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How to pay a credit card on AccèsD Desjardins

To the point Here's how to pay for a credit card through AccèsD Desjardins, if your card is issued by a financial institution other than Desjardins.

Some people wonder if it is possible to hold credit cards issued by institutions other than the one where their accounts, mortgages, loans and investments are held. Of course!

A second question follows on the Milesopedia Facebook group: how can we pay for a credit card statement via AccèsD Desjardins when it is issued by a financial institution other than Desjardins, when that is where our bank accounts are located?

It is possible and very easy.

Paying a credit card on AccèsD Desjardins

Paying a credit card on AccèsD Desjardins, if your card’s institution is not Desjardins, is done in the same way as when paying bills such as Hydro-Québec or the SAAQ.

First, go to the PAY tab on the AccèsD Desjardins portal dashboard.

Portail Acces D

Step 1: Add an invoice

Then, you have to go to the “ADD an invoice” tab.

Notice in the image that my American Express Cobalt® Card is already registered. We will add the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®.

Also notice that next to “add”, there are options to “MODIFY or DELETE” an invoice. You will use the Delete option for example when you have closed a credit card and no longer need to make payments.

Ajouter Acces D

Step 2: Choose the supplier

Then enter the name of the issuing institution in the “SUPPLIER” box. This is the HSBC Bank.

Then in the category drop-down menu choose: “Credit cards and prepaid cards”.

The search will offer two options. In this case, we will check HSBC Mastercard.

Fournisseur Accesd

Step 3: Enter the card number

It’s then time to enter your card number to pay your credit card via AccèsD Desjardins in the reference space so that the payments go to the right place at HSBC.

Then in the description, you can add details (or not). I added that it was the WE card, for World Elite.

Finally, you confirm.

Etape 4 AccesD

Step 4: Pay the credit card through AccèsD Desjardins

Your new credit card is now among your other bills on AccèsD Desjardins.

You can now make your credit card payments through AccèsD Desjardins, and therefore from your Desjardins bank account:

Carte intégrée AccesD

I told you so. Child’s play! You can now take advantage of the best credit card offers in Canada, while remaining a Desjardins banking client!

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