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CIBC Aventura: How to use Aventura Points for Cheap Travel

To the point Using Aventura Points on a CIBC Card is a great way to reduce the cost of travel. Here's how to do it.

Use your Aventura Points for Travel Expenses

Charge the Expense to the CIBC Aventura Card

First, simply make any travel expense of your choice and charge it to a CIBC Aventura Credit Card like the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card. These expenses can come from a variety of sources:

Airlines Car rentals Travel agency Hotel
Charter bus Commuter Transportation Company Regional passenger transportation Ferries
Railway company Limousine, cab and others Regional Marine Transportation Service Cruise

Pending Transactions

Immediately after your transaction or reservation, log in to CIBC Mobile Banking.

The pending transaction will be in your account. Click on Use My Points.


Please note that the transaction must be made in Canadian dollars (CAD) to be eligible.

Also, it is mandatory that the transaction is pending to proceed with the refund with Aventura Points.

Redeeming Aventura Points

Normally, redeeming 16,000 Aventura Points with Shopping with Points reduces the credit card balance by $100.

But thanks to the Shopping with Points promotion, you only need 8,000 points for $100!

Automatically, the system shows the credit obtained and the points that will be deducted. Click on Use My Points to confirm.

Aventura utiliser points


The confirmation is then displayed on the screen.

Aventura points utilisés

Then, the credit will be in your account within 2 to 3 business days. There’s now more in your pocket!

crédit Aventura au compte

Use your Aventura Points for a Hotel Room

Directly on the CIBC Rewards Travel website, you can use your points to book a hotel room,

Chambre hôtel Aventura

Simply search for the destination you want. During the booking process, the more points you use, the cheaper the hotel room will be in dollars.

Points utiliser hôtels Aventura

Use your Aventura Points for an Airline Ticket

Flight Rewards

The number of Aventura Points required to purchase an airline ticket depends on the destination. See the Aventura Airline Award chart on our CIBC Aventura page.

Primes aériennes Aventura

In the example above, San Francisco is considered a long-haul flight. According to the flight award chart, it requires 35,000 Aventura points.

tableau primes aériennes Aventura

Flex Travel

There is also the opportunity to take Aventura points and use them as you wish. The exchange is one point equal to one cent.

Just like booking a hotel, the more Aventura Points you use, the less you pay for your flight.

Primes flexibles

Use your Aventura Points for an All-Inclusive Vacation Package

With CIBC Rewards Travel’s travel agency search tool, you can find many options for vacationing in the south.

Again, Aventura Points are redeemed at a rate of 1 point to 1 cent. The more points you use, the less you will pay for your getaway out of your own pocket.

Tout inclus Aventura

Use your Aventura Points for a Car Rental

CIBC Rewards Travel deals with all the major car rental companies and offers a variety of choices.

Aventura Points are redeemed at a rate of one Aventura Point equals 1 cent.

Aventura Location voiture

Bottom Line

Depending on your lifestyle, Aventura Points are good allies for paying for travel expenses. It is quite easy to use and the search tool is intuitive.

In addition, the latter offers us the possibility to look at a calendar of dates where it costs less, if you are flexible in your dates. Take advantage of our current exclusive offer on the CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card!

Safe travels!


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