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American Express: list of New AMEX Offers online

To the point American Express offers its cardholders money-saving deals. Here's the summary.
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American Express‘ online offers are different depending on each cardholder and type of card.

During these AMEX offers, depending on purchases from targeted retailers, it will be possible to get:

  • A rebate (“Spend $100 or more and get a $30 credit”)
  • Bonus points (“Spend $50 and get 1,000 bonus points”)
  • Better Earning rate (“Earn 4 points per dollar up to 4,000 bonus points”)

Here is a sample of AMEX promotional offers:

New American Express Online Promotional Offers!
Amex offers

To view your available AMEX offers, go to your online account at this address.

In addition, Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card credit cardholders are eligible for certain AMEX offers. They can go and register on the American Express promotional offers page.


These Amex offers vary according to the type of American Express card and each offer is targeted. Everyone can have one… or not!

What’s more, certain offers may be intended only for a specific card or for a particular type of customer (private or business).

For new American Express cardholders, wait about 1-2 months before offers appear.

Current AMEX Offers

Here is a list of the most attractive promotional offers currently available:

Merchant Spend Earn Deadline
Estée Lauder $85 2024-05-28
United Airlines $750 2024-05-31
Norwegian Cruise Line $1,000 2024-05-31
SkipTheDishes $10 2024-05-31
Shangri-La Canada Credit equal to 20% of total purchases Up to $150 in credit 2024-05-31
Dior $125 2024-06-18
Brilliant Earth – Bridal & Fine Jewelry $500 2024-06-30
Lululemon $200 2024-06-30
Travelpro $150 $30 2024-07-13 – Ivanhoe Cambridge gift card $200 $20 2024-07-15
Luxury Escapes $500 $100 2024-07-16
Oceania Cruises $2000 $400 2024-07-22
Holt Renfrew $100 $50 2024-07-27
Au Lit Fine Linens $600 $120 2024-07-27
Kitchen Stuff Plus $60 $15 2024-07-31
HP Credit equal to 10% of total purchases Up to $350 in credit 2024-07-31
netParcel $40 10 (up to three times) 2024-08-03
Allen Edmonds $350 $75 2024-08-06
Dean Davidson $250 $50 2024-08-09
Knix 205 $ 35 (up to two times) 2024-08-17
Turo $150 $50 2024-08-25
effydesk $750 $150 2024-08-31
Just Golf Stuff $225 40 credit (up to two times) 2024-10-14
Instacart Up to $150 in credit 2024-12-31
Somm & DINR 20% of total purchases credited to account Up to $350 per calendar year 2026-05-01
Indeed Up to $75 (every three months) 2026-12-31
Dell Technologies Up to $100 (every six months) 2026-12-31
Dell Technologies 50 (every six months) 2026-12-31

How to access and register to Amex offers

On the website, Amex offers can be found below the list of your transactions.

To register your offer, click on”Register your offer“.

Amex offres FR

On the American Express mobile application, Amex offers are located at the very bottom, under the“Amex Offers” icon.

To save the offer, click on the plus sign”+” to the right of the offer.

Offres Amex app FR

Promotional offers are frequent for those American Express cards:

Bottom Line

American Express online offers are a great way to get more points and rebates.

Over a year, this can even pay back all or part of the annual fee! For example, just with my American Express Cobalt® Card, I have already gotten $140 in statement credit!

New American Express Online Promotional Offers!

And with all of our American Express cards at home, we earned over $2,200 in statement credits last year! This puts the cost of these credit cards into perspective!

The following is a list of credits earned with the Business Platinum Card® from American Express :

promotional offers platinum pme jm en
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