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Marriott Bonvoy’s low/high-season rates are in place

To the point Since September 14, 2019, Marriott Bonvoy has implemented its new fare schedule including low/high season rates. Explanations.

Recall of Marriott Bonvoy's changes

Since September 14, 2019, here is the price schedule for an overnight stay according to the hotel category:

marriott bonvoy rates chart 2019
Marriott Bonvoy's rate schedule

A night can cost between 5,000 points (category 1 hotel in low season) and 100,000 points (category 8 hotel in high season).

How are the seasons determined?

We would have thought that low/high-season rates would be determined based on the geographical location of the hotels. It will be more complicated… and unpredictable.

  • The low/high-season rate will be different from one hotel to another, even if they are located in the same city or region
  • The hotel does not have control of this rate: it is Marriott Bonvoy who will decide the rate via an algorithm
  • This price will not be set in stone: it will be adjusted every month
  • Most dates will be at the standard rate .. . on the entire portfolio (which may mean that some hotels have more high-season rates like in the Maldives for example).
  • For stays of 5 nights or more, the 5th night free will actually be the cheapest in points (if the rate is different from one night to the next). The option is renamed“Stay 5 nights at the price of 4”
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Audrey at the Domes of Elounda

In fact, it can happen that in a same week, a hotel is categorized in 3 ways:

  • Low season fare
  • Standard fare
  • High season rate

Here’s an example with SpringHill Suites Orlando at Flamingo Crossings/Western Entrance,very close to Walt Disney World.

Marriott Bonvoy exemple stay orlando
Search Orlando with flexible dates

SpringHill Suites Orlando at Flamingo Crossings/Western Entrance is a Category 4 hotel and during the same week, 3 rates are in effect:

  • 20,000 points (low season)
  • 25,000 points (standard)
  • 30,000 points (high season)

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How do I browse a hotel's rate schedule?

To browse the hotel’s rate schedule, you will have to search with “flexible dates” on marriott Bonvoy’s website:

Marriott Bonvoy flexible dates search
Search with flexible dates on Marriott Bonvoy

Stay 5 nights at the price of 4

With the introduction of low/high-season rates, it is now the cheapest night in points on your 5-night stay that will be free.

So, using the example of SpringHill Suites Orlando at Flamingo Crossings/Western Entrance,if you arrive on November 3, 2019 for a 5-night stay, this will result in:

  • November 3rd: 20,000 points – low-season
  • November 4: 25,000 points – standard
  • November 5: 25,000 points – standard
  • November 6: 30,000 points – high season
  • November 7: 30,000 points – high season
Marriott Bonvoy exemple 5 nights stay orlando
A free night on a 5-night stay

This stay will then cost 110,000 points instead of 130,000 points (since the cheapest night at 20,000 points will be free).

It will then be up to you to make a clever choice of your dates of stay. And remember: every month, these rates can go up or down!

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Domes of Elounda - Autograph Collection

The free one-night certificate worth 35,000 points

The two Marriott Bonvoy credit cards:

… offer a free one-night certificate worth up to 35,000 points at the annual renewal.

With the introduction of the low/high-season rate, you can use this certificate hotels in Category 1 to 4 in all seasons.

On the other hand, for hotels in Category 5 in category it will be possible to use the certificate for the low season rate (30,000 points) or standard (35,000 points).

But it will not be possible to use it if the hotel in Category 5 is in high season rate (40,000 points).

marriott bonvoy certificat moxy
the annual one-night free certificate

Points advance

Marriott Bonvoy’s points advance is used to “block a room” but not to “block a rate.”

This means that this option allows you to ensure that the room will be available with the points. On the other hand, as long as you haven’t paid for it with your points, the rate will change between low-season/standard/high-season.

And it is possible to make a points advance for up to 5 bookings.

As soon as you have the points in your Marriott Bonvoy account, block the reservation! You can then adjust this one if you find that some of your nights are spent at the standard or low-season rate!

How do I adjust your rate online?

To the surprise of the facebook group members, Marriott Bonvoy simplified the work to adjust the rate for those who had already applied points for a booking (excluding points advance).

As indicated by Gab G., it is possible to edit your booking and update it if you find that the rate is more advantageous for you!

However, for this option to be present, rooms must always be available for booking with points.

To proceed you will need to go on your reservation and click “change the room”:

marriott bonvoy ajustement tarifaire
One-room rate adjustment on Marriott Bonvoy

If a room is available with points, you will be able to see the current rates. In this case, the rate is cheaper for the whole stay: 80,000 points instead of 100,000 points.

All you have to do is click“refresh”:

marriott bonvoy ajustement tarifaire details
One-room rate adjustment on Marriott Bonvoy

A confirmation screen will be used to let you know that the points will be credited back to your account.

marriott bonvoy rates adjustment credit
One-room rate adjustment on Marriott Bonvoy

And here is the updated booking in the account at the rate of 80,000 points instead of 100,000 points.

marriott bonvoy rate adjustment details
One-room rate adjustment on Marriott Bonvoy

Here’s another example of booking from 150,000 points to 130,000 points thanks to low-season rates.

marriott bonvoy ajustement tarifaire venise
Tariff adjustment in Venice

For my friend who had this reservation in his account, I was able to save him 20,000 points on this booking at The Westin Singapore and 20,000 points on a reservation he had at the JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa!

Marriott Bonvoy Domes Noruz Chania Autograph Collection 123
Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection - Piscine

How to honor a points advance over the phone?

For those who have made reservations via the points advance BEFORE September 14, 2019,it is possible to ask Marriott Bonvoy to honour the current rate (standard rate) or to request an adjustment to the low-season rate if it is applicable.

To do this, call Marriott Bonvoy at 1-800-535-4028 or via the online chat(which may appear on this page).

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Looking for sweet spots!

It will be up to everyone to look for sweet spots (i.e. good deals) in the Marriott Bonvoy program!

To help you, we have put together a map of all hotels by rate category! (Click on the square at the top right to open it fully).

There are many hotels in Category 1 to 3 around the world

Here is a sweet spot we found in Indonesia at Four Points by Sheraton Manado which is classified in category 1. Here are the rates for June 2020:

Marriott Bonvoy recherche dates flexibles indonesie
Calendar about this hotel in Indonesia

By making a 12-night stay from June 3, we benefit from:

  • low-season rate on 12 nights
  • 2 free nights (1 free night for every 5 nights).
Marriott Bonvoy recherche dates flexibles indonesie 12 nuits
Price for 12 nights at this hotel in Indonesia

Confirmation on the final screen:

Marriott Bonvoy recherche dates flexibles indonesie 12 nuits details
Detail of the 12-night rate at this hotel in Indonesia

While the cash rate would have been 12,538,938 IDR!

Marriott Bonvoy indonesie tarifs
Price for 12 nights by paying at this hotel in Indonesia

That’s close to CA$ 1,200 at the rate of the day (or 100 CA$ per night)!

Marriott Bonvoy indonesie xe
Conversion rate

It’s easy to get 50,000 Marriott Bonvoy points with each of these 2 cards

That’s 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points if you take both!

And for a couple or friends, it’s possible to transfer Marriott Bonvoy points from one account to another (up to 100,000 points per calendar year)! Enough to get a jackpot of more than 200,000 points each taking both cards! All the details in our ultimate travel hacking guide to Marriott Bonvoy!


In fact low/high-season rates, Marriott Bonvoy has just introduced a dynamic pricing schedule. This allows Marriott Bonvoy to adjust its rates based on hotel traffic.

It has become much more difficult to plan stays by setting a goal of points to achieve as we recommend in our game plans.

It will therefore be necessary to constantly monitor:

  • the rates of Marriott Bonvoy hotels you want to stay in
  • bookings made to try to get a better price
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