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How To Activate Your Credit Card

To the point Learn how to activate your credit card in Canada for major banks like CIBC, TD, BMO, and others.

Have you received your new credit card? Before you can take advantage of it, you need to activate it. Whether you’re a CIBC, TD, BMO, RBC, Scotia or American Express customer, each bank has its own methods for activating a credit card. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Why activate your credit card?

Activating a credit card guarantees that the rightful cardholder receives and wishes to use it. This is a crucial step in security and fraud prevention.

What you need to activate your credit card

As a general rule, the following information is required to activate a credit card:

  • Your credit card number (15 or 16 digits)
  • Card expiry date
  • CVV (3 digits on the back for Visa and Mastercard, 4 digits on the front for Amex)
  • Your address
  • Date of Birth

How to activate your credit card by issuer

Generally, there are three main ways to activate a credit card in Canada:

  • By phone: The traditional method of credit card activation. Follow the voice instructions or speak to a representative.
  • Online: More and more banks are offering this option for fast, hassle-free credit card activation.
  • Mobile application: A modern way to activate your credit card quickly, sometimes in seconds.

Activate an American Express credit card

The easiest way to activate an American Express credit card is to use the AMEX mobile application.

If you are a new user, create your online profile and activate your American Express credit card. You can also visit this site or call 1-800-869-3016.

Activate a Scotiabank credit card

Activation of your Scotiabank credit card can be started online, especially if you already have access to Scotiabank online banking. If you have a Scotiabank credit card, call 1-866-220-5355 or go to this page.

Activate a National Bank credit card

You can activate your National Bank credit card via NBC online banking:

  1. Log in to your online bank.
  2. Click on Overview
  3. Select your National Bank credit card and click on Activate my NBC card.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, you can activate your NBC credit card by calling 1-800-268-0808.

Activate a BMO credit card

To activate your BMO credit card, you can do so via the BMO website or the mobile application. For BMO credit card activation by phone, the numbers vary depending on the type of card.

For example, for BMO Mastercard credit cards, call 1-800-263-2263.

Activate a CIBC credit card

Online activation of a CIBC credit card is available but requires creating a CIBC online account. If you prefer a traditional method of activating your CIBC Credit Card, call 1-800-385-2582.

Activate an RBC credit card

Start the activation process for your RBC credit card online if you already have access to RBC Online Banking. Otherwise, call 1-877-900-5900 to activate your RBC credit card.

Activate a TD Credit Card

Unlike other banks, TD does not offer online activation. To activate your TD credit card, call 1-877-491-6062.

Activate a Mastercard credit card

Your Mastercard credit card will be activated directly with your Visa credit card issuer (BMO, National Bank, MBNA, etc.).

Activate a Visa credit card

Your Visa credit card will be activated directly with your Visa credit card issuer (BMO, RBC, Desjardins, etc.).

Frequently asked questions about credit card activation

Is it safe to activate my card online?

Yes, it’s safe to activate your credit card online as long as you’re on your bank’s official website.

I've lost my credit card. What should I do?

Contact your bank immediately to report the loss or theft of your credit card.

How do I activate my credit card efficiently?

There are several ways to activate your credit card quickly:

  • visit the website mentioned with your card,
  • use a mobile application associated with the bank
  • contact the issuer directly at the number on the back of your credit card

Can I use my credit card immediately after activation?

Yes, once activated, your credit card is ready to use.

What do you need to activate your credit card securely?

For secure activation of your credit card, you will be asked to provide certain information:

  • Credit card number,
  • Expiry date,
  • CVV number,
  • And potentially your address on the credit card account

What are the different ways to activate a credit card?

There are two main ways to activate your credit card. You can opt to call your bank or issuer directly. What’s more, the majority of banks today offer activation via the Internet, either through their website or via a dedicated mobile application.

How do I activate my Desjardins credit card?

To activate a Desjardins credit card, go to the official Desjardins website and log in to your account. Then follow the instructions to activate the card. Alternatively, you can contact Desjardins customer service by telephone.

How do I activate my Visa Desjardins card?

Visa Desjardins cards are activated in the same way as other Desjardins cards. Log on to your personal space on the Desjardins website or contact their customer service by telephone for detailed instructions.

How do I activate my card online?

To activate a card online, most card issuers offer a specific section on their website where you can enter your card details. After filling in the necessary information, follow the steps indicated to complete activation.

How do I know if my card is activated?

The easiest way to find out if your card is activated is to try making a small purchase or checking the balance at an ATM. If the transaction is approved, your card is active. If not, contact your bank or card issuer.

How do I activate my NBC credit card?

To activate a National Bank of Canada (NBC) credit card, you can log in to your NBC online account or call NBC customer service for activation instructions.

How do I activate my RBC credit card?

To activate an RBC credit card, go to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) website and access your account online. Then follow the suggested activation steps. You can also call RBC Customer Service to activate your card over the phone.

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