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Metro&Moi loyalty program


The Metro&Moi loyalty program was created in 2010. It lets customers earn “M” points when purchasing items in a Metro grocery store, which is exclusive to Quebec.

Simply present the physical, digital or keychain loyalty card to record the points earned.


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The Metro&Moi loyalty program competes with other grocery store loyalty programs such as IGA with AIR MILES or Provigo with PC Optimum.

It’s easy to use because it gives customers “M” dollars rebates that can only be reinvested on groceries at any participating Metro.

With a good credit card that allows you to “double dip”, the rebate is enhanced in points, miles or money.

The first 500 “M” points earned give you $4 in rewards and each additional 125 points earns an additional $1.

The value of a Métro point is evaluated at 0.8 cent (0.8%), which places it in the average range of regular point currencies on eligible grocery products. In comparison, IGA offers a return of 0.525% when converting its CASH AIR MILES into dollars.

Every pre-tax dollar spent is equivalent to 1 “M” point.

Bonus points are also offered every week during promotions on various items in store and are accumulated on your bill upon purchase. In addition to this, you will find personalized coupons on the mobile application.

According to Metro&Moi, bonus points can be earned in four ways:

  • On specific and specially identified products in store: bonus points are then automatically allocated when you buy these products.
  • On specific products and quantities, specially identified in store: bonus points are then automatically allocated if you purchase the required amount of products to earn the bonus points.
  • Bonus points via special coupon offers (e.g., 20 bonus points with any total purchase of $75 or more). These offers are applicable when you show the coupon at the cash register; the points are then allocated.
  • Bonus points via special multiplier offers with coupons (e.g. double your points with any total purchase of $75 or more). These offers are applicable when you show a coupon at the cash register, and on regular points only.

You must have earned at least 500 points to receive a reward cheque every three months. If the number of points is not reached within a quarter, the cheque is not awarded but the points earned are carried over to the next earning period.

The interest of shopping at Metro also lies in the fact that the store accepts American Express credit cards, including the American Express Cobalt™ Card or the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card that offer 5 times the points per dollar spent in grocery stores.

An interesting possibility to “double dip”.

Every three months, members receive a Metro reward voucher by mail or through their digital application, to be applied to a future grocery bill.

“M” points must be used within a maximum of 12 months of their issue date.

Along with the cheque, customers also receive personalized coupons based on data recorded by the merchant from previous purchases.

It is easy to navigate the website or the Metro&Moi application. You will easily find:

  • your points balance and transaction history
  • your history and total rewards earned since joining
  • customized coupons: simply add the ones you want from the selection offered and show your digital card at the checkout to apply them
  • a personalized flyer to enjoy promos customized to your taste
  • a feature that allows you to see frequently purchased products, grouped in a list called “the essentials”.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of Metro&Moi:

  • An offer of 50 points every time you bring your containers or ziplock bags to the deli, prepared food, meat, fish and bakery counters.
  • The Food Hero app that features discounts on surplus products that are close to their expiration date but still good to eat.
  • The new “Mieux Choisir Mieux Vivre” shopping guide which offers you specialized products such as gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan etc.
  • Electronic receipt: when you show your card at the cash register, you have the choice of receiving your invoice by e-mail or getting a printed copy on the spot. Handy for keeping track of your purchases as a points collector.

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