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Aline, our rewards points expert

Aline is very educational and built me a strategy adapted to travel on points with my family!

Angelique L.

Mentoring Service

We have designed two individual mentoring packages:

Express Mentoring Service – 1 hour

You’ll meet our rewards points expert for a one-hour express session for $185. You can talk freely with our expert about your projects and get answers to your questions.

VIP Mentoring Service – 2 hours + follow-up

Our most comprehensive package at $350 will help you reach your goals and realize your dreams.

See below for everything included in the VIP package.

Make an appointment now!
  • EXPRESS package - 1 hour video chat

    As part of our EXPRESS mentoring service, you’ll meet our rewards points expert for 1 hour.

    You’ll be able to ask her any specific questions you may have to help you optimize your credit cards and/or plan your trip.

  • VIP package - First meeting: 1 hour video chat

    As part of our VIP mentoring service, you’ll meet our Reward Points expert twice, i.e. two one-hour blocks.

    The first hour is usually devoted to drafting a strategy or developing a first travel itinerary. You can discuss your projects with our expert and get an initial overview of the possibilities available.

  • VIP package - Research and strategy development

    After your initial meeting with our expert, she will research and develop a strategy tailored to your needs.

  • VIP package - Second meeting: 1 hour video conversation

    The second hour of the meeting will be used to present the travel strategy or itinerary developed by our expert.

    * The 2nd meeting must be scheduled within 30 days of the first meeting.

  • VIP package - 2 follow-up e-mails

    For the next six months, you will not be alone! Indeed, after your first meeting with our expert, you can exchange with her twice by email. This will be the time to ask your questions (up to 3 questions per email).

    This will allow you to refine your strategy and ensure optimal support.

  • VIP package - Optional: Additional hours

    By opting for our mentoring package, you can add additional hours at a preferential rate of $125 per hour for the same project.

    This preferential rate applies for six months following your first meeting.


There is so much to know about travel rewards and credit cards! I don't have time to learn everything. Thanks to Aline's advice, I was able to get straight to the point by choosing the right credit cards and programs for my needs. Thank you Aline and Milesopedia for this service that I recommend around me!

Romain D.

Frequent questions

  • What is a mentoring session with an expert?

    A mentoring session with our expert will be to discuss credit card strategy, optimization of point usage and general travel planning based on your specific needs.

  • Who should attend a mentoring session with an expert?

    The mentoring service is open to Canadian residents. Everyone can benefit from a session with our expert, whether to establish a strategy to get started with the points or to refine your own and perfect your knowledge.

  • How does the VIP mentoring session work?

    The mentoring session is given in 2 one-hour sessions not to bombard you with knowledge and to provide you with time to assimilate everything. Our expert will email you some questions to prepare for your first session.

  • Can your expert help me book the trip of my dreams?

    Our expert will deploy all his tools to help you achieve your goals. However, there are no miracles; for example, finding low-cost award tickets without flexibility (dates and destinations).

  • Can the mentoring session be done in French or English?

    Yes, no problem. The mentoring session can be conducted in both languages.

  • What's the difference between an EXPRESS and a VIP mentoring session?

    The VIP mentoring session is more comprehensive and includes a 2-hour video meeting and an e-mail follow-up. The VIP mentoring session also allows you to add additional hours at a preferential rate of $125 for the six months following the first meeting.

    The EXPRESS mentoring service consists of a one-hour session where you can ask our expert more specific questions about your credit card strategy or travel planning.

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