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Alessandro has always loved travelling. He began his discoveries in Brazil, his home country. He put his feet on the sand of a beach at the age of 4, flew for the first time at the age of 9 and made his first international trip at the age of 15. Apart from travelling, he enjoys volleyball, animals, languages and Celine Dion. He lives in Quebec since 2007, tries to travel often, doesn't really play volleyball anymore, has a cat, has learned French and has seen Celine Dion several times... He joined the Milesopedia community to exchange with members and learn how to travel more, for less.
I'm Aline, an experienced traveller, a foodie at heart, an Avgeek, a photography enthusiast and an expert on credit card programs. I use Reward Points to travel on a budget and to save money on everyday life; writing about these topics allows me to share my passion and help you. ~ 7 continents and 75 countries ~
Always on the lookout for exotic destinations, Alexandrine shares her strategies for traveling while saving with points and miles. She's an avid cook, both at home and abroad.
A man of passion, André got the travel bug in his youth during family camping holidays. This interest was confirmed by the Eiffel Tower when he was only 18 years old, and he developed other passions such as cinema and music over the years. André also worked as a columnist in this capacity. His taste buds then led him to explore the flavours of international dishes and the discovery of milesopedia now allows him to get to his destination better and ...more economically.
Originally from the Gaspé Peninsula, the sea air, nature and mountains have always been part of me. I always have a thousand and one travel projects running through my head! If through my travels I can inspire people to go on an adventure: mission accomplished! Make your dreams come true, don't wait until tomorrow! And we can make our dreams come true thanks to milesopedia!
Mother of two young children, pharmacist, travel hacker's wife and frequent traveller, Audrey shares her advices and destinations recommendations on milesopedia.
Retired from the health care system and a slow traveller at heart, she invests many hours of her free time in travel. She loves to write about everything related to travel, miles and points.
I'm Caroline, a loyalty program specialist! I use my points to travel more often and at a lower price with my spouse and our two children. I'm passionate about writing about the latest rewards news and how to put more points in your pocket.
Emmanuelle travels a lot for business, in fact Chicago is her second home. A frequent traveller since childhood, she is constantly preparing for her next trip.
He has been a travel enthusiast since a young age and has been involved in the wonderful world of loyalty programs for years. He particularly enjoys staying in the hotels of the Marriott Bonvoy group.
For Francis, travel is more than a passion. It is a real obsession! His thirst for adventure, culture and change of scenery has taken him to the four corners of the globe. As a high school teacher, he quickly took pleasure in telling his students about his numerous trips. His passion now takes him to other schools where he gives different conferences year after year. His ultimate goal: to discover at least 100 countries before he dies. Realistic? He has already visited almost 50!
Frédéric likes to play with numbers and is a specialist in rewards programs. As a family man, he uses his points to travel better and save money!
For the past few years, I was lucky enough to work for an airline company and travel often for cheap, but still felt like I needed more. I also wanted a big change from the usual 9@5 lifestyle. So I quit my job and started travelling Central/South America. Follow my journey as I discover what the latin culture has to offer.
Passionate about hockey, personal finance and northern landscapes, Gabriel divides his time between the vast spaces of Nunavik, the picturesque landscapes of the North Shore and the urban vibrancy of Montreal. Even more, he aspires to financial independence and dreams of one day visiting Greenland and Antarctica! His mission at Milesopedia? To share his travel experiences and help people find the best travel itinerary at the best value. . Website: / Blog:
Gautier is an expert in rewards programs, including Aeroplan.
A part-time globetrotter and Marriott employee the other half of the time, Janie takes advantage of a seasonal lifestyle to discover the world. An avid fan of breathtaking landscapes, she seeks adventure through immersive experiences and encounters with local people.
A specialist in the banking sector, Jean-Francois is also a great traveller and passionate about reward programmes.
Jean-Maximilien is an expert in Canada and France about Loyalty programs, Credit cards and Travel. He is the Founding President of Milesopedia.
Quadrilingual, curious, artistic and international, Jessica loves cultural exchanges and the diversity of experiences the world has to offer!
Jonathan has visited many countries, speaks three languages, and even on the phone you can hear the smile in his voice! He shares his travels made possible by credit card points and benefits.
Kristian is a marine engineer who travels around the world using underwater sonar to map the ocean floor. He has a young family and now uses miles&points to finance his family getaways.
As a former couchsurfer/backpacker, for Marie-Claude travel is all about discovering the Other, that is to say, the human being, the culture & architecture, the landscapes, and the arts of the table. It is precisely the possibility to work from anywhere in the world that attracted her to Milesopedia, where she joined the team in April 2022. Now settled in her husband's native Normandy, with their 2 children, she takes advantage of every moment to discover her new homeland.
Travelling is a way of life for Marie-Ève, who spends almost six months a year abroad. She's always looking for waves to surf, great coffee and the best strategies to travel longer. You'll probably find her in a coworking space with other digital nomads, or by the sea watching the sunsets.
Marie-Noelle is passionate about travelling. You could even say she is obsessed with it! In addition to her work in the health field, she spends much of her free time planning her next trip and editing videos of the last country she visited.
Marie-Pascale is an expert in international marketing, sports marketing, pricing and consumer psychology. She frequently travels around the world.
Marjorie has three passions in life: writing, travel and the world of wellness. The last decade has been full of exploration for her! Her travels have taken her all over the world, from Central America to Asia, Europe and Africa. This former travel consultant loves to inspire us and share her best discoveries. She is also the author of several novels and guides.
As a travel and discovery enthusiast, I always find it difficult to circumscribe the limits of my itinerary and to limit my visits! To some, I certainly travel too fast, but with so much to see in the world and so little holiday, this is the best way I've found to combine it all! Travel hacking, which I've been doing since 2018, fits perfectly with my travel style, much to my delight!
I'm Maude, entrepreneur, mum, foodie and frequent traveller. Being on the road an average of 3 months a year, I have become an expert in various reward programs in order to travel even more at a lower cost. Luxury, backpacking, all-inclusive, cruise, roadtrip, I don't have a favourite trip, I experience everything. Thanks to Milesopedia, I will share with you my tips and tricks, my favourites, my travel itineraries and much more!
From Quebec to faraway lands of adventure, Maude, who we know from her travel blog MC Globetrotteuse and her web columns, has always been passionate about travel. When she's not in a trendy café working, you can bet that you'll find her outside. From her forays into Indonesian communities to early morning hikes to Mexico's paradise beaches, she knows how to find the little treasures and share them to help you make the most of your stay. A planning queen and sailing enthusiast, Maude never stays put for long.
With her head full of exotic landscapes and food, Maude dreams of adding more destinations to her list of countries visited. Her survival kit: a good backpack, a Stephen King novel and a laptop.
I love the outdoors, travel, excursions and simple pleasures, and I love to share my best discoveries and learn about yours!
Traveller addicted to culinary discoveries and breathtaking landscapes of this blue planet. From the Russian Arctic to the volcanoes of Nicaragua, from the Old Quarter of Ha Noi to the fjords of the Saguenay, my passion for travel remains the same over the years.
Based in Germany, Tom is our expert on loyalty programs, credit cards and travel - and he is passionate about great deals! He is a food enthusiast who has lived and worked on every continent (except Antarctica).
A curious and multilingual globetrotter, constantly searching for adventure and new experiences. Valerie recently started travel hacking to maximize her passion.
An eternal student, passionate about travel, good wine and food. Virginie shares her experience around the world through points and loyalty simplicity!
My name is Vincent and I've been a stay-at-home parent to two young boys since achieving financial independence in 2021 (FIRE). Previously, I worked for 12 years in financial technology for a major US investment bank (G-SIB). I'm passionate about personal finance, stock market investing, reading, writing, cycling and gardening. I'm also the founder of Retraite 101, a personal finance blog followed by over 20,000 people on social networks and quoted in several media, blogs and finance books. Despite early retirement, I continue to write about personal finance to share my passion with Quebecers and motivate them to take charge of their finances.
Wife, mother of two little monsters, optometrist and avid fan of the Mayday series, I am always on the lookout for great flight and hotel deals, whether using cash or points.