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moi Rewards Program: Tips & Tricks To Make The Most Of It

To the point Maximize your rewards on grocery purchases by earning Moi points with an effective strategy.

Over the past few years, many people have adopted strategies aimed at optimizing their purchases and benefiting from additional advantages on a major expense item: groceries. For my part, I’ve deployed a few tricks to maximize my Moi purchases.

Here are the results of my efforts since the last reward cheque was issued on February 6, 2023. I earned 14,223 points, for a total of $113 in rewards.

To achieve this, I applied a few basic principles. The concept is quite simple; just pair, plan and take advantage of opportunities.

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Program moi Tips and tricks - Store selection and coupons

I work on the principle that every purchase must be profitable. Since Super C doesn’t offer base points, it’s best to stick to Brunet, Pharmacie Jean Coutu, Métro and Première Moisson.

So stick to the coupons offered at Super C and everywhere at Moi. What’s more, you have to buy products in all categories that offer points.

Brand preference pays little dividends, flexibility is the name of the game.

Program moi Tips and tricks - Planning

Planning is key. You need to keep your product inventory in mind.

When the Moi Program offers points on products, it’s time to buy them, whether you have some left at home or not.

Metro often offers specials like this one:

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Now’s the time to make big purchases in anticipation of what the house might be missing. I always choose this time to do my biggest shopping.

Program moi Tips and tricks - Coupons

A personalized coupon, for example, gives you 65 points for Selection toilet paper.

If, in the grocery store, the 8-roll double-thickness toilet paper gives 50 points as a store offer, choose this 8-roll format.

You will receive a total of 115 Moi points:

  • 65 points (personalized offer)
  • 50 points (store offer)
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The pairing also applies to Jean-Coutu and Brunet, thanks to the application coupons.

With the above coupons, you can earn points by bringing along a supply of Personnelle cotton buds, make-up remover or other products, a bottle of Hertel (you don’t have to take the biggest size), and bar soap.

This gives you 125 points:

  • 35 points for the Hertel bottle
  • 45 points for the Personnelle brand product
  • 45 points for bar soap

Plus 125 points at Jean-Coutu (if you spend more than $50) or 2X points at Brunet, depending on where you shop. The grand total will be 250 Moi points for this purchase of $50 or more at Jean-Coutu.

It’s important to remember that your purchases will always earn you points.

Program moi Tips and tricks - Strategy

It’s really the key for earning points. Grocery shopping should be based on what brings in points. For example, celeriac earns 10 points at Métro. Making remoulade allows you to add 35 points for Hellmann mayonnaise, 35 points for Irrésistibles Dijon mustard, 25 points for a bag of lemon, and why not add carrots? 15 points.

Focusing allowed me to earn 120 points for one meal. The Group Les accros des points M (Programme Moi) publishes the complete list of points offered weekly for Super C and Métro banners.

Grocery Expenses6

Program moi Tips and tricks - moi RBC Visa Credit Card

With the moi RBC Visa Credit Card, you can earn 3,000 welcome bonus points.

With this no-annual-fee RBC credit card, you can earn 2 points per dollar on:

  • qualifying purchases made at participating Metro, Première Moisson and Brunet stores in Quebec, and at participating Jean Coutu stores in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick by swiping your Moi card and paying with your moi RBC Visa credit card
  • dining, gas and EV charging purchases

And 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

Plus, save 3¢/L on gas at Petro-Canada and earn 20% more points when you pay with a linked RBC card

While you can earn Moi points with the moi RBC Visa Credit Card, the American Express Cobalt® Card remains a great way to earn maximum rewards at Métro and Super C grocery stores.

In fact, it’s the only card that allows you to earn 5 privilege points per dollar in these establishments. These points translate into a cash rebate of 5% or more, depending on how you use them. In fact, you can transfer privilege points to programs like Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy, for example, where their use can be optimized with flights or hotels if you like to travel.
The combination of the Moi loyalty program and the right credit card will give you the maximum return.

Program moi Tips and tricks - Combining points and coupons

Points are earned by pairing offered points, personalized coupons and planning. Personally, I only buy products that offer moi points. Otherwise, I’ll waiting for the week when points are offered.

That’s why planning is so important. You should avoid running out of products and buying them without points in return. You should also take advantage of offers such as “Triple your points when you buy such and such an amount” to make bigger purchases. Avoid buying products that don’t offer points, or at least basic points.

metro moi programme

Bottom line

The Super C banner is the least expensive, but does not offer base point accumulation. Personally, I go there for their coupons and cash in my points there. I then spend fewer points because the prices are lower.

Métro, Brunet, Jean-Coutu and Première Moisson offer the advantage of earning base points in addition to personalized and special weekly offers. So we have to juggle between the places that allow us to earn the most and the places that do the least damage to our bank of earned points.

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