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Aeroplan: How to save on Business Class with Aeroplan eUpgrades credits?

To the point Find out how to use your Air Canada eUpgrades credits to use fewer Aeroplan points for business class travel.

How can I save on Aeroplan business class with eUpgrades?

There is a way to use eUpgrades while saving on Aeroplan points for Business Class travel with Air Canada.

eUpgrade Credits

How to earn eUpgrade Credits

You can earn Air Canada eUpgrades credits with Aeroplan Elite Status.

The 25K status is the only one that can be obtained by spending without having to travel, but it can also be obtained by traveling. As soon as you reach 25K status, you can earn eUpgrade credits.

Several eUpgrade credits are awarded as Core Benefits. Others can be chosen as selected privileges.

Privilege Aeroplan 3 Fr

Finally, you can also earn eUpgrade credits for every eligible Status Qualifying Mile (SQM) or Status Qualifying Segment (SQS) threshold you cross during the calendar year.

Thresholds Upgrades Fr
Pro Tip

It may be wise to wait before making your benefit selection when you reach a status, especially if you intend to choose eUpgrades credits. If you make your selection before July 1, 2024, they will be valid until January of the following year, i.e. January 2025. However, if you make your selection in July 2024, your credits will be valid until January 15, 2026.

The eUpgrade credits with the shortest validity period will always be used first in favor of the others.


These eUpgrades credits have an expiry date that you can track in your Aeroplan dashboard.

Credits Upgrades Fr

You can extend the validity of up to 50 eUpgrades credits with certain Aeroplan credit cards such as :

Credits will expire as scheduled, but if you have one of these credit cards, they will be reissued shortly afterwards.

eUpgrades credits can only be carried over once. In addition, the trip must be taken before the expiry date of your eUpgrades credits. So if you wait for your credits to be reissued, you won’t be able to request an upgrade until they appear on your account.

Two additional passengers

Finally, one thing you should know: these eUpgrades credits can be used for the Aeroplan account holder, as well as two other companions traveling on the same reservation or flight.

There is an exception for Aeroplan Super Elites who can request a designated partner to use your eUpgrade credits even if they are not travelling with you.

Pro tip

If you have booked with more than 3 people and wish to use upgrade credits, it will not be possible. However, you can call Air Canada and ask them to separate the bookings to obtain two separate reservations (two PNR). Then you can use your credits.

If you’re traveling with someone who is on a different reservation, but is on the same flight, you can request an upgrade for your companion with your credits on the day of departure, at the airport.

Save on Business Class Flights with eUpgrade Credits

One tip, shared by T.J on Prince of Travel, is to use Aeroplan’s Latitude Economy airfare and apply eUpgrades credits to travel business class using fewer Aeroplan points.

The great advantage is that you can immediately confirm your upgrade from Economy to Business with the Latitude fare (the most flexible fare—refundable at any time). In fact, if “R Space” seats are available at the time of booking, you’ll receive immediate confirmation.

To determine the number of “R Space” or “N Space” for either Business Class or Economy Privilege Class, respectively, you can find this information on the Air Canada website when you try to use eUpgrade credits; you’ll see immediate confirmation.

You can also find information on Expert Flyer in the “Flight Availability” section, and set up alerts to be notified when new seats are released.

In the event that there are no “R Spaces” at this time, you can receive confirmation as soon as one becomes available with the ticket in Latitude. For other fares, you’ll have to wait between 3 and 14 days before departure.

When your upgrade request is confirmed, you’ll receive an email about it and you’ll see it in your Air Canada application. For requests made at the airport on the day of travel, you’ll see a green checkmark next to your name on your flight’s upgrade list. With the latter method, you may have to wait until the flight closes 30 to 40 minutes before departure.

Esurclassements Permission Fr

In fact, I was able to use this trick to book a round-trip plane ticket between Montreal and Lyon for the end of 2021.

When searching, select the eUpgrade option within the filters.

Filters Upgrades Fr

Then select the Economy Fare.

Yul Lys Esurclassements Fr

In this example, you see 3 rates with 3 different options related to eUpgrade Credits.

  Standard Flex Latitude
Points 32,300 points 37,300 points 45,800 points
Credits 21 18 11
Monetary supplement $750 $500 $0

The following elements determine the quantity of eUpgrades credits required to perform an upgrade, as well as the applicable surcharges:

  • The fare class of your ticket
  • Geographical area of travel
  • The distance of your flight
  • The class to which you wish to upgrade

Here are the options for the return flight:

Lys Yul Esurclassements Fr

So I opted for the Latitude fare for 91,800 Aeroplan points and 22 eUpgrades credits. Instead of choosing Business Class directly at a cost of 111,100 Aeroplan points.

In other words, those 22 eUpgrades credits saved me 19,300 Aeroplan points.

By choosing the Latitude fare, you also benefit from greater flexibility (modification, cancellation) than the basic business class fare!

Bottom Line

Previously, I found little use for Air Canada’s eUpgrades credits. With this trick, I can use all the eUpgrade credits I got from my Aeroplan Elite Status.

And it will certainly encourage me to accumulate more… or keep a high-end Aeroplan credit card such as the AeroplanMD* Reserve Card from American ExpressMD to extend the validity of those eUpgrades credits!

Can I use my eUpgrade credits for more than one person?

You can only use your eUpgrades credits for yourself and two other people on the same reservation as you, unless you are an Aeroplan Super Elite Member.

How can I use my eUpgrade credits when there are several people on my reservation?

You can use the credits for yourself and up to two travel companions in the usual way. For more than three passengers, you must call Air Canada and have your reservation split into two different reservations (two PNR).

Can I use my eUpgrade credits on all airlines?

No, eUpgrade credits are only valid on flights operated by Air Canada and its subsidiaries (Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express).

Why do I have to pay extra money when I want to use my eUpgrade credits?

You have several options for using your eUpgrade credits. Some options require fewer points and extra cash. This can be advantageous if you don’t have enough credits to cover the full cost of the upgrade.

Can I cancel my eUpgrade request?

Yes, you can do so from your account or by calling Air Canada.

What happens to my eUpgrade credits if I don't upgrade?

They will be returned to your Aeroplan account.

Why is my eUpgrade request on the waitlist?

If there are no “R Space” seats for business class or “N Space” seats for premium economy class, you will be put on hold until the clearance window, which will depend on your status and fare class.

Why do my eSurclass credits have different expiration dates?

The expiry date of eUpgrade credits depends on when they were acquired.

Can I lose an upgrade confirmation if it has already been issued?

Yes, several factors can affect the confirmation of your upgrade. What’s more, if the airline changes aircraft where fewer seats are available, you may lose your upgrade.

This downgrade selection is based on several factors; a passenger who has paid for his or her business class ticket in cash, for example, will be given priority in the business cabin over someone who has used eUpgrade credits.

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