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Reward Points Strategies

If you want to save money on travel or your everyday life with credit card points, you must set up a strategy.

In the milesopedia community, questions come up daily; that’s why we have set up several popular strategies.

Check out all our reward points strategies below, along with the best credit cards we recommend.

For accommodations

Our best strategies for accommodations with credit card reward points and four great credit card offers for Airbnb and hotels are below.

For flights

Our best strategies for flights with credit card reward points and three excellent credit card offers for airline tickets and airport lounges are below.

For Disney

Our best strategies for visiting and staying in one of the Disney parks (Disney World, Disneyland, etc.) with credit card rewards points, and three exciting credit card offers to earn AIR MILES Bonus Miles and hotel points are below.

To save on forex fees

Each time you make a foreign currency transaction with your credit card, you pay a 2.5% FX fee.

There are few credit cards in Canada with no foreign currency conversion fees: this is the case for the three cards below:

To save money every day

Our best strategies for saving every day while earning more reward points and three excellent credit cards are below.