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The HSBC World Elite Rewards Program is HSBC Bank Canada’s travel point program. Some credit cards in the program offer multiple benefits to travelers such as:

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • convert points into frequent flyer miles

Current Value of HSBC Rewards Points

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On this page, you’ll find all the important information about the HSBC World Elite Rewards Program.

In each tabs, you will find out:

  • how to earn HSBC points
  • how to redeem HSBC points
  • The best credit cards

There’s only one way to earn HSBC Rewards points: with HSBC Rewards credit cards.

With the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard® and the HSBC Premier World Elite® Mastercard® you can earn:

  • 6 points per dollar on all eligible travel purchases
  • 3 points per dollar on other eligible purchases

With the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard, you can earn:

  • 2 points per dollar on eligible food and entertainment purchases
  • 1 point per dollar on other eligible purchases

Finally, with the HSBC Premier World Elite® Mastercard® and the HSBC Advance Mastercard® , you can earn:

  • 0.75 points per dollar on eligible purchases

Note: there is a difference in the point redemption features of some cards (see the “Redeem” tab).

The best way to redeem HSBC points is for a statement credit towards eligible travel purchases booked with your card or for points to miles conversion (for selected cards only)

You will find below many ways to redeem your HSBC points.

Rewards for miles

Only 2 HSBC Rewards credit cards allow you to convert your points into frequent flyer miles:

3 frequent flyer programs are offered:

  • Asia Miles
  • Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
  • British Airways Executive Club

You can convert your points according to this conversion structure:

Program HSBC Rewards Points frequent flyers miles
Asia Miles 25,000 points 8,000 miles
35,000 points 11,200 miles
45,000 points 14,400 miles
Singapore Airlines
25,000 points 9,000 miles
35,000 points 12,600 miles
45,000 points 16,200 miles
British Airways
Executive Club
25,000 points 10,000 miles
35,000 points 14,000 miles
45,000 points 18,000 miles

Travel rewards

All the HSBC Rewards credit cards offer the optionto redeem points for a statement credittowards eligible travel purchases booked on the card.

Points redemptions can be done during a 60 days-period from booking and with this redemption structure:

  • 25,000 points = $125
  • 35,000 points = $175
  • 45,000 points = $225

Financial rewards

If you are a HSBC Bank customer, you can redeem HSBC Rewards points to:

  • pay down your HSBC residential mortgage
  • add to your HSBC personal savings account
  • reduce your credit card account balance

These will not be advantageous solutions in terms of points value.

Gift cards and merchandise

Finally, like any points program, you can redeem your HSBC Rewards for 100 gifht card and merchandise options.

That is a solution that we do not recommend.

Below is a list of the best credit cards to earn HSBC points.

The HSBC World Elite® Mastercard® and the HSBC Premier World Elite® Mastercard® have a great advantage for travellers: they do not charge any foreign currency conversion fees. This is a 2.5% saving on all your purchases in foreign currency.