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Review: SWISS Business Lounge, Geneva Airport (GVA)

Lounge SWISS Business Lounge
Airport Geneva Airport
Lounge Access Method Business class travel
Country Switzerland

SWISS Business Lounge
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To the point Thanks to my business class flight, I was able to spend time at the SWISS Business Lounge in Geneva just before my flight with Air Canada to Montreal. Here are my observations.

Swiss Business Lounge Geneva - How to access

Business class passengers travelling with Swiss, as well as business class passengers of all Star Alliance partner airlines such as Lufthansa and Air Canada, have free access before their flight, but no guests are allowed.

Star Alliance Gold members also have access to the lounge, with one guest when traveling with Star Alliance on the same day. They can also use the Swiss Senator lounges (generally of better quality).

SWISS Business Lounge Geneva - Where to find it?

In the main terminal, when you arrive in the area after passing through security, you need to go up one floor to the mezzanine level to access most of the lounges at Geneva airport in Switzerland, including the SWISS Business Lounge. All the lounges in the main terminal are within easy reach of each other.

Follow the “Lounges” signs to the Swiss First lounge on your right.

You’ll arrive at the entrance to the Air France / KLM lounge, straight ahead, and the Swiss Business lounge will be just to your right.

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SWISS Business Lounge Geneva - Lounge features

The SWISS Busines Lounge is open daily from 6 am to 8:30 pm. Its surface area is just over4,500 square feet, with seating for 134. Curiously, there is no bathroom inside the lounge. You have to go outside to use a bathroom shared with the other lounges on the floor. In my opinion, this is the only drawback.

The SWISS Business lounge in Geneva consists of one large room: one side is designed for relaxing, the other for dining. Large windows let in natural light, but there’s no view of the tarmac.

This lounge is the little brother of the SWISS Business lounge at Zurich Airport. The food offer is a little less diversified, but satisfactory. I would have liked to find typical Swiss soft drinks, such as Rivella or Sinalco, but I had to fall back on the universal Coca-Cola products.

When I visited on a Wednesday morning in April, the lounge was only about 50% occupied.

SWISS Business Lounge Geneva - Breakfast

Arriving in the morning at around 10am, I had breakfast in the lounge. The croissants and breads were tasty. Here’s everything that was on offer:

SWISS Business Lounge Geneva - Alcohol, coffee and soft drinks

Soft drinks come in large bottles and you can pour yourself a glass.

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SWISS Business Lounge Geneva - Lunch

Around 11:30, lunch is served. The pasta and chicken Stroganoff were excellent. For dessert, the vanilla and chocolate mousses were a nice surprise.

SWISS Business Lounge Geneva - My overall impression

Generally speaking, traveling to a small airport like Geneva is much less stressful than to larger, busier European airports. It’s a similar story with the SWISS Business Lounge: despite its modest size, it’s easy to feel comfortable there.

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