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Le programme de fidélité RBC Rewards

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The RBC Rewards program is a loyalty program with travel points. Its strength is its flexibility. You’ll be able to use your points for airfare (fixed or flexible), any travel booked with the card, and you can even transfer your RBC Rewards points to other loyalty programs such as American AAdvantage, British Airways Executive Club or Westjet Rewards.


Current Value of RBC Rewards Points

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On this page you will find all the important information about the RBC Rewards program.

In each tab, you will find out:

  • how to earn RBC Rewards points
  • how to use RBC Rewards points
  • how to manage RBC Rewards points
  • The best credit cards
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RBC Rewards points can be earned on a number of credit cards linked to this loyalty program.

Note that there are 2 types of RBC Rewards credit cards:

  • Avion(Voyages in French)
  • Rewards (Récompensesen français): points earned with these cards cannot be used for travel or for transferring points to other programs

RBC Avion Rewards cards are:

Other RBC Rewards cards include:

There are three main uses for RBC Rewards points:

  • To pay for trips
  • To transfer points to other programs
  • To purchase gift cards

Paying for Travel with RBC Rewards points

There are two ways to use RBC Rewards points for travel purchases:

  • Through the fixed rate schedule
  • Through the flexible rate schedule

The RBC Rewards Fixed Rate Schedule

This is where you’ll get the most out of your RBC Rewards points.

RBC offers a fixed rate schedule split into 6 levels depending on the type of flight:

Short getaways
Any flight within a province, territory or U.S. state, or to a contiguous province, territory or U.S. state
15 000 350$
Discover North America
Any flight anywhere in Canada or the United States, except Hawaii or Alaska.
35 000 750$
Holiday Destinations
Western Canada or U.S. to Mexico, Hawaii or Alaska, Eastern Canada to Bermuda, Central America or the Caribbean
45 000 900$
Go on holiday
Eastern Canada or United States to Mexico, Hawaii or Alaska, Western Canada to Bermuda, Central America or the Caribbean
55 000 1,100$
Visit Europe
Any flight from a major point of departure in Canada or the United States to destinations in Europe
65 000 1,300$
The World
Any flight from a major point of departure in Canada or the United States to destinations in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, the Middle East, Africa or South America.
100 000 2,000$

The most interesting use is when the price of the flight you want to book is close to the maximum amount (excluding taxes and surcharge ).

The RBC Rewards Flexible Rate Schedule

It is also possible to use RBC points through the flexible rate schedule. This is the famous “100 points = 1$”.

Here, 15,000 points can be used for $150 off your trip.

Just use this when you:

  • Redeem points for travel rewards without using the Air Travel Rewards Redemption Schedule;
  • Redeem points for a hotel stay, car rental, cruise or vacation package;
  • Redeem points for one-way, business or first class airfare;
  • Book your trip less than 14 days in avance;
  • Pay more than the maximum dollar value set for a category;
  • Pay all taxes, fees and surcharges.

Converting RBC Rewards points to other programs

One of the great things about the RBC Rewards Avion program is that you can convert your RBC Rewards points to other partner programs like American Express or Marriott Bonvoy.

Here are the transfer partners and the normal exchange rate.

westjet rewards logo 1,000 points = $10 Westjet dollars
british airways club 1 10,000 points = 10,000 Avios miles
asia miles e1488115205243 10,000 points = 10,000 Asia miles
pg plogo american adv 5,000 points = 3,500 AAdvantage miles
la baie d hudson 2013 logo 5,000 points = 10,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points

From time to time, RBC Rewards organizes point conversion promotions such as +30% to British Airways Executive Club. So keep an eye out for these promotions to convert your points at the best possible rate!

Buying gift cards with RBC Rewards points

If buying travel with points isn’t for you… there’s another way to use your RBC Rewards points: purchasing gift cards.

We generally don’t recommend this method for points as valuable as American Express Membership Rewards, but RBC Rewards regularly runs gift card promotions (especially for hotels.com cards)!