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Convert your RBC Avion points into WestJet Rewards with a 15% bonus

To the point Until December 13, 2023, you can convert your RBC Avion points into WestJet Rewards with a 15% bonus.

Until December 13, 2023, you can get a 15% bonus for converting your RBC Avion points into WestJet dollars.

For every 10,000 RBC Avion points, you’ll earn $115 WestJet dollars. The regular conversion rate is 100 Avion points for 1 WestJet dollar. With this promotion, you’ll earn 1.15 WestJet dollars for every 100 Avion points. This is a great conversion promotion between RBC Avion Rewards and WestJet Rewards.

For example, by redeeming 35,000 RBC Avion Visa Infinite Card points, you can earn $402.50 in WestJet dollars.

Here is a complete guide to transferring your RBC Avion points to other airline programs:

Please note: This is a recurring promotion, the last of which offered a 15% bonus to British Airways Avios and ended on July 11, 2023.

Is it worth it?

This points transfer bonus can be useful if you want to book a flight with WestJet at a lower price. The airline recently announced new services to the US, Japan and Europe:

As a reminder, RBC Avion points can be transferred to many programs: British Airways Executive Club (AVIOS points can also be used with Qatar Airways Privilege Club), American Airlines AAdvantage, and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles.

It’s up to you to decide whether this transfer bonus is worth it, depending on your travel plans and the price of flight points. Don’t forget that the conversion is irreversible; once the points have been transferred to one of these programs, they will remain there until they are used!

Here are our latest articles on WestJet and WestJet Rewards to help you make your decision:

Bottom Line

If you have RBC Avion points and are planning to travel with WestJet, now is the time to transfer your points! Combined with the welcome offer of the WestJet RBC® World Elite Mastercard, this can help you reach your goals and book flights for very little money.

However, if you don’t have any travel plans, you may want to keep your points in the RBC Avion Rewards program.

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