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Presentation of the Award.Flights tool

Award.Flights is probably one of the tools we use the most in our search for award tickets. It allows you to quickly query one or more loyalty programs for one or more airports.

Presentation of the Award.Flights tool

This tool is to be used with moderation. Don’t overdo the number of requests made within the various loyalty programs! has not been updated since November 2019. It may not function optimally and may be missing the options listed below. is an extension to add to your Chrome browser. It allows you to easily search for rewards within different programs/companies:

  • Aeroplan (AC)
  • British Airways Executive Club (BA)
  • Flying Blue (KL/AF)
  • Etihad (EY)
  • All Nippon Airways ANA (NH)
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ)
  • Japan Airlines (JL)
  • Qantas (QF)

Installation of the Award.Flights extension

Once added to your browser, the extension will be accessible in a new window as a separate application.

You will need to enter your login/password for your various loyalty program accounts. Don’t worry: these credentials are kept locally on your computer and are not sent to the designer’s servers.

To add your credentials, click on the settings icon.

login award flights login page

Search for flights in Award.Flights automates searches as if you were doing them yourself. Thus, it will search for all the possibilities that you have programmed.

award flights search screen
The search screen of
  • From: the 3 letter code of the airport of departure / You can enter more than one with a comma between each.
  • To: the 3 letter code of the destination airport / You can enter more than one with a comma between each.

Attention: It is possible to enter the code of several airports only for the departure OR the destination.

  • Date: the date of departure
  • +Days: flexibility in the number of days after the first indicated departure date (up to 30 days) / Award flights will thus search for all flight possibilities within the indicated time frame.
  • Passengers: the number of tickets required (1 to 8).
  • Carriers: the loyalty programs you wish to research.
  • Cabins: travel classes (First, Business, Eco)

Here I am looking for a flight:

  • of Montreal (YUL)
  • in Tokyo (HND and NRT), Seoul (ICN)
  • leaving on 11/27/2016
  • or within 2 days
  • for 2 persons
  • on the Air Canada (Aeroplan) program.
search award flights
Example of a search on Award.Flights will then launch the search: in fact, it automates the actions as if you were doing them.

Aeroplan has not put any technical “barrier” to this unlike British Airways which requires a “captcha” code after a few requests. However, we strongly encourage you to make only limited requests and not to abuse the service.

research in progress
You can see the status of the research on

Interpretation of Award.Flights results

Once the search is finished, we advise you to play with the filters proposed by Award.Flights.

filters award flights
Award.Flights filters

You can filter:

  • Connections: connecting airports / With time, you’ll get to know which airports to go through… or to avoid
  • Carriers: airlines / You can exclude some airlines from the results
  • Cabins: the travel classes / You could for example decide to display only the economy class
  • Filter Option: Restrictive / Inclusive: A very important option allowing you toinclude mixed results (United + Air Canada) or exclude (only United).

Here are for example 2 results from my search:

example results award flights
Example of results on

Several columns that mention:

  • Flight: The flight numbers / this allows you to see the company (here UA for United and AC for Air Canada)
  • From / To: the different airports (here IAD = Chicago, YYZ = Toronto)
  • Departure and arrival dates (and connections)
  • Types of devices
  • Available cabins: First (F), Business (J), Premium Economy (W) and Economy (Y)

For Japan, it doesn’t matter if you fly on United or Air Canada: there will be no carrier surcharge!

Here we are looking for ease and comfort. The second Air Canada flight is preferred because:

  • No US border to cross
  • Arrival closer to the city center at HND (Tokyo Haneda) rather than NRT (Tokyo Narita)

You can then do the same search for the return flight and replicate the search on the Aeroplan website by entering the travel dates as displayed.

award flights on aeroplan
The same Air Canada flight on Aeroplan (one way)

For this search, a list of about 100 flights were proposed in the Award.Flights tool to filter from. This makes it easier to get a global view of the possibilities… rather than searching directly on the loyalty program!

Bottom line is therefore a tool that requires some knowledge (airport codes, type of aircraft and preferred airlines). But once mastered, it proves to be an invaluable asset in the search for the best premium flight!



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Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.

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