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Review: Eventyr Lounge Copenhagen

Lounge Eventyr
Airport Københavns Lufthavn
Lounge Access Method Priority Pass / LoungeKey
Terminal 3
Country Denmark
City Copenhagen
Milesopedia recommends this card from American Express Canada
To the point Eventyr Lounge is a quality airport lounge located at Copenhagen Airport (Denmark). Here's our review on our experience in this one.

An accessible lounge with credit cards

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Useful information about the lounge


The Eventyr Lounge is located after security in Terminal 3 (Gate C26) at Copenhagen Airport (CPH).

Eventyr Lounge CPH 01
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

Opening hours

The Eventyr Lounge is open from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily (except Saturday until 5:30 p.m.).

For our part, being in a 24-hour stopover in Copenhagen, we were able to access it on our arrival from our flight from Boston and the next day to our departure to Istanbul!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 02
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

With the kids?

Access to the lounge is free for children under 3 years old.

Beyond this age, they are counted as a guest based on the level of Priority Pass membership offered by your credit card.

Amenities available

A list of the main amenities offered in this lounge is provided below:

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Our review of the Eventyr Lounge

On the descent of our night flight from Boston, we passed by this lounge.

With an unlimited Priority Pass subscription that allows free admission for 2 people (holder + 1 guest) thanks to the Platinum Card® from American Express, we decided to take a look at it.

Eventyr Lounge CPH 03
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

At this early hour (6:30 a.m.), there was no one, making the Eventyr lounge even more enjoyable!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 04
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

The living room offers a 180-degree view of the tarmac, and the ambient light helps to gradually adapt to the jetlag!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 06
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

The relaxation areas are well distributed with comfortable sofas and armchairs.

Eventyr Lounge CPH 05
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 08
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 09
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

For my part, I decide to sit at a table equipped with USB/electric connections to work a little!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 10
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

This show was opened in 2017, and everything looks new! Let’s move on to the buffet part.

Eventyr Lounge CPH 15
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

The buffet consisted of eggs, cheeses, cold meats, fruits and a variety of pastries. And alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Eventyr Lounge CPH 16
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 17
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 18
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 19
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 20
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 21
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague

Local beer and wine were also available. Not for us: at this time it will be a double espresso!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 22
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 23
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague


The Eventyr lounge also has 2 showers (for a fee – about 10 CA$).

Very nice to explore Copenhagen for 24 hours!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 12
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
Eventyr Lounge CPH 13
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague


An excellent lounge in this terminal 3 of Copenhagen Airport! I highly recommend it!

We also tried the SAS Lounge (reserved for business class passengers on Star Alliance/Star Alliance Gold members). But we might as well tell you right away: we preferred this Eventyr lounge, so we went back the next day before our flight to Istanbul!

Eventyr Lounge CPH 11
Eventyr Lounge - Copenhague
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