What Are The Best Credit Cards With No Minimum Income Required (Or Low Income)?

To the point Are you looking for a credit card with no minimum income requirement? Some credit cards in Canada have no minimum income requirement.

Why a minimum income requirement for some credit cards?

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No minimum income required for these credit cards

Within the three networks, many credit cards do not require a minimum income. Here are some examples.

American Express Canada Credit Cards

The American Express network provides credit cards to two institutions in Canada: American Express Canada and Scotiabank.

On the Scotiabank side, a minimum income of $12,000 is required to subscribe to American Express cards, including the Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card.

On the other hand, American Express Canada does not require a minimum income to apply for an American Express credit card. Even for high-end cards like the American Express Gold Rewards Card or the Platinum Card from American Express.

In addition, the credit score may be lower than the one required by Mastercard or Visa credit card issuers.

The most popular cards that require no minimum income can earn you cash back, Aeroplan points, Marriott Bonvoy points, AIR MILES Reward Miles or Membership Rewards points.

And these cards are accepted in more places than you might think!

Here is a selection of 7 American Express credit cards with no minimum income required:

Mastercard and Visa credit cards

The Mastercard and Visa networks supply credit cards to many institutions in Canada, including BMO, NBC, Capital One, Desjardins, MBNA, RBC and Scotia.

Your best chance of finding a credit card with no minimum income requirement at these institutions will be to look around:

For example, the BMO CashBack® Mastercard for Students or the BMO AIR MILES® Mastercard for Students have no minimum income requirement. However, the same non-student credit cards require a minimum income of $15,000.

Here is a selection of Mastercard and Visa credit cards that require no minimum income:

Credit cards with income over $15,000

If you have an income of $15,000 or more, there are many credit cards to choose from. Here is our selection of travel credit cards:

And our selection of cash back credit cards:

Bottom Line

To find your next credit card, you could use our credit card comparison tool (there is a filter for the income criteria).

As you can see, you don’t need to have a minimum income to start earning reward points.

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