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Japan Airlines Unveils Airbus A350-1000 with Innovative Configurations

To the point Japan Airlines has introduced an innovative seating arrangement for its forthcoming Airbus A350-1000 aircraft deliveries, promising an exciting change in the passenger experience.

Japan Airlines Introduces Fresh Cabin Designs Across All Four Travel Classes

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Japan Airlines has officially unveiled a rejuvenated configuration for its Airbus A350-1000, showcasing modernized cabins across all its travel classes.

These new cabins will be introduced on their upcoming fleet of 13 Airbus A350-1000s, with the first deliveries expected in late November 2023. By 2028, Japan Airlines plans to replace all its 777-300 ERs, with:

  • Two A350-1000s are set to arrive before the close of 2023.
  • Prior to the end of 2025, nine A350-1000s are expected to be delivered.
  • The overall count will reach 13 A350-1000s delivered by the year 2028.

Developed through a collaborative effort with Safran and Recaro, the distinctive new cabins have been expertly designed to offer advanced comfort and incorporate cutting-edge technology.

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The newly designed Japan Airlines A350 configuration will offer a total of 239 seats, and they will be apportioned as follows:

  • 6 First-Class seats
  • 54 Business Class seats
  • 24 Premium Economy seats
  • 155 Economy-class seats

If we compare with the current configurations, the Japan Airlines 777 configuration consists of:

  • 8 First-Class suites in a 1-2-1 configuration
  • 49 Business Class Apex in a 2-3-2 configuration
  • 40 Premium Economy seats in a 3-3-3 configuration
  • 147 Economy seats in a 3-3-3 configuration
Photos Illustrates Configuration of new A350-1000
Photos Illustrates Configuration of new A350-1000

Clearly, the Business cabin is set to see a seat capacity boost, while a reduction is in the works for First Class, Premium Economy, and Economy. This strategic approach is geared towards strengthening competitiveness against regional counterparts such as ANA, renowned for their innovative The Room Business Class cabin.

Japan Airlines A350 - The New First-Class Cabin

The first-class configuration for Japan Airlines’ A350-1000 is set in a 1-1-1 arrangement, with a total of just six seats distributed across three horizontal rows. These seats, manufactured by Safran, boast several noteworthy characteristics.

Each seat offers an impressive width of approximately 123 cm, which transforms into a spacious bed of the same dimensions when fully extended, providing a maximum length of around 203 cm for ultimate comfort during rest.

First Class 1

Passengers can also enjoy an immersive in-flight entertainment experience on the expansive 43-inch personal monitor. In addition, the private room’s design affords an approximate height of 157 cm, ensuring an exclusive and cozy ambiance for travellers.


Among the standout features of the cabin, passengers will have access to a dedicated wardrobe, exclusively reserved for their use. This convenient amenity allows travellers to effortlessly put on or take off their jackets at their convenience, adding to the overall comfort and ease of the journey.


The cabin also incorporates a communication panel located outside the private room, coupled with an operation tablet, enabling passengers to enjoy stress-free living through the use of smart digital tools for their various needs.


Additionally, travellers can conveniently charge their devices wirelessly by simply placing them in the designated charging area, enhancing the overall travel experience with seamless connectivity and technology at their fingertips.

Japan Airlines A350 - The New Business class cabin

Japan Airlines is unveiling an assertive redesign for its A350-1000 business class, boasting 52 seats thoughtfully arranged across 14 rows in a 1-2-1 configuration.

In contrast to the previous APEX suites, these seats, skillfully designed by Safran, offer a variety of remarkable features

The newly introduced Japan Airlines A350 business class seats boast an impressive width of around 56 cm, and when converted into beds, they preserve this expansive width, creating a roomy sleeping space that extends to approximately 198 cm in length.


Following the prevailing trend among airlines to incorporate privacy doors, Japan Airlines has integrated this feature into their private room design, creating a comfortable and exclusive environment with an approximate height of 132 cm.


In line with the offerings in the first-class cabin, the business-class cabin provides a variety of amenities, such as a 24-inch personal monitor for in-flight entertainment, an exclusive wardrobe for passengers to don or doff their jackets at their leisure, and the added convenience of smart wireless charging, allowing travellers to effortlessly charge their devices by placing them in the designated area.


Japan Airlines A350 - The New Premium Economy class cabin

Japan Airlines has unveiled a new Premium Economy class for their A350-1000, offering a total of 24 seats thoughtfully distributed across three rows in a 2-4-2 configuration.

The seats in question, meticulously crafted by the renowned manufacturer Safran, are equipped with a multitude of essential features that merit special attention and consideration.

Set in a generous 2-4-2 configuration, passengers can revel in the remarkable seat width, measuring approximately 48 cm (with the exception of a few seats).

The front and backspacing, known as pitch, extend to a lavish 107 cm, offering one of the most generous legroom experiences available in any premium economy cabin.


The premium economy seats will come equipped with expansive partitions, aimed at substantially enhancing privacy for passengers. Moreover, these seats will include leg rests that can be elevated to a 90-degree angle, providing passengers with a broader range of seating configurations to suit their preferences.


Japan Airlines A350 - The New Economy class cabin

Japan Airlines’ A350-1000 economy class will feature 155 seats, arranged in an efficient 3-3-3 configuration across 18 rows. It’s worth mentioning that these seats are crafted by Recaro.


Each seat features an approximate width of 46 cm between armrests, ensuring a comfortable in-flight experience. The front-to-back spacing, commonly referred to as pitch, ranges from approximately 84 to 86 cm, offering ample legroom.

Passengers can enjoy a 13-inch personal monitor for their entertainment needs, ensuring a pleasant and engaging journey on Japan Airlines.


In the Economy Class seats, you will find seats equipped with a range of charging choices, encompassing AC, USB-A, and USB-C outlets, delivering a level of connectivity that stands out in the economy class experience.


New York to Serve as the Debut Destination for Japan Airlines A350-1000

Japan Airlines has disclosed the inaugural Airbus A350-1000 route. It is anticipated that starting in late November 2023, the airline will commence service with this aircraft between Tokyo (HND) and New York (JFK).

Japan Airlines operates two daily flights between Tokyo and New York, and it’s expected that the first of these flights to feature the new aircraft will be:

JL6 from Tokyo to New York departs at 11:05 AM and arrives at 10:50 AM.

JL5 from New York to Tokyo departs at 1:45 PM and arrives at 5:15 PM the following day.


Japan Airlines A350-1000 Potential Routes

As of now, Japan Airlines has a presence in Canada with operations exclusively in Vancouver. Looking ahead, with the anticipation of receiving more aircraft, there is optimism that the Vancouver route will be serviced by the new A350-1000 in the near future & possibly extending operations to other Canadian hubs like Toronto and Montreal.


Japan Airlines commitment to evolving its cabin offerings with the upcoming A350-1000 is a promising development. The anticipated launch of this new cabin is scheduled for November 2023, specifically on the route between Tokyo and New York. This proactive approach by the airline underscores its dedication to providing passengers with enhanced travel experiences.

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