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Air Canada: Accelerate your way to earning Aeroplan Elite Status for 2023

To the point Until the end of April 2022, Air Canada is making it easier for you to re-qualify for Aeroplan Elite status.

*** Updated on April 05, 2022 for offer B.

Last year, Air Canada had a promotion to get Aeroplan status without traveling.

From today until April 30, 2022, Air Canada is offering its Aeroplan members an opportunity to get a head start on the year 2022. By doing a few specific things, you can earn bonuses to re-qualify for the 2023 year.

Please note that Offer A is only available to members who already hold Aeroplan Elite 25K, 35K, 50K, 75K or Super Elite status. These members will be proactive and move closer to status sooner with this Air Canada promotion.

Offers B and C are open to all Aeroplan members.

Offer A: Qualify for Aeroplan status with daily purchases

Members must complete the following three actions by April 30, 2022:

Uber Aeroplan Image

To qualify, the actions must be different. For example, making three purchases with the eStore does not work. Linking a Starbucks account, linking an Uber account and earning at Starbucks via the eStore is eligible.

If you have already linked one or more accounts, you are eligible. However, make sure that the accounts remain linked until the offer’s end date.

The following Aeroplan credit cardholders are eligible for the offer:

All other terms and conditions can be found on the Air Canada promotion page.

The bonus

Members who meet all the criteria will get :

  • One-time bonus of 5,000 of Status Qualifying Miles (SQM)
  • 5 Single Status Qualifying Segments (SQS)
  • 500 Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD)

For example, a current 25K member has the following criteria to requalify for the 2023 year:

Qualification criteria for Aeroplan Elite Status

Thus, if the member obtains the above bonus after having done the eligible actions of the promotion, he will have to earn for 2022:

  • 20,000 SQM (25,000 SQM required – 5,000 SQM promotion bonus)
  • or 20 SQS (25 SQS – 5 SQS bonus)
  • and $2,500 SDQ ($3,000 – $500 SDQ bonus)
air canada a220 – business class-14

Qualify for Aeroplan Elite Status with Travel

Another way is to book flights with Air Canada or Air Canada Vacations.

Offer B: With Air Canada

On the Air Canada side, all Aeroplan members can earn 100% of the value of the MQS, SQS and DQS bonus.

They must book a flight operated by Air Canada (including Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge) at the standard economy fare or higher and pay cash.

This applies to all travel between January 1 and April 30, 2022, regardless of when the reservation was made. No registration is required.

*** Update April 05, 2022: For flights to Europe only, this offer has been extended to September 30, 2022.

Offer C: With Air Canada Vacations

Then finally, you get bonus SDQ and SQM with an Air Canada Vacations package when you travel between now and April 30, 2022. Bonus SQD earned are equal to 50% of your share of the package price.

You will earn:

  • a bonus of SQM 2,500 as a 25K or 35K member
  • or a bonus of SQM 5,000 as a 50K, 75K or Super Elite member

The trip must end no later than April 30, 2022.


All bonuses will be deposited into the Aeroplan member’s account within eight weeks of the end of the promotion. So, we can estimate around June 25, 2022.

In addition, you can do your 3 daily shopping actions and also earn MQS, SQS and DQS bonuses while travelling. It may be worth it to give you a little boost towards your Aeroplan Elite 2023 status!

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