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The VIPorter loyalty program is the loyalty program of Canadian airline Porter.

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On this page you will find all the important information about VIPorter, Porter’s loyalty program.

In each tab, you will find out:

  • how to earn VIPorter points
  • how to redeem VIPorter points
  • The best credit cards
  • The main articles to read about Porter

The currency for this program is called the VIPorter point. You earn points on Porter flights, checked bags, seat selection and more. It’s a pretty simple loyalty program.

Each dollar spent = $1 credit (called “Qualifying Spend”) applicable to your VIPorter status.

Every dollar spent = accumulation of VIPorter points that you can redeem for flights.

VIPorter members earn VIPorter points every time they fly on Porter-operated flights. An “qualifying” flight is any Porter flight made by the member for which the total cost has been paid in full. If the cost of the flight was paid with VIPorter points, it is not a Qualyfing Travel.

However, if a flight was paid for in dollars and points redemption, only the Dollars value shall be Qualifying Travel. The portion paid in points will not be considered as Qualifying Travel.

VIPorter points are awarded for every dollar spent on :

  • Base rates (after discounts, if applicable)
  • Seat selection fees
  • Change fees
  • Checked baggage fees
  • Pet fees
  • Unaccompanied minor fees

VIPorter points are not accumulated on:

  • Taxes
  • NAV sucharges (navigation, insurance, fuel)
  • Airport fees
  • Administrative and any other third party fees collected by Porter

And the higher your VIPorter status, the more VIPorter points and benefits you will get with the airline.

  • VIPorter member: 2 VIPorter points per $1 spent on Basic fare, 5 VIPorter points per $1 spent on other fares
  • Passport Member: 6 VIPorter points per $1 spent
  • Priority Member: 7 VIPorter points per $1 spent

VIPorter points will be credited to the account within 2 business days of the Qualifying Travel, if the member’s number has been added prior to the flight.

Porter does not offer the possibility to buy VIPorter points. The only way to earn VIPorter points is to spend on Porter flights.

Please note that if you do not collect or redeem VIPorter points for 24 consecutive months, your VIPorter points will expire. These expired points cannot be reinstated.

You can redeem your VIPorter points for all flights at any time, subject to seat availability. The number of points to be redeemed varies according to the fare chosen.

You can redeem your VIPorter points in two ways:

  • Points only: you use your points to pay all or part of the base fare for your flight. You pay taxes, fees and the balance of the fare in cash.
  • Cash + points : you pay the base fare of your flight in points and cash. You pay taxes in cash.

VIPorter points can be redeemed online after logging into the member’s account or by calling the Porter call centre at 1-888-619-8622. They are only redeemable for Porter flights.

VIPorter points cannot be redeemed on Porter’s partner airlines (jetBlue, El Al Israel Airlines, Icelandair, Qatar Airways and Azores Airlines).

The number of points required to pay the basic rate depends on the rate. If it is low, the number of points needed for the exchange will be low.

If you cancel a reservation made with VIPorter points, they will automatically return to your VIPorter account.

There are 3 levels of status within VIPorter: VIPorter, VIPorter Passport and VIPorter Priority.

Obtaining a VIPorter status is linked to your expenses per calendar year :

  • VIPorter: up to $1,499
  • VIPorter Passport: $1,500 to $2,999
  • VIPorter Priority: $3,000 and over

Once a member reaches the qualifying amount for the next level of membership, the member will receive the benefits associated with that new level. The new status will apply to all bookings made from that day until 31 December of the following year.

In addition to earning VIPorter points faster, Passport and Priority members have benefits such as :

  • priority check-in
  • priority security lane
  • priority boarding
  • priority re-accommodation in case of flight delay

All Passport and Priority member benefits are also available to other people travelling on the same reservation (except for groups of 10 or more passengers).

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There are no credit cards linked to the VIPorter program. We advise you to use a card that offers you more points for the “Travel” category. For example, the HSBC World EliteMD MastercardMD offers 6 points per dollar for travel.

Here are the best cards to use when booking flights with Porter: