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One-week itinerary in Georgia

To the point Discover a detailed travel itinerary in Georgia by one of the members of the milesopedia community, Maxime, completed in less than a week.

A week in Georgia

Maxime T., a member of the milesopedia community, shared his week-long itinerary in Georgia in the discussion forum.

Tbilisi - 2 nights

Maxime chose to stay at the Tbilisi Courtyard.

tbscy exterior 0001 hor feat
Courtyard Tbilisi - Credit: Marriott

Very nice, polite service, beautiful gym to recover from the jet-lag and especially very well located! Everything is at a distance. Several good restaurants and wine bars around.

Maxime T.
tbscy pool 0046 hor feat
Courtyard Tbilisi - Credit: Marriott

The Courtyard Tbilisi Hotel is classified as a Category 3. To get a free night, it costs between 15,000 and 20,000 Marriott Bonvoy points per night.

We stayed there 2 nights with a full day of sightseeing to see the Mother of Georgia, the city center and experience local food.

Maxime T.
tbilisi 4475117 1280

Tbilisi - Kazbegi

After two nights in Tbilisi, Maxime rented a car using the services of City Car Rental.

Cars are old and the roads are not smooth, but it did the job. Make sure you have a 4X4 no matter what you’re told, and take the insurance (apparently, our credit cards aren’t very well-received there, and the payment is cash anyway).

Maxime T.

Ils ont emprunté la Military Road vers le nord et la frontière Russe.

Leurs arrêts:

D’autres arrêts recommandés:

  • Mtskheta
  • Monument de l’amitié Russie-Géorgie
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Jvari Monastery

We finished the drive to Kazbegi in the north, to the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, the most beautiful hotel in the area: 25,000 Marriott Bonvoy points/night that were worth it!

Maxime T.
tbsdk hotel mountain 8864 hor feat
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi - Credit: Marriott

This hotel is under the Brand Design Hotels of Marriott Bonvoy.

It is classified as a Category 4: to get a free night, it costs between 20,000 and 30,000 Marriott Bonvoy points per night.

tbsdk terrace summer 3527 hor wide
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi - Credit: Marriott

Stunning hotel with pool, gym and stunning views! A stone’s throw from the village and with an excellent restaurant (brunch is particularly famous).

Maxime T.


We took advantage of the sunrise to visit the cathedral. Although it is possible to walk there, we went by car: no need for a 4×4 here, but it helps. And the parking remains a good 10-15 minutes walk from the top. Get there before the tourists, it’s beautiful!

Maxime T.
gergeti 3098469 1280
Gergeti Trinity Church

Kazbegi - Kakheti - Sighnaghi

After their stay in Kazbegi, they decided to go to the wine region to Kakheti.

Big advice: go back by the Mtskheta road and don’t cut to take the “shortcut” to Annanuri, it’s hardly a road and clearly the worst road I’ve taken in more than 20 countries…!

Maxime T.
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Dans la région de Kakheti, pour découvrir une tranche d’histoire du pays qui a vu naitre le vin, il est conseillé de visiter le:

Dans ces monastères il n’y a pas de dégustation: choisissez les vignobles que vous souhaitez visiter !

Maxime T.
kakheti 4452432 1920

The night will be spent in Sighnaghi at the Three Gracia guest house.

We got our night at $38. The village has some recommended hotels and very decent guesthouses as Three Gracia. But above all a splendid view and the excellent restaurant of Pheaseant’s Tears, a pioneer vineyard of organic wines in Georgia.

Maxime T.

Back to Tbilisi

Ensuite, Maxime T. a repris la route direction le Monastère David Gareja.

Plus ancien monastère du pays toutefois, vous devez subir un 10 kms de route de niveau “zone de guerre” pour vous y rendre et apparemment il se peut que ce soit parfois bloqué car à la frontière de l’Azerbaijan. Honnêtement, l’endroit est beau et plein d’histoire, mais comme la Géorgie regorge de Monastères, je ne sais pas si la route en vaut la chandelle, à vous de juger.

Maxime T.
georgia 3699445 1280
Dawit Gareja Monastery

In the evening, Maxime T. decided to return to the Tbilisi Courtyard for his night. Thanks to his Platinum status at Marriott Bonvoy, he was able to benefit the next day from a late departure, very convenient for his evening flight.

So he took the opportunity to visit the Cathedral and the rest of the city.

tbilisi 4467916 1280
Tbilisi Cathedral


A very nice itinerary of a few days in Georgia proposed here by Maxime! If you want to continue the discussion, go to the forum in this dedicated topic!

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