Maximize Your Aeroplan Points For a Trip to Asia

To the point Discover the best ways to use your Aeroplan points to book flights to Asia. Whether you dream of Japan, Thailand, China or India, Air Canada will take you there!

Organizing a trip to Asia with your Aeroplan points can seem like a complex task. Between the many flight options, long stopovers, and sometimes high prices, going to Asia requires planning and research. However, planning a dream trip to Asia using your Aeroplan points is possible and easier than you think, thanks to Aeroplan!

Whether you’re drawn to the ancient temples of Japan, the heavenly beaches of Thailand, or the bustling markets of Hong Kong, discover how to turn your points into unforgettable memories on the Asian continent. In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips and tricks for making the most of your Aeroplan points to get you to the other side of the globe.


Aeroplan - Where to Go in Asia Using Points?

Destinations served by Air Canada in Asia include :

With Air Canada‘s partner airlines and the 26 members of the Star Alliance network, the possibilities for using Aeroplan points are even greater. Here are all the cities served in North America and Asia by the carriers in this group:


In other words, with one or two stopovers, you can go anywhere! The Flight Connections website provides a useful tool for exploring flight options and building an itinerary.

For inspiration and guidance in planning your trip, take a look at our many guides to Asia:

Aeroplan - How Much Does a Flight to Asia Cost in Points?

Aeroplan points prices vary according to a chart based on major zones and distance travelled.

aeroplan – grille – zones

For a flight between North America and most Asian countries, we look at the chart from the North America Zone to the Pacific Zone:


Aeroplan point prices may vary depending on the date and time of search. The prices presented in this article represent the prices found at the time of writing.

For example, the distance between Montreal and Tokyo is 6,449 miles, so the YUL-NRT flight falls into the 5,001-7,500 mile band. On average, this flight costs between 45,000 and 80,000 Aeroplan points on Air Canada, and 50,000 Aeroplan points if you book with a partner airline.


A second example is the Vancouver-Singapore route, which covers 7,966 miles. This one would be between 50,000 and 90,000 Aeroplan points for a flight operated by Air Canada, or a fixed price of 60,000 points for a flight operated by a partner.


India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives are in the Atlantic region of the Aeroplan price chart, while Japan, South Korea, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore are in the Pacific region.

As a result, pricing will be slightly different:


For example, the flight distance between Toronto and New Delhi is 7,246 miles. The price in Aeroplan points will therefore average between 55,000 and 80,000 points for a flight with Air Canada, and 55,000 points for a flight operated by a partner carrier.


Price Fluctuations

Aeroplan point fares to Asia with Air Canada are dynamic, which means they vary according to time of year and relative to supply and demand.

For example, the high season in Southeast Asia is concentrated in winter, while Japan sees a peak in March, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. South Korea and China are particularly popular during summer vacations.

Bali Water Palace

However, the advantage of booking with Air Canada is that you can book any available seats with Aeroplan points. Although flights can be found at standard fares, lower or higher prices can also be found, especially during periods of high demand such as the holiday season or spring break.

On the other hand, fares for flights between Canada and Asia with a partner airline are fixed, making it easier to plan your points accumulation strategy. However, the number of seats available in points for partner flights is limited compared with cash tickets.

If they are not visible in the search results, this means that tickets with points (or award tickets) are no longer available for the desired date.

Aeroplan - How to Get the Best Prices With Points

Aeroplan - Golden Rules for Great Fares to Asia

To get affordable flights to Asia using your Aeroplan points, you’ll need to either :

  • Make your reservation well in advance;
  • Opt for a last-minute booking (7 to 14 days before departure);
  • Be flexible about dates and destinations.

The best time to buy your plane ticket to Asia is when partner airline flights become available (usually up to a year in advance), and well in advance, when Air Canada‘s dynamic fares can be advantageous.

Some carriers release award tickets at the last minute (14 days before departure): these tickets are offered at fixed rates, whereas paying tickets can be excessively expensive if booked shortly before departure.

Otherwise, it’s best to remain flexible about your Asian gateway. The biggest airports with the most destinations served are Tokyo (HND), Hong Kong (HKG), Seoul (ICN), Singapore (SIN) and Kuala Lumpur (KUL). Consider flying to these airports from North America, then reaching your final destination with a low-cost flight. Domestic flights can be very affordable, with airlines such as Air Asia, Scoot, and Jetstar.

If you’re planning a multi-destination itinerary and can’t find suitable availability or prices, consider reversing your arrival and departure cities to see the difference.

Guide de voyage Thaïlande-31

Sweetspots and Affordable Aeroplan Point Flights to Asia

The best fares and sweetspots to Asia are found mainly with partner airlines. Pricing is fixed, and if you plan well in advance, you’re likely to snag a bargain.

More specifically, costs for flights from the US West Coast (SFO and LAX) to Tokyo, Seoul or Taipei are advantageous with United, ANA, EVA Air and Asiana Airlines. For 50,000 Aeroplan points, you can book a seat in economy class, while for 75,000 Aeroplan points, you can book a seat in business class on these long-haul flights.


In addition, ANA flights to Tokyo from the US East Coast (ORD and JFK) are also available in business class for 75,000 points. However, availability is scarce with Aeroplan and your best bet is with a last-minute ticket.

Routes served by Singapore Airlines from JFK, EWR, LAX, SFO or SEA to Singapore are also good sweetspots, with tickets at 60,000 Aeroplan points for economy class and 87,500 points for business class.

If you’re having trouble finding the tickets you’re looking for, tools such as, ExpertFlyer or Awayz can help you search for availability.

The Aeroplan program also allows you to take a stopover of up to 45 days for an additional cost of just 5,000 points. This way, you can visit more than one country and put together more complex itineraries for a small extra charge.

Finally, Aeroplan is one of the most cost-effective loyalty programs for families with babies on their laps. The cost of a ticket will always be set at 2,500 points, regardless of the route or class chosen.

How Do You Decide Whether or Not to Use Your Aeroplan Points?

To evaluate whether using your Aeroplan points or paying in cash is more beneficial for your trip to Asia, it is necessary to determine the value of your points. The value of Aeroplan points is not fixed when they are used for flights but rather depends on the price of the flight obtained in exchange.

Once you’ve identified the flights you’d like to purchase with your Aeroplan points, you’ll need to compare points and cash fares for the same itinerary. This comparison can be made using tools such as Google Flights or the airline’s website,

Take, for example, the flight between Montreal and Tokyo, in the same fare class and class of service:


To estimate the value your points will have if redeemed for this flight, you’ll need to do the following calculation:

  • Total cash price: $2,237
  • Aeroplan points price: 105,000 points
  • Taxes and surcharges on award ticket: $108

Value assessment: ($2,237$108) ÷ 105,500 × 100 = 2.02¢ per point

Taxes and surcharges must be deducted from the total cash amount, as these fees must be paid in all cases (whether you book with cash or Aeroplan points).

You can make this calculation using the price of a similar flight or the cheapest flight you would have chosen for your trip to Asia paying in cash.

Incidentally, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” value. This is highly subjective and depends on individual preferences. Milesopedia has established reference values here.

Note that other factors also influence the decision to use points rather than cash. See this guide for more details:

Examples of Aeroplan Point Deals for Flights to Asia

To find good prices, you can take advantage of the launch of new routes, such as the non-stop flight from Montreal to Seoul. The day tickets went on sale, prices were very affordable for Asia:


Air Canada continues to expand in Asia, with new routes announced every year, such as Vancouver-Singapore, Toronto-Osaka, and Vancouver-Bangkok.


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How to Book a Flight to Asia Using Aeroplan Points

To get started, visit the Air Canada website and log in to your Aeroplan account. At the top right of the page, you’ll find your Aeroplan points balance.

To start your flight search, enter your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and number of people. Don’t forget to select the “Book with Aeroplan Points” option.


Once you’ve completed your search, the results page shows the flight options to your destination. You have the choice of applying different filters according to your preferences, such as the number of stopovers, airlines, the possibility of applying eUpgrades, and other criteria such as aircraft type. For travelers who like to choose their plane, this feature is for you.

What’s more, you can organize the results according to different criteria such as departure or arrival time, journey duration, and price. By clicking on the Economy, Premium Economy, or Business Class options at the top of the results columns, you can also sort prices in ascending or descending order.

Finally, a scroll bar at the top of the results allows you to quickly compare prices for nearby dates. All available Air Canada and partner flights are displayed to give you a complete overview.


Once you have selected a flight and the desired class of service, a new table appears for selecting a fare class. A distinction must be made between the class of service, which determines the section of the aircraft where you will be seated, and fare class, which determines the conditions associated with your ticket.

For example, some economy class fares include benefits such as free checked baggage, the ability to change or cancel your reservation at no charge, and the possibility of being placed on the waiting list on the day of travel for an earlier departing flight.


To find out all you need to know about Air Canada’s different fare classes and how to choose, consult our complete guide :

If you’re booking a round trip, you’ll have to repeat the same step for the return journey before arriving at the flight details review page. For a one-way trip, you can go directly to this same page to review your itinerary.

Under the details of your flight ticket, you can choose between different exchange options. The third option is often the best since you pay the actual price in Aeroplan points, plus taxes. For more information, see our guide to Aeroplan redemption options.


Once everything has been checked, click on “Continue” to proceed to payment. Air Canada offers free cancellation within 24 hours of booking if you change your mind, with a full refund of points and taxes if necessary.

Next, enter your personal details. If you have dietary restrictions or accessibility needs such as a wheelchair, you can specify them at this stage.

The cabin layout will then load, and you can choose your seats for a fee or not, depending on the fare you’ve selected. If you don’t want to pay for seats, you can do so free of charge 24 hours before departure.


The final step is to review your itinerary and proceed to payment. You will be offered insurance, but first, check whether you already have one with your credit card.

You can choose between two payment methods: use an Air Canada gift card, an eCoupon, or a voucher in combination with a credit or debit card. Click on “I accept, buy” to finalize the transaction.

And it’s booked! You’re ready to start planning your dream trip to Asia!

05 – helicopter island – el nido

How to Earn Aeroplan Points for Trips to Asia

Aeroplan Credit Cards

In Canada, some banks offer Aeroplan co-branded credit cards, allowing you to earn Aeroplan points on your daily purchases. These credit cards also offer a variety of travel benefits, including :

Please note that these advantages do not apply to all cards. When you’re looking for the card that best suits your needs, you can refer to this comparison article to help you make your choice.

In addition, when you sign up for one of these credit cards, you can benefit from a generous welcome bonus. Here are the best Aeroplan credit card welcome offers of the moment:

Transferable Points to Aeroplan

The American Express Membership Rewards program is also a great way to earn Aeroplan points, with a 1:1 transfer ratio.

These credit cards offer very handsome accumulation rates for everyday purchases such as groceries, restaurants, and gas, allowing you to maximize the points you earn with your daily spending. Consult our guide to choosing the best Membership Rewards card for you.

Shopping Portals

You can earn Aeroplan points on your online purchases from participating stores via the Aeroplan eStore. Aeroplan also launches special promotions where you can earn extra points.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to the Aeroplan eStore with your Aeroplan account.
  • Visit the page dedicated to participating businesses.
  • Then click on the “Shop & Accumulate” button, which will take you to the merchant’s online store.

If you have Aeroplan Elite status, you can get even more with the Aeroplan eStore. You earn an additional 2 bonus points per dollar spent. You’ll see it when you log-in to your profile; your multiplier will be higher.

Flights with Air Canada and its Partners

To earn Aeroplan points on all your flights, follow these steps :

  1. Choose Aeroplan partner airlines: With partners like Air Canada and Star Alliance members, book your flight with these airlines to earn Aeroplan points.
  2. Use your Aeroplan number: When booking with a partner airline, be sure to indicate your Aeroplan membership number to receive your points after the flight.
  3. Check accumulation rates: Check the point accumulation rates specific to your flight and fare class by consulting Aeroplan or partner airline information.

By following these steps, you’ll earn Aeroplan points every time you fly with Air Canada or an airline partner.

Bottom Line

Travelling to Asia using your Aeroplan points is a rewarding experience, but it requires careful planning. To find the best deals, you must :

  • Be flexible about dates and destinations;
  • Book a year in advance or at the last minute;
  • Target flights with partner airlines for their fixed fares or ;
  • Take advantage of Air Canada’s high availability when launching new routes.

Whether you’re planning a trip in economy or business class, redeeming your Aeroplan points for flights to Asia can offer you a memorable travel experience without spending a fortune.

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