What are the travel trends for 2024?

To the point American Express Travel, the Expedia group, Skyscanner and Booking have unveiled the travel trends for 2024. Here's an overview.

In 2024, unforgettable trips and spontaneous or solo vacations will be favored by Canadians, according to American Express Travel.

Film tourism, imitations of popular destinations, touring tourism and sober tourism will be among the must-see trends, according to Expedia.

On the Skyscannercultural experiences with a good “vibe ” and Asian getaways will be in vogue.

As for Bookingaffordable luxury on a budget and sustainable travel will also be in the spotlight in 2024.


American Express Travel published its 2024 Global Travel Trends report on Tuesday March 12.

This report has three main focuses:

  • Canadians are looking for dream trips, must-see destinations and longer trips;
  • Travelers are willing to spend, but are not indifferent to travel tricks to save money and get upgrades;
  • Spontaneity, solo travel and personal fulfillment are also sought after by Canadians.

Dream destinations

When it comes to dream vacations or grand escapades, several types of travel stand out in this report:

  • Multi-country tours within a region(66%);
  • Expedition cruises (32%);
  • Adventure travel (29%);
  • Wellness pensions (23%).

Among Canadians planning to visit several countries in one region, 70% plan to visit Europe.


Travel points and discounts

Travelers have no intention of tightening their belts on vacation.

To save money, however, Canadians are willing to travel out of season and use their credit card points.

When it comes to flights, 85% of Canadians would like to find good prices so they can spend more on accommodation or upgrades.


Spontaneity and fun

Booking a trip at the last minute and following your desires on the spot will be all the rage in 2024.

As for solo travel, it’s also very popular, especially with millennials and Generation Z. Pleasure is priceless when it comes to recharging your batteries.


Film tourism destinations

The small screen and movie theaters are sure to be sources of inspiration when it comes to choosing a destination.

Here are ten location predictions:

  • Thailand: season 3 of the series The White Lotus ;
  • Romania: Wednesday season 2;
  • Malta: Gladiator 2 movie;
  • Paris: season 4 of Emily in Paris;
  • Highlands of Scotland: final seasons of Outlander, The Thistle and the Tartan ;
  • United Kingdom: London, Bath and Windsor with the new season of The Bridgerton Chronicle and season 6 of The Crown ;
  • Korea: season 2 of The Squid Games;
  • Florida Keys and Bahamas: new Bad Monkey show, Apple TV ;
  • Australia: Faraway Downs and Furiosa series, Mad Max antepisode;
  • Greece: new Argylle film.

Imitation destinations

The trend towards “replicas” of certain destinations will grow. More and more, travelers are looking for affordable places that resemble the hot spots.

Here are ten popular destinations:

  • Taipei (comparable to Seoul);
  • Pattaya (Bangkok);
  • Paros (Santorini) ;
  • Curaçao (Saint-Martin) ;
  • Perth (Sydney);
  • Liverpool (London) ;
  • Palermo (Lisbon);
  • Quebec (Geneva) ;
  • Sapporo (Zermatt) ;
  • Memphis (Nashville).

The concert and vacation combo

Taylor Swift’s Eras and Beyoncé’s Renaissance tours are no strangers to this trend. Travelling to a concert, and taking the opportunity to visit a new place, is definitely something to do.

Here are nine affordable destinations (average rate per night):

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – $125 ;
  • Edmonton, Canada – $148 ;
  • Mexico City, Mexico – $164 ;
  • Warsaw, Poland – $164 ;
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom – $175 ;
  • Houston, Texas – $179;
  • Antwerp, Belgium – $193 ;
  • Perth, Australia – $204 ;
  • Detroit, Michigan – $205.

Sobriety stays

Have pub crawls gone out of fashion? Booking a trip as a detox will be all the rage! Places and hotels offering non-alcoholic beverages and workshops for preparing non-alcoholic cocktails will be popular.

Here are seven suggestions:

  • Somerton Lodge, United Kingdom;
  • The Rhadana, Bali;
  • Revival Baltimore, USA;
  • The Merrion, Ireland;
  • L’Ette Orlando, USA;
  • Rosewood Phuket, Thailand;
  • The Wynn Las Vegas, USA.

Cultural experiences with good vibes

Gastronomic getaways on a budget and the desire to relax will also be in the spotlight in 2024.

More and more cities are offering value-for-money restaurants. Skyscanner highlights Osaka in Japan, home to over 90 Michelin-starred establishments.

Sleep cures will also be in the spotlight, to chase away the stress of everyday life. Hoi An in Vietnam, Santorini in Greece and Rome in Italy are just some of the top destinations.


Luxury on a budget

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious getaway on a limited budget, there’s no secret: you have to find ways to save.

The Booking. com study shows that 46% of travelers would consider cutting back on tips, and 50% would consider paying for their vacation with credit cards to spread costs more evenly. To cut the bill, 39% of pet owners would even bring their pet with them.

The winning combination? Sustainable luxury travel. 53% of travelers are looking for accommodations that combine comfort with innovative sustainability features.

Here are the ten most popular destinations for French travelers. There is growing interest in East and Southeast Asia.

  • Osaka, Japan;
  • Tokyo, Japan;
  • Mumbai, India;
  • Taipei, Taiwan;
  • Tirana, Albania;
  • Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Bilbao, Spain;
  • Madeira, Portugal;
  • Faroe Islands ;
  • Perth, Australia.

Tips for saving money and traveling at a discount

Indulge yourself, but not at any price: that’s what Skyscanner‘s 2024 trends report is all about.

1 – One way to save money is to use points to book a trip. The most interesting strategy? Credit card underwriting bonuses.

The American Express Cobalt® Card is one of the best cards for earning points for travel.

2 – Some credit cards do not charge conversion fees for foreign currency transactions. This represents 2.5% savings on every transaction!

3 – You could also go through a travel agency and buy a vacation package using your Aeroplan points via Air Canada Vacations.

4 – Why not book through Scene+ Travel, powered by Expedia, the travel agency for the Scene+ loyalty program. As a member, you’ll have the option of paying for your trips: with points, with a payment card or a combination of both.

5 – Finally, AIR MILES has evolved over the years, becoming an increasingly complete travel agency. Dream Miles lets you book flights and accommodation.

Last-minute package or all-inclusive club: the importance of insurance

Keep in mind that all credit cards have different coverages. That’s why it’s so important to understand your card’s certificate of insurance.

In 2023, Milesopedia voted National Bank’s World Elite Card as the best credit card for travel, but also for insurance.

soNomad is also an excellent option for travel cover and peace of mind.

How do you define a travel trend?

To identify a travel trend, the results of traveler surveys and online research intentions should be taken into consideration.

What types of travel are in vogue?

Film tourism, touring tourism, sober tourism and cultural experiences with a good vibe are popular.

What countries should you not travel to?

Myanmar, Lebanon, Venezuela, Niger, Iran and Haiti are among the countries to be avoided, according to the Canadian government.

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