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Zrh Zurich Aspire Lounge E

Review: Aspire Lounge – Zurich – E Gates

Lounge Aspire Lounge
Terminal E
Country Switzerland
To the point The Aspire Lounge at Gate E in Zurich is a quiet place for a break. The Aspire Lounge at Gate E is a quiet place for a break. During the day, you will be able to observe the comings and goings of the planes on the tarmac.

Aspire Lounge - Zurich


There are actually two Aspire Lounges at Zurich Airport. One is located on the 3rd floor of the center Airside of the central terminal. It is accessible from the airport, from gate A and B.

The second lounge Aspire, called the lounge Panorama, is located on the 3rd floor of the Midfield terminal at Gate E (non Shengen zone). It is accessible from doors A and B if you take the metro.

Aspire Lounge Access - E Gates

Indications are clearly displayed to get to the Aspire Lounge from terminal E. We will arrive in a clean entrance hall, with neutral white and grey colours but energized by pots of fuschia orchids.

Both have the advantage of being open to all passengers, regardless of class or airline. Being a Priority Pass member, we have complimentary access to the lounge.

Access is free for children under two years old.

Relaxation areas

Several relaxation areas are offered such as high tables with electrical connections and coffee tables, as well as areas with sofas.

There is a continuity with the lobby. A contemporary and modern style with simple and elegant furniture. A side more aesthetic than comfortable.

zrh zurich aspire lounge e – 16

The space is decorated with green plants and orchids everywhere, giving a touch of freshness. A Christmas tree was also enthroned at the entrance of the lounge for the festive season.

You will find a good range of newspapers and magazines.

I haven’t told you yet, but one of the advantages of this lounge is that it has a full bay window overlooking the airport runways as well as an outdoor terrace.

Unfortunately, we won’t be putting our noses out because of the winter season. Moreover, as night has fallen, we will see little of the hazards of the planes on the runways.

zrh zurich aspire lounge e – —

The buffet and its catering area

The restoration area of the lounge Aspire was located at the bottom of the lounge. It is divided in two, with a buffet to help oneself and small round tables and chairs or high tables to enjoy a view of the tarmac.

We will find at the buffet of the lounge. This one was simple, not very full. A choice of two main courses, either scrambled eggs or bean soup. Another part included classic pastries such as croissants and rolls or a platter of cold meats and yoghurts.

A counter for cold drinks with bottles of juice, water, beer and soft drinks. A coffee machine is of course at your disposal.

A limited choice of bottles of wine and spirits also available for self-service with some snacks and snacks.

zrh zurich aspire lounge e – —

Conclusion of our visit to the Aspire Lounge in Zurich

The services are correct but not exceptional. For example, don’t expect to find showers or toilets, or complete meals. However the lounge Aspire is a good place to rest, enjoy the Wi-Fi and wait for your next flight in a quiet place, a drink in hand.

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