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To the point For uncomplicated, inexpensive travel insurance, soNomad is an excellent option for getting covered and traveling in peace.

Why take a travel insurance

When traveling, unforeseen events can happen, and not always positive ones! Travel insurance is not mandatory when going for a trip, but it is highly recommended to protect yourself from such events.

If there are health complications, hospitalization abroad can be very costly. If there are unexpected expenses because the plane is late or canceled, the vacation budget can easily be exceeded for a cause that is not our fault.

Some credit cards offer excellent travel insurance, and the requirements can be very demanding. If the conditions are not met, the claim may be rejected.

But there are other travel insurance options on the market to make sure you’re fully covered.

soNomad offers fast, user-friendly travel insurance directly on its website, without any intermediaries. This makes it possible to lower the cost of products offered to consumers.

And we’ve tried it!

For Canadians, soNomad offers :

  • Medical insurance
  • Cancellation insurance

What’s more, Snowbirds of all ages can take out travel insurance with soNomad. These Snowbirds benefit from emergency medical care, COVID-19 coverage and may even be covered for pre-existing medical conditions.

In addition, soNomad also provides travel insurance for visitors to Canada, such as :

  • Visitors to Canada from other countries
  • Foreign workers in Canada waiting for their group insurance to take effect
  • Foreign students
  • Future residents of Canada waiting for official documents or private insurance in force
  • Supervisa holders

Even a Canadian returning to Canada after several years can take out Visitor to Canada insurance, while he or she obtains coverage under his or her provincial health insurance plan.

Easy-to-understand, inexpensive travel insurance

Step 1: Fill in your information

In order for soNomad to provide a quote that meets the exact needs of the trip, the person must provide simple information such as :

  • Country of residence
  • Destination(s) visited
  • Age of the person(s) in the group to be insured
  • Start and end dates of the trip
  • And the value of the trip to be covered
1 pays residence soumission assurance voyage

Step 2: Choose the best travel insurance option

Next, soNomad displays the travel insurance options:

  • Medical insurance for situations such as these:
    • Loss of prescription medication during the trip
    • Emergency dental care
    • Need for an air ambulance
    • Emergency paramedical treatment (chiropractor, podiatrist, physiotherapist, etc.) at destination
    • Plane ticket for a relative or friend to come to our bedside in hospital
    • Bringing children home if a parent is hospitalized
    • Glasses replacement
    • COVID-19 or other infectious disease coverage
    • Pet boarding if the owner is hospitalized while traveling
  • Cancellation insurance covering several scenarios that may occur before or during the trip:
    • Death of a relative or pet
    • Airline bankruptcy
    • Fire, vandalism, disaster or burglary at the primary residence
    • Uninhabitable destination hotel
    • Non-issuance, loss or theft of a passport
    • Weather delay
    • Loss of job or school exam
    • Quarantine coverage if tested positive for COVID-19
  • All-inclusive: Medical AND cancellation insurance
    • Also includes lost, stolen or delayed baggage
meilleures options sonomad

Prices are shown for each option, with coverage. Simply hover the cursor over the question mark to find out more about the protection.

options assurances sonomad

Step 3: Buy travel insurance and get immediate confirmation

Once you have selected your insurance, click on Buy.

options assurances sonomad

All you have to do is enter your date of birth and address. Payment methods are Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

paiement complété soNomad

There you go ! It’s settled!

An e-mail is automatically sent with the details and documents concerning your travel insurance policy. Keep a copy in your luggage and give one to your loved ones just in case.

It is your responsibility to carefully read and understand all the documents and exclusions of this new travel insurance policy.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and call soNomad at 1-855-360-7225, available Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:00. In addition, contact soNomad before you travel if you have any health problems or change your medication.

Bottom Line

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind and financial help if something happens to upset your plans.

soNomad is an interesting and fast alternative for travel insurance that protects you from all sides.

I purchased travel insurance from soNomad two days before my vacation in Mexico. I had printed out and kept in my carry-on my insurance certificate with the emergency numbers, just in case.

I didn’t have any problems during my trip and fortunately I didn’t have to make any claims. But I had peace of mind, even in case of bad luck!

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