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How to save on shopping at Walmart?

To the point Here are our tips on how to save at Walmart Canada on all your purchases and our advice on how to earn Rewards Points.

What to buy at Walmart?

You can find everything at Walmart and by purchasing certain products in particular at this big box store, you can save money and earn even more reward points!

Grocery products

Just like any grocery store, when you peel back the weekly flyer at Walmart, the prices on some foods may be cheaper than at competitors.

Walmart epicerie

In fact, to save money on groceries, you have to get in the habit of flipping through the flyers for discounts. Then, cooking according to the week’s discounts will allow you to lighten the budget enormously!

Personally, I live in a neighborhood where several large grocery stores (Maxi, Metro, IGA and Walmart) are within walking distance. So when I go shopping, I plan my list accordingly. This way, I can take advantage of many more discounted foods since the specials differ from one grocery store to another.

Finally, the “Great Value” private label is worth considering; “Great Value” brand products are less expensive than the private label products of Maxi, Metro, Super C, IGA grocery stores.

Moreover, it is not officially confirmed, but many of these home-made products are manufactured by big known companies!

For example, “Great Value” Greek yogurt would be made by Danone; a tub of homemade yogurt is about 30-40% cheaper.

Walmart economies multiples

If you tend to buy the same baby and pet supplies on a regular basis, Walmart has a money-saving program.

Determine the delivery of your favorite and frequently purchased items, then receive them at intervals that are convenient for you.

With this, you get:

  • Up to 20% off diapers and other baby items
  • Get 5% off pet food and other items

No need to subscribe, delivery is free from the second delivery and you manage your subscription as you want.

Walmart Econo

Drugs and pharmacy products

The prescription bill can be quite high depending on your health status. If you are covered by RAMQ, there may be a certain deductible to pay depending on your income.

If you have private drug insurance, always ask to pay the full bill and make the claim afterwards. Points will be earned free of charge with this avenue as your insurance will reimburse you the amount by check or direct deposit.

Walmart acces pharma

Then, to stock your pharmacy or to prepare your travel medicine kit, consider shopping at Walmart. In fact, the prices are similar (or even lower) to local pharmacies.

These are expenses that can help us unlock a bonus or reach our point goal. Unlike local pharmacies, when you buy your medications at Walmart, you can redeem 5X the points (with the gift card trick), every time, with the American Express Cobalt® Card !

Branded toys

For children who love brand name toys, such as Baby Shark or Patrol, parents will be pleased to know that these types of toys are often cheaper at Walmart.

Here’s a comparison of the same items at Walmart and on Amazon:

Walmart jouets
Amazon jouets

Similarly, I have purchased several classic board games such as Operation, Power 4, Monopoly, etc. between $10 and $12.

Indeed, these branded toys and games are often on sale at Walmart.

Baby products

The products in the “child and baby” section come up quite often in the Walmart flyer. When you need commercial infant formula or diapers, Walmart often has the best prices.

Since the birth of our child, we have often saved money on the purchase of diapers. Indeed, the exchange and refund policies at Walmart are much more flexible than elsewhere at 90 days; I bought boxes of diapers when they were on discount and simply went to exchange them if my child ever outgrew them. This would not have been possible at Maxi where the exchange window is only 14 days.

During the pandemic, we were able to try out car benches at Walmart when other retailers could not. Also, the prices at this level are very competitive at Walmart and the discounts are very recurring.

George is Walmart’s homegrown clothing brand. It offers a quality guarantee for children’s clothing and shoes. In fact, if they wear out before they become too small for your child, Walmart will replace them for free.

Photo prints

For people like me who are still old school and have their photos printed to make albums, the prices at Walmart are very competitive.

Walmart Impression photo

Also, frames and photo albums are very affordable and there is something for everyone!

Walmart Impression photo 2

Refurbishment Section

The Refurbished Electronics and Small Appliances section offers savings on electronics and small appliances.

They may have had defects, were returned by a customer or the box was damaged in transit.

Walmart takes them back, does a rigorous inspection, cleans them and tests them to strict standards. If all goes well, Walmart will put them back on sale at a low price. Most are only available for purchase online (consider paying online with the Walmart World Mastercard Rewards Card to get 3% off).

Check often for cheaper Dyson vacuums, Apple products or game consoles!

Walmart cheaper

Earn points with purchases at Walmart

Points Accelerators at Walmart

Why not just have the grocery prices adjusted at another store, like Maxi, so we can get all our food in one place? To earn more points at Walmart of course!

American Express and Walmart

Although there are “unbeatable” at Maxi and diapers at Costco as well, they do not accept American Express as a form of payment. For point hoarder, this is an inconvenience since groceries are a large and recurring expense for everyone.

On the pharmacy and drug side, it’s true that pharmacies accept Amex, but the “pharmacy” category usually earns fewer points than the “grocery” category.

Walmart Gift Card
Walmart Gift Card

Walmart is not coded as a grocery store (except for Supercenters at Mastercard), but Walmart gift cards can be purchased at Couche-Tard to take advantage of the 5X points gas pedal with the American Express Cobalt® Card.

So anything that can be purchased at Walmart will earn you 5X the points!

Instacart and Walmart

As a last resort, you can also use your American Express card at Walmart, through a backdoor method: Instacart.

The Instacart site includes the vast majority of grocery chains, including Walmart. It is an intermediary that offers to select the products found at Walmart, pay for them and deliver them. However, many items are 10-15% more expensive and shipping is more expensive than buying directly from Walmart.

But, Instacart accepts American Express cards for these purchases.

With this trick, you can earn 5 times the points for the American Express Cobalt Card and the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card! In fact, Instacart is considered a qualifying grocery store or food delivery service.

It’s up to you to do your calculations to find out if this trick is beneficial to you, in points and time!

Mastercard and Walmart

Walmart Supercenters are coded as “grocery store” for Mastercard credit cards.

So, if you have a gas pedal in the grocery category, you will be able to benefit from it in your Walmart Supercenter :


Many products are cheaper at Walmart. Others are equivalent elsewhere, but buying them at Walmart allows us to use American Express directly or indirectly to earn more points.

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