Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-16

Review: Emirates B777 Business Class | Nice – Dubai

Departing Airport Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
Arrival Airport Dubai International Airport
Flight Carrier Emirates
Flight Number EK78
Duration 5:36
Aircraft Boeing 777
Cabin Class Business Class
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Nice Côte d'Azur Airport
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To the point Here is my review on Emirates New Business Class of the Boeing 777-300ER between Nice and Dubai, a flight booked with Aeroplan.

Emirates 777 Business Class - Booking

This ticket from Nice to Singapore via Dubai is the second leg of my flight from Montreal to Nice via Munich with Lufthansa. It’s part of my trip to Southeast Asia.


To book a one-way flight from Montreal to Nice via Munich (a distance of 4,224 miles) would cost me 70,000 Aeroplan points ( North America-Atlantic Flight Reward Cahrt):

aeroplan – amerique nord – atlantique v2 – fr

It makes more sense for me to make the most of the Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart by taking advantage of the Aeroplan North America – Pacific Flight Reward Chart (maximizing the 11,000-mile band) AND adding an Aeroplan stopover in Europe for up to 45 days for only 5,000 Aeroplan points:

aeroplan – amerique nord – pacifique v2 – fr

Thus, my trip Montreal – Munich – Nice – Dubai – Singapore has a total distance of 10,833 miles as indicated by GC Map:

yul-muc-nce-dxb-sin – gcmap

The itinerary booked in this way, including the Aeroplan Stopover, allows me to make “2 trips in 1” while costing me only 97,500 Aeroplan points:

  • 87,500 points for flights between North America and Pacific (up to 11,000 miles)
  • 5,000 points for the Aeroplan Stopover

This means that my flight from Nice to Singapore via Dubai with Emirates only cost me 27,500 Aeroplan points, including the stopover in Nice!

What’s more, it fulfilled my goal of reviewing on two different Emirates business class experiences:

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Emirates 777 Business Class - Boarding

The Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is composed of 2 terminals:

  • Terminal 1: International flights
  • Terminal 2 : Flights mainly in Metropolitan France
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-01
Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur - Terminal 2

However, some international flights are operated from Terminal 2, such as the Nice – Dubai flight.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-02
Enregistrement Emirates - Nice Côte d'Azur

When travelling in Business or First Class with Emirates, you will have access to the priority security line and The Levity Lounge, located in the International Zone B (non-Schengen) of the terminal.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-03
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-09
The Levity Lounge - Nice Côte d'Azur
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-10
The Levity Lounge - Nice Côte d'Azur

Having arrived at my gate just at the start of boarding, I did not take advantage of this lounge. The boarding was on time at gate B27.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-08
Équipage Emirates
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-07
Embarquement Emirates - Nice Côte d'Azur

This is a view of the Emirates Boeing 777 from the gate. As of June 1st, 2023, Emirates will be positioning an Airbus A380 on this route for the summer season. This makes Nice Côte d’Azur the only French airport (apart from Paris Charles de Gaulle) to receive this aircraft.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-06

Emirates 777 Business Class - Cabin

You enter the aircraft through the first door, which means you pass the famous Emirates First Class called Game Changer, which can now be booked with Aeroplan points. See the review made on board by Audrey.

emirates nouvelle première classe – vue suite fenêtre ouverte
Emirates Nouvelle Premiere Classe - Vue de la Suite Fenetre Ouverte

Emirates’ B777 business class has two cabins. A first two-row mini-cabin is located just behind the First Class, followed by a main cabin.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-30
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

What stands out when entering the business class is its density with a 2-3-2 configuration. Usually, we see this type of configuration for Premium Economy. You really don’t want to end up in the middle seat, which is the last thing you want in business class!

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-20
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-22
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-21
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

However, the design is refined, as with the seats inspired by Mercedes-Benz car seat technology (as is the case in the First Class).

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-23

In my opinion, the best seats are the ones in rows 6 and 8 because they have a little more legroom without them being trapped in a cubicle when you’re lying down.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-16
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-11
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-28
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-14
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Plus, you’ll be able to have extra storage under the ottoman (which is how I stored my 16-inch Macbook Pro, extra monitor and cable bag). From what I could see on the other rows, there is no such storage.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-43
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-44
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Be aware that if you choose a window seat, you will have to step over your neighbour. On the other hand, choosing the aisle seat exposes you to the comings and goings in the aisle (rather tight because of the 2-3-2 configuration).

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-12
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Emirates 777 Business Class - Seat

The leather seat is very comfortable, in my opinion: I really feel like I am sitting in the passenger seat of a high-end Mercedes-Benz.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-31
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Being 5’10”, I had no problem with the available leg length. Also, I like having 3 windows at this seat.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-41
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-46
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

It is adjustable in all directions and, of course, tiltable to 180 degrees in the bed position.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-50
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

For a 6-hour flight, it is a good product. However, for longer flights (requiring sleep), I think its narrowness could be an issue.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-45
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

The touch screen is 23 inches in size. You can see how big it is with the famous Milesopedia coaster test.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-27
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-29
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

You can also control it from a detachable touch pad. This tablet allows you to control other aspects of your living space (light, seat, etc.)

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-13
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-51
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

On the center console, you’ll have just enough room to put your drink with the passenger sitting next to you. A small shelf can be unfolded for snacks.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-26
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-53
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

On the center console, you’ll find your seat controls as well as USB and HDMI ports, and the headphone jack. You can connect via Bluetooth to your media display, which is handy when you have AirPods Pro or Beats Fits Pro, as I do.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-42
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-17
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Below this center console, you will find a mini-bar. This is more of a gimmick to me: this one is not refrigerated. I would have preferred to have additional storage instead.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-15
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Next to your head, you will find buttons to lower/raise the seat and a reading light. As well as a button to lower/raise the partition separating you from your neighbour.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-18
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

You also have adjustable air conditioning vents. Some airlines have decided to eliminate them, but Emirates has not.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-47
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Finally, you get a comfortable standing area with the central table. It is a very large size (for the record, this is a 16-inch Macbook Pro with an Asus ZenScreen remote USB-C display).

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-32
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-61
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Emirates 777 Business Class - Service

When boarding, the Emirates flight attendant offered refreshments, including Veuve Cliquot champagne.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-39
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-40
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Noise-cancelling headphones are distributed. But no Bulgari welcome kit (these would only be offered on night flights and flights lasting more than 7 hours).

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-19
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

We take off on time from Nice Côte d’Azur airport with a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-48
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-49
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Shortly after takeoff, the meal service began. For this meal, I chose:

  • Traditional Arabic Mezze: Hummus, muhammara, baba ghanouj, stuffed vine leaves and Kalamata olives.
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-54
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
  • Grilled cod with lobster sauce: Served with basmati rice, roasted fennel and buttered edamame.
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-55
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
  • Chocolate cake, served with mango compote
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-56
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Here is the complete menu:

Shortly after the meal, the cabin lights are dimmed, and the ceiling displays a starry sky.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-57
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Small passage to the toilets, which are of small size. Bulgari perfume for men and women is available for self-service.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-58
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires
Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-59
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

Bottom Line

In the end, I have mixed feelings about this Emirates business class flight from Nice to Dubai.

The 2-3-2 configuration (hard product) is certainly not up to the level of what is offered elsewhere with Aeroplan such as Air Canada, Etihad, Swiss, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways.

Emirates B777 Classe Affaires-20
Emirates - B777 - Classe Affaires

However, the service (soft product) is of high quality.

For a rather short flight like this one (6 hours), it can pass. For a more extended flight, however, you may prefer to fly on Emirates’ A380 (which offers a much more comfortable 1-2-1 configuration – plus more space and an in-flight bar available to Business Class passengers).

Emirates A380 Classe Affaires-07
Emirates A380 - Classe Affaires

Or choose to travel with another airline like Etihad Airways.

Surprisingly, Emirates has chosen to offer this type of product when other Gulf airlines such as Etihad, Gulf Air, Oman Air and especially Qatar Airways offer much better products.

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