Flying Blue loyalty program

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The Flying Blue loyalty program is an air loyalty program of Air France-KLM airlines.
This program allows you to obtain rewards such as airfares from Skyteam airlines (Air France, KLM, Delta Airlines…) and associated airlines such as Westjet,hotel nights, car rentals, products or even cards-gifts card.

Points issued by the Flying Blue loyalty program are called FlyingBlueMiles.


Current Value of Flying Blue Points

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In Canada, there is no credit card toearn Flying Blue miles.

As of April 1, 2018,the Flying Blue loyalty program becomesRevenueBased. The number of Flying Blue miles accumulated will depend on two factors:

  • Ticket price
  • the status you hold in the Flying Blue program

The Flying Blue program is divided into 4 categories of members:

Status Earning
Explorer 4 miles / euro spent
Silver 6 miles / euro spent
Gold 7 miles per euro spent
Platinum 8 miles / euro spent

The expense taken into account is the duty-free price of the ticket (excluding fuel surcharge known as YQ). All ancillary expenses will also allow you to earn miles such as:

  • Selecting a seat
  • Purchase of an additional baggage allowance
  • Selecting an à la card menu
  • Buying an upgrade

This method of calculation tends to favour travellers paying full fare tickets, especially those travelling in the upper cabins (business, first).

This calculation is only taken into account for flights on Air France, KLM, HOP! or Joon.

For other Skyteam and Westjet member airlines, the number of miles accumulated for flights depends on a percentage based on booking class and distance travelled. You can calculate this on the dedicated Flying Bluepage.

For example, here is the schedule taken into account for flights on Delta Airlines:

delta flying blue

The best way to use Flying Blue miles is by bookingairline rewards airline tickets called “air premiums.” You’ll get the best value from your Flying Blue miles this way, including traveling in higher travel classes (premium economy, business, first class).

As of June 1, 2018, Flying Blue members will have access to all available seats on anyflight. Thus, there will no longer be a quota of seats allocated to members of the loyalty program (they were classified in the “O” fare category that you could find via tools as an expertflyer.).

On the other hand, the fare in miles of seats will vary depending on the number of seats remaining!

Finally, as of June 1, 2018, it will be possible to pay in miles – money (maximum 25 of the ticket price can be paid in cash).

The new 2018 tariff schedule is not yet known.

Currently, to book a medium-haul ticket anywhere in North America (e.g. by traveling on Delta Airlines), it is necessary to pay 12,500 one-way miles.

delta flying blue fare

To travel to Europe on Air France or KLM, it costs 30,000 flying blue one-way miles.

You can calculate the number of miles needed on thispage.

Starting in April 2018, to obtain Flying Blue status, you must earn Experience Points (XP):

Status Experience Points
Explorer 0
Silver 100
Gold 100 + 180
Platinum 100 + 180 + 300
elite 1 800
(over 2 years)

Thus, to gain Gold status, an Explorer member must obtain 100 XP to become Silver and then 180 XP to become Gold.

Once a status is reached, the XP counter is reset to 0, and the member has one year to get the necessary Experience Points.

This makes it very difficult to access the higher statuses for casual travellers.

Experience Points are calculated based on:

  • flight type: domestic/medium-haul/long-haul (subdivided into 3 categories)
  • the cabin
Experience Points Domestic Medium

(less than 2,000 miles)

Long 1

(between 2,000 and 3,500 miles)

Long 2

(between 3,500 and 5,000 miles)

Long 3

(over 5,000 miles)

Economy 2 5 8 10 12
Premium Economy 4 10 16 20 24
Business 6 15 24 30 36
First 10 25 40 50 60

These schedules apply to all flights on Skyteam memberairlines.

In France, American Express cardcardholders will receive Experience Points:

  • Air France KLM American Express Silver Card: 15 XP
  • Air France KLM American Express Gold Card: 30 XP
  • Air France KLM American Express Platinum Card: 60 XP

Many benefits are reserved for members who have achieved status with Flying Blue. A table is availablehere.