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Earn 50% Bonus when you buy Avios Miles from British Airways Executive Club

To the point Until January 19, 2022, you can earn a 50% bonus when you buy Avios Miles from British Airways Executive Club.

Buy Avios miles with a bonus

Through January 19, 2022, British Airways Executive Club members can buy Avios miles with a 50% bonus.

buy Avios miles offer

So, if you buy 200,000 Avios miles, you get a total of 300,000 Avios miles. It will cost you $5,523 USD or 1.84 US cents per mile (or 2.3 Canadian cents per mile). Considering that we value this currency at 1.7 Canadian cents per mile, this is not a great deal.

However, this may help you in case you run out of Avios miles to book a flight reward.


A credit card with no-FX fee

Since the purchase of Avios miles is charged in U.S. dollars, we recommend using a credit card with no foreign transaction fee. Here are 3 of them:

Other ways to earn Avios miles

Before buying Avios miles, you should look at other options available to you in Canada:

All these programs are transfer partners with British Airways Executive Club. So you can easily transfer your points into Avios miles.

Here are the best credit card offers from these different programs:

And you can even get Avios Miles directly with the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite Card (there is a great welcome offer right now for this Card)!


Is it worth buying Avios miles? As with any miles & points purchase, this will depend on the circumstances. You’ll need to decide based on the reward flights you plan to book soon.

Find out everything you need to know about the British Airways Executive Club program in this article, including sweetspots of the program:

  • With American Airlines in North America
  • With Aer Lingus between North America and Dublin
  • With Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong
  • With Japan Airlines to travel in Japan
  • With Qantas in Australia or New Zealand
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