram is a popular app for sharing photos and videos of your trip. For more interactive sharing, LiveTrekker lets you share your routes live. If you prefer to keep your sharing private, you can create a private travel space with apps like Sunday.

These applications offer a variety of ways to share your trip, whether you prefer public or private sharing. Which is your favourite?

The impact of digital on tourism

Travel apps, a booming market

Digital technology has revolutionized the tourism sector, particularly with the rise of travel apps. By 2023, according to, the global market for travel apps is estimated to be worth $500 billion, and is set to continue growing at a steady pace over the next few years.

This growth is due to a number of factors, including :

  • Changing travel habits: travelers are increasingly connected, using their smartphones to plan and book their trips.
  • The emergence of new technologies: artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain offer new opportunities to enhance the travel experience.

The challenges of travel apps

The success of travel applications hinges on the ability to meet several challenges, including:

  • Competition: the travel app market is highly competitive, with major players such as, Expedia and Airbnb.
  • Evolving technologies: travel applications need to adapt to changing technologies and user needs.
  • Security: travel applications need to protect user data.

The future of travel apps

The future of travel apps looks bright, with innovations that go beyond simply booking flights or hotels. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain, offer unprecedented opportunities to make the travel experience more interactive, personalized and secure.

Bottom Line

All these applications are designed to help you find the best deals, compare prices and manage your travel budget efficiently. Integrating these outlis into your travel planning will make your overall experience more enriched. You’ll be able to enjoy and leave less stressed. The best travel application will depend on your specific needs. Their accessibility, ergonomics and cost all need to be taken into account.

It’s up to you to try them out and find the ones that best suit your travel profile!

Are you a fan of apps and want to save money every day? Check out our list of the best apps for cash back!

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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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