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Frequently asked questions about eSim cards

What is an eSIM card, and how does it work?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card integrated directly into your device. It works by downloading a SIM profile from your mobile operator, enabling you to activate a mobile package without needing a physical SIM card.

Which devices are compatible with eSIM?

Many modern smartphones, tablets and connected watches are eSIM-compatible. This includes the latest models from Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, and some devices from other brands. Check the compatibility of your device before subscribing to an eSIM offer.

What are the advantages of an eSIM over a traditional SIM card?

The benefits of eSIM include the ability to switch networks easily without having to insert a new SIM card, the ability to store multiple profiles on a single device, and a reduction in electronic waste. What’s more, eSIMs enable instant activation and easier management of mobile packages, especially when travelling.

How do I activate an eSIM on my device?

To activate an eSIM, you need to scan a QR code provided by your operator or enter the activation information manually in your device settings. Follow the specific instructions for your operator and device to complete the activation process.

Can I use an eSIM when traveling abroad?

Yes, an eSIM is ideal for travelling abroad. You can purchase international data packages before or during your trip, and activate them instantly. This allows you to avoid high roaming charges and stay connected without having to physically change your SIM card.

Is using an eSIM secure?

Yes, using an eSIM is secure. eSIM profiles are protected by strict security protocols and encryption technologies. What’s more, as eSIMs cannot be physically removed from your device, they are less likely to be lost or stolen.

Where can I buy an eSim in Canada?