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Milesopedia Netiquette – General code of conduct

Milesopedia is open to all. Everyone has the right to express their vision their opinion. We receive a large number of queries every day. To ensure that discussions are based on principles of mutual respect, we have defined rules of etiquette for our web spaces, such as our Site and our social networks. Several moderators help us answer everyone’s questions and check everyone’s temperament if necessary. We want to thank them for their work, most of it voluntarily.

Please take note of ALL these rules and apply them. Otherwise, you may be banned from these pages.

General code of conduct

A fundamental principle: think about those who read you.

Do you have a question?

Quite often, other people before you have already asked the same question on the page/group.

Find out if the information exists on milesopedia.com or in the group using keywords, search fields or your COMMAND+F keyboard. We want to avoid repeating the same questions. The old-timers will be better able to answer your questions in a friendly atmosphere.

Before asking a question in the comments, make sure it is the subject of the publication. We may redirect your message to the correct thread. You’ll have to read this thread to find your answer.

Use capital letters only when necessary. CAPITAL LETTERS MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING and make it hard to reply. The moderators could delete such a post.

Avoid using SMS language when posting or commenting in French!

Use smileys/emoticons to indicate your state of mind, but use them sparingly. Don’t assume that a smiley face excuses everything or softens an otherwise insulting comment. You may receive a warning from the moderators.

Pay attention to your language level; you’re communicating with people from all over the world. Be careful with slang and local expressions.

Take into account the archiving of your comments by search engines. Be careful what you write, especially if you give your real name (or a regular pseudonym), as this may be stored for life ;-). Don’t post to point out other people’s typos or spelling mistakes.

Avoid simply commenting on texts such as: “hello”, “cuckoo”, “agree,” “disagree,” “vffvdsv,” etc. Exchanges need to be fueled by
comments and reflections.

Falsification (identity theft) and mystification (multiple pseudonyms…) are not tolerable.

Advertising is generally not accepted on most blogs, except in exceptional cases or on dedicated sites (which is not the case with ours). On the other hand, a link or trackback may be inserted, provided the comment is relevant and does not serve as an alibi for disguised advertising.

Write the title of the commentary carefully, if requested.

Check the source of the information you post to avoid misinformation and rumors and cite your references.

Your question is still awaiting validation: if we decide your query is unclear, too long, too complex to answer or too partisan. Some Internet users may respond incorrectly or not comment at all. In this case, we’ll ask you to redefine your question or to split your questions.

Learn to participate and share. A blog isn’t just about reading; it’s also enriched by the community’s contributions, including you!

To our Francophile friends, even if you’re not sure of your French, get over your apprehension… you’re welcome here.

Unacceptable behaviour

Wait until you’ve slept (or had your coffee) before sending violent or emotionally-charged replies if you feel strongly about a given subject; blogs are great conflict amplifiers, as the physical absence of your interlocutor increases tensions. Even if you’re alone at your computer, remember that a blog is a public meeting.

All accusations without proof, distortion of facts, lies, and attempts at extremist polemics or excessively partisan propaganda (direct or indirect), as well as all forms of proselytism and dogmatism, are not accepted.

Insulting or aggressive comments have no place in blogs, so please refrain from personal attacks.

Comments that are racist, anti-Semitic, pornographic, revisionist, sexist or in general any subject contrary to the law and humanist values must not be included.

Do not ask to be contacted by PM (private message) to retrieve information from other people or transmit affiliate links. Do it only to help if necessary. This information is often passed on to the moderators.

Don’t blame the blog manager for the behaviour of the participants.

Don’t blame the blog writers for not answering your questions – they don’t have to.

Negativism attracts demons and can be contagious. We want to avoid this kind of behavior. We are a community of sharing and mutual support.

Comments on this blog are moderated. The moderator reserves the right to publish or not to publish contributions, to delete a publication and to sanction you for non-compliance with these rules.

Please beware of the troll (we’ve been under regular attack since prehistoric times). A troll is an individual who persists in starting discussions on subjects that make people angry or in (deliberately) stirring up trouble between several people by pitting them against each other, for example. A troll is also a spammer. In the event of a Trojan attack, the blog’s managers will take steps to prevent abuse.

Limitation of liability

Community members can exchange on our forum freely as long as they respect this charter of good conduct. Milesopedia can, at any time, appoint a member as an expert if the company feels that the member knows to help the community. A badge will appear under her first name when posting content or commenting. His publications will be featured.

Expert members need to be even more careful about what they say and be sure of what they say before they publish so as not to mislead other non-expert members. Suppose an expert member leads one or more other people into error. In that case, Milesopedia cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from such statements and gives no guarantee, express or implied, of results.

Content review

The Milesopedia team regularly modifies the site’s content to keep it up to date. Technical, typographical or photographic errors may occasionally be detected. Milesopedia makes every effort to ensure that all information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

We encourage our members to contact us when they spot an inconsistency or error, to help us continue our mission of continuous updating. We ask members to check publication dates before accepting certain information.


Respect and courtesy are Milesopedia’s mottos.


We want to thank Nassima Derfouf, who helped us create this charter for Milesopedia.