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AIR MILES: 5x the Miles on airmilesshops.ca

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With this AIR MILES event, you can earn 5x the Miles through its online shopping portal: airmilesshops.ca!

5x the AIR MILES miles on airmilesshops.ca

Until July 1, 2021, you can earn 5x the Miles through the AIR MILES online shopping portal: airmilesshops.ca.

This means that:

  • you will get 1 mile / $20 spent (basic offer)
  • you’ll get 4 miles per $20 spent (bonus offer with airmilesshops.ca multiplier)

That’s 5 miles per $20 spent.

If you had planned purchases, now is the time to make them by passing through this portal mainly by doing a double dip with the multiplier offered by some shops!

In addition, until June 30 included, Gold members earn an additional 2x multiplier and Onyx members get a 3x multiplier. You can make a triple dip this way!

Don’t know how airmilesshops work? I’ll explain it all below or visit our dedicated airmileshops page for more details!

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What is the airmilesshops.ca portal?

airmilesshops.ca is the online shopping portal of the AIR MILES loyalty program.

By going through this portal BEFORE shopping at partner online stores, you can get 1 mile / $20 on your purchases.

airmilesshops explanation
Comment fonctionne airmilesshops.ca

The multiplier of partner stores

Regularly, AIR MILES partner stores offer mileage earning promotions through a multiplier.

5x miles air miles
5x les milles avec ce partenaire

For example, if it is indicated that you will earn 5x the miles, it means:

  • you will get 1 Mile for every $20 you spend (basic offer)
  • you will get 4 miles / $20 purchases (bonus offer with the multiplier)

That’s 5 miles / $20 in purchases.

That’s why AIR MILES indicates 5x the miles.

Knowing that 1 mile = $0.105 then 5 miles = $0.525. This makes a cash return of 2.6% in this example ($0.525 / $20).

The multiplier on the whole airmilesshops.ca website

What’s interesting is when AIR MILES also offers a multiplier on the entire airmilesshops.ca portal.

10x miles airmilesshops
10x the miles on airmilesshops.ca

In this case, the multiplier offered by the store and the one offered by airmilesshops add up on the basic offer:

For example, if it is indicated that you will win:

  • 5x miles at the shop
  • and 20x miles on all airmilesshops.ca retailers.
card  air miles rewards card

This means that:

  • you will get 1 Mile for every $20 you spend (basic offer)
  • you will get 4 miles / $20 purchases (bonus offer with the multiplier)
  • you will get 19 miles / $20 purchases (multiplier airmilesshops.ca)

That’s 24 miles / $20 in purchases.

With 1 mile = $0.105 then 24 miles = $2.52. It’s a 12.6% cashback in this example ($2.52 / $20).

Get more miles with an affiliated credit card

In order to get even more AIR MILES bonus miles on your purchases, you will need to use a credit card linked to the AIR MILES program!

Here are three cards that offer a different way to earn miles:


The airmilesshops.ca portal is one of the many ways to earn AIR MILES miles!

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