Our toolbox: organize your finances and your points

Do you dream of managing your wallets efficiently and finding your way around your credit cards and rewards points?

Download our tools specially prepared by our team! They complement our credit card comparison tool. These tools will help you when shopping for groceries, gas or travel.

After a little organization, investment and thanks to our tools, you will finally be able to go to the next level!

We offer a consultation service for those who wish to do so; you can find all the information here:

The right credit card by spending category

In this file, you can find the best credit card for your expenses in Canada and abroad.

We have listed different categories of purchases (grocery, restaurant, gas, etc.), and you can indicate your valuation of points and miles. The valuation of milesopedia is given as an example.

Dynamic budget

Aline designed this dynamic budgeting tool. You will be able to track your expenses over time efficiently!

Ultimate Travelers List

We’ve put together this checklist for you so that you can find the significant Milesopedia articles that can help you save money and ensure you don’t forget anything before you go on vacation!

You will also find our tips for families and ideas to keep your children busy while travelling.