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Card Categories

Best Credit Cards By Category

On milesopedia, we analyze nearly 200 credit cards available in Canada to bring you the best offers of the moment. To help you find your way around, we have divided them into dozens of categories.

Click on the category you are interested in to see the best credit card offers.

The best

Discover the best credit card offers in Canada in all categories.

Cash back

Cash is king: get cash back to your account.

No Annual Fee

Keep it year after year: you won’t pay an annual fee.


If you’re starting, improve your credit score with one of these cards.

Low Interest

These credit cards offer a low-interest rate to save money.


Grocery is a major expense throughout the year: earn rewards with it.

Gas & Transit

Earn rewards with your gas or public transportation expenses.


Restaurants, Food Delivery, Coffee: every dollar counts!

Balance Transfer

Save in interest charges with these credit card balance transfer offers.

Travel Points

Do you want to travel? Choose one of these credit cards with travel points.


Are you staying in hotels? Earn free hotel nights with these credit cards.


Would you prefer Airbnb or Save on accommodation with these credit cards.

No FX Fee

0% foreign currency conversion fees with these credit cards.


Have the best insurance for your trips or purchases with these credit cards.


Ideal for students, these credit cards do not require a minimum income.

Small Business

Self-employed, professional, small business: here are the best credit cards for you.

VIP lounges

Why wait in the rush at the airport when you could be sipping a drink?


Want to earn Aeroplan points? Here are the best offers.


Are you an AIR MILES Reward Miles Collector? Get thousands more!

Marriott Bonvoy

Here are all the best credit card offers to earn Marriott Bonvoy points.

Membership Rewards

Here are all the best credit card offers to earn Membership Rewards points.

Hilton Honors

Here are all the best credit card offers to earn Hilton Honors points.

American Express

Here are the best American Express Card offers in Canada.


Here are the best Mastercard credit card offers in Canada.


Here are the best Visa credit card offers in Canada.

Frequent Asked Questions about credit cards

Here are frequently asked questions in the milesopedia community about credit cards in Canada.