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Back to school: our best tips to save money

To the point Here are some tips to help you save as much as possible this Back-to-School supply and book-buying season.

Back to school - For families

One of the best ways to save money and help the environment is to reuse school supplies from the previous year.

Reopen the backpack that’s been stagnating at the back of the wardrobe since last June and rummage through the bottom of the drawer. Or, exchanging old school supplies between parents is also an option.

The Quebec government’s supplement for the purchase of school supplies is also available to all families with a child aged 4 to 16.

But when you absolutely must buy a duo-tang, a book or a particular notebook in a store, there are ways to sweeten the bill.

Walmart fourniture scolaire

Among the most popular stores for school supplies are :

  • Jean Coutu and other pharmacies
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Staples
  • Costco
  • Hamster, Coopsco, Dollarama, etc.
Amazon fourniture scolaire

This year, Staples has a special promotion and is offering several items at ’90s prices.

Do you have an Amex card? If so, check your American Express promotional offers. Maybe there’s the one that gives you a $5 credit for $30 in purchases at Dollarama.

Or, starting August 7, 2023, collect AIR MILES miles at Dollarama with any Mastercard credit card. Earn 10 bonus miles on a purchase of $30 or more. Don’t forget to link your card first!

Back to school - Save with points

Formerly with the AIR MILES program, Jean Coutu is now with the MOI program.

Buying school supplies at Jean Coutu means lower grocery bills at Super C and Metro.

Bonus point promotions vary by item, brand and week.

Jean Coutu rentrée scolaire

For purchases at the pharmacy, Aventura points give you more! These CIBC credit cards give 1.5 points for all purchases in this type of store:

In fact, 1.5 points are given for all grocery store purchases too. This is perfect for purchasing snacks and future lunches.

Then, Aventura points could be used for a future trip during the next school vacations.

Are you an Aeroplan member? Take advantage of the eStore’s back-to-school event until August 13 to multiply your Aeroplan points earned on online purchases of clothing, sports equipment, electronics and school supplies.

Back to school - Save with cash back

Cash back is versatile and can easily be used to deduct credit card balances.

The CIBCMD Dividend Visa* Card is the best cash back card with no annual fee. It’s not complicated, and gives a 0.5% to 2% discount on all purchases.

The TD CashBack Visa Infinite* Card works on the same principle. This card offers from 1% to 3% cash back, with a generous welcome offer that gives even more.

For example, they can easily be used to purchase school supplies and books on Amazon.

The MBNA World Elite® Rewards Mastercard® earns 5% cash back at most Walmart Supercenters.

Since it’s a Mastercard, it’s also accepted at Costco warehouses!

Back to School - For students

From the age of 18 onwards, it can be time to build a credit file for the years to come. Here’s how credit scoring works and how to build a credit history.

See also our personal finance tips for students. Start your life with good habits from the outset, so you can save money every day.

A cash-back credit card allows you to accumulate cash in the form of credit, depending on the category of commerce where the purchase was made. This money is then used to deduct the account balance.

The CIBC Dividend® Visa Student Card offers 2% cash back on grocery purchases. For example, a $100 purchase will earn $2 cash back.

Then you can use your cash back balance (when a minimum of $25 has been accumulated). That’s one less thing you’ll have to pay back!

In addition, CIBC offers free membership to SPC+, which provides discounts on many popular fashion, dining, entertainment and travel products.

In addition to being excellent for building credit, the NBC mycredit Mastercard offers mobile device insurance. This is rare, especially for a credit card with no annual fee.

So a new tablet or cell phone purchased with the card can be replaced or repaired if it’s broken, lost or stolen, up to a maximum of $1,000. This avoids a big hole in the budget, in the event of a silly accident or loss.

What’s more, cashback is applied to the balance of each monthly statement, for added convenience.

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