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Pay many bills with your credit card on PaySimply

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With the Canadian company PaySimply, you can pay your bills with a credit card and earn reward points!

PaySimply service to pay bills

With PaySimply – a Canadian company- you can pay many bills with a credit card.

Named one of Canada’s best-managed companies, it is a partner with theCanada Revenue Agency and Canada Post.

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Payees on PaySimply

With PaySimply, you can pay many types of bills with a credit card:

  • Canada Revenue Agency(source deductions, GST/HST, T2 corporation, excise tax, excise duty, air travellers security charge, tax on insurance premiums, information returns, fuel charge, Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board, Part XIII – non-resident withholding tax, T1 individual, and benefits and credits repayments, Canada emergency benefit repayment)
  • Municipalities: Property taxes, school taxes, water and sewer taxes, etc.
  • Colleges and universities: tuition, residence fees, student fees, etc.
  • Utilities: electricity and gas bills, etc.
  • Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration
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You can search the list of billers. Here is an example of a search with the keyword“Montreal“:

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This makes it easy to see:

  • The City for the payment of property and school taxes
  • Many colleges and universities
  • Some companies

Here is another example with the keyword“insurance“:

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PaySimply fees and payment methods

Of course, like any credit card bill payment service, there are fees associated with using PaySimply:

Method of payment Fee
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay Credit Cards 2,5 %
PayPal 2,5 %
Canada Post (cash or debit) $3,95 – $7,95
e-Transfer 1 %
Alipay 2,5 %
paybright Instalments
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Here is an example with the City of Montreal for Property Taxes paid with a credit card :

Paysimply Montreal En

However, some selected suppliers do not accept credit cards. That is the case with Hydro Quebec:

Paysimply Hydro En

Credit cards to use on PaySimply

Paying bills through PaySimply is only interesting to get reward points. Indeed, we do not recommend using a credit card if your goal is to spread your payments: the interest charges paid in addition to the PaySimply fees will be high. You might as well pay directly from your checking account.

Also, no credit card offers enough return to offset the 2.5% fee. Therefore, it is advisable to use PaySimply for credit cards offering a large welcome bonus but require spending a lot of money in 3 months.

The credit cards that offer the largest welcome bonuses in Canada are from American Express – especially with the small business cards (also available to consumers ).

Here are the best current offers:


The PaySimply service is an alternative solution to Plastiq.com and slightly less expensive (2.5% compared to 2.85% for Plastiq).

However, some providers still don’t accept credit cards through PaySimply (sometimes, you can bypass this when using PayPal). You will then have to turn to other services such as Plastiq or PayTM.

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