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Quarantine Ends For Fully Vaccinated Canadians As of Early July

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Justin Trudeau's government today clarified its intentions to ease constraints for Canadian travellers flying into the country.

By the first week of July, there will no longer be a mandatory 3-day hotel stay for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens.

This is valid for all persons who are currently authorized to enter Canada:

  • Canadian citizens,
  • permanent residents,
  • essential workers,
  • international students,
  • new immigrants,
  • the immediate family (father or mother) of citizens and residents, even if they are foreigners

For tourists, the mandatory stay at the hotel on arrival will still apply.

Testing for COVID-19 will still be in place for all prior to travel to Canada and upon arrival in Canada. Then, isolation at home is required until the result is obtained. If the result is negative, the quarantine ends.

This means that the current 14-day quarantine could be reduced to 24-72 hours (the time it takes to get the test result upon arrival in Canada).

Vaccines accepted by the government on arrival will be those approved by Health Canada (AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen).

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Travellers will be required to show proof of vaccination – still to be determined by the Federal Government and the Border Services Agency. Perhaps they will be inspired by the health pass implemented in France and throughout Europe.

With this announcement, the Canadian government is taking a cautious and slow approach to a sustainable recovery. But it’s still a start!

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