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How to use your Scene+ points to save on travel

To the point Step by step, here's how to use Scene+ points when you want to pay less for travel.

How to easily earn Scene+ points

One of the great options when redeeming Scene+ points is to use them to reimburse a travel expense.

There are several credit cards that earn Scene+ points. But the one used for this example is the Scotiabank Gold American Express card.

How to use Scene+ points for a travel expense

The procedure is simple to exchange. However, knowing where to start the process is not necessarily obvious.

First, go to your Scotiabank Online Banking profile. Under your credit card is your Scene+ points balance. Click on View Scene+ Rewards.

Banque Scotia Services Bancaires

Then a new window opens. Choose View All, under “Redeem Rewards”.

Banque Scotia points Scene- solde

Then click on the Travel section.

Scotia points Scene-

On the next page, click on Apply Points for Travel.

Points récompenses Scene-

Finally, you find yourself on the long-awaited page!

Eligible travel expenses are automatically displayed. The Scene+ program is very flexible, accepting expenses from the past 12 months. In addition, it requires a minimum balance of 5,000 Scene+ points to redeem.

Check off the travel expense(s). For example, for the Intercontinental Chicago hotel cost of $353, I can apply all 32,041 points I have.

Since 100 points = $1 credit, this has a value of $320.41.

To confirm the exchange, click Continue.

Échange points Scene-

To confirm the exchange, click Yes, I want to continue.

Échange partiel points Scene-

To conclude, Scene+ will summarize the exchange and the new Scene+ point balance. If all is well, click Accept and Submit to finalize the transaction.

Points Scene échange confirmation

A confirmation message is displayed and the transaction is complete! An email will also be sent for your records.

Confirmation échange points Scene-

Another option: How to use your Scene+ points with Expedia

With Scene+ Travel by Expedia, you can earn 3 points for every dollar you spend on hotel and car rental reservations.

Then, Scene+ points can simply be used to reduce the cost of that travel expense!

Paiement points Scene- Expedia

Bottom Line

Thanks to Scene+ points, this stay at the Intercontinental Chicago will cost me $33 net (Bill of $353 – $320 in Scene+ points). This is excellent!

Plus, with no conversion fee on this Scotiabank® Gold American Express® Card, I will have avoided an additional 2.5% fee on my hotel bill. This makes me doubly happy.

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I'm Caroline, a loyalty program specialist! I use my points to travel more often and at a lower price with my spouse and our two children. I'm passionate about writing about the latest rewards news and how to put more points in your pocket.

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