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Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Affordable flights with points

To the point Learn how to find cost-effective flights for attending the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Major sporting events like this often come with high flight prices, but leveraging points can make a significant difference.

The 2024 Summer Olympics, the XXXIII Olympiad, will showcase a range of sports disciplines in the vibrant city of Paris. Given the event’s magnitude, finding affordable flights can be challenging. However, utilizing points can help mitigate the impact.

Scheduled to take place in Paris, France, from July 26 to August 11, 2024, the Summer Olympics will span across numerous venues around the city and the country.

To secure reasonably priced flights for attending the event, the primary strategy revolves around searching for flights to Paris while also considering other French and European cities as potential entry points. Once you reach the continent, convenient transportation options like buses, trains, or low-cost carriers can facilitate your journey to the final destination.

Also, being a massive worldwide event, starting early is key!

olympic rings g04075e4d7 1280

Olympics in Paris Flights - Travel Rewards

Begin by utilizing the Google Flights Explore feature to swiftly assess the price range for flights from your departure location to Europe during July and August, coinciding with the Olympic period.

When writing this article, the Google Flights Explore feature doesn’t go as far as next summer. You will have to search organically (destination by destination) but the calendar that opens up when you want to select dates can give you an idea of the costs.

Among the options, Air Transat usually appears to offer the most economical flight to cross the Atlantic compared to direct flights with Air Canada or Air France to Paris.

Rugby flights cash positionning Explore
Rugby flights cash positioinning Europe

Once you’ve found your entry point, evaluate various modes of transportation from your arrival city to Paris or your venue destination to determine whether splitting costs or opting for a direct flight proves more cost-effective and convenient.

Here are a few examples:

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Rugby flights cash positionning 4
Rugby flights cash positionning 2

Numerous travel rewards programs provide statement credits when redeeming points for flights or other travel expenses. such as the Scene+ program.

You can earn Scene+ points with a card like the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite* Card and they allow you to book flights according to your preferences and use points to cover associated costs. In addition, the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite* Card is a great addition to your wallet for the games and travel as you don’t pay any foreign exchange fee on your purchases abroad.

When using such programs, you can choose to travel directly to the Olympic venue or take advantage of the opportunity to explore other fascinating cities such as London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rome, etc.

Olympics in Paris Flights - Aeroplan

For economy flights to Europe, Aeroplan might not always maximize the value of your points. However, this depends on the cash fare for a similar ticket and the ease of earning Aeroplan points.

Cheap flights to europe with points aeroplan chart

Regularly assess the value of your Aeroplan points to determine whether a redemption is worthwhile. If you don’t have immediate plans for their usage, redeeming them before any potential devaluation might be prudent. The TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card, for instance, offers a substantial number of points, providing a quick solution for obtaining affordable flights to attend the Olympics.

Air Canada has announced new routes from Montreal, including destinations like Copenhagen, Madrid, and Amsterdam, and will increase the frequency of specific flights, such as Rome. This expanded network translates into more availability for reaching Europe!

Currently, the most economical Aeroplan flights for the Olympics are directed to Paris (surprisingly), Toulouse and Barcelona. Targeting smaller airports like TLS, LYS or GVA, rather than major hubs like Paris, is a well-known strategy for finding affordable fares, particularly during peak periods or significant events.

Flights to the Olympics Aeroplan

Using Aeroplan to fly in business class can also be affordable if you stumble on the right dates and flights. Indeed, I found Premium Economy Flex fares that are eligible for an immediate upgrade with eUpgrades credits at the same price as economy!

Flights to the Olympics upgradable
Flights to the Olympics upgradable 2

Or, you can find some jems like this one and be booked directly into business class.

Flights to the Olympics Business class

As the Olympics award space opens up, I recommend booking your inbound and outbound flights as soon as you find something, even if it means booking separately. Indeed, when writing this article, return flights after the end of the games are not yet released, and affordable inbound flights are skimming down quickly.

Olympics in Paris Flights - Flying Blue

Flying Blue allows you to easily locate budget-friendly flights starting from 15,000 miles in economy class during the Olympic period. Additionally, occasional Promo Rewards provide the opportunity to secure flights at half the usual cost.

Flights to the Olympics Flying Blue

As Paris serves as Air France’s primary hub, finding suitable flights should pose no challenge. However, if seats at that price level prove elusive, consider exploring secondary airports in France or other major destinations like Amsterdam.

Flights to the Olympics Flying Blue 4

In Canada, American Express Membership Rewards credit cards enable you to accumulate Flying Blue miles. The transfer ratio stands at 1:0.75, meaning you need 20,000 Membership Rewards to obtain the 15,000 miles you need for your flight.

Olympics in Paris Flights - Avios

British Airways Executive Club is another excellent program for finding affordable flights to Europe for the Olympics. During their off-peak dates, flights from Montreal to London are priced at 50,000 Avios plus $200 in taxes.

Flights to the Olympics Avios Off Peak
Flights to the Olympics Avios Off Peak 3

Subsequently, you can add another segment to reach a French destination for an additional number of points or explore alternative means of transport to reach your final destination.

Here are some credit card that allows the earning of Avios:

Bottom Line

As demonstrated, various approaches allow you to utilize points effectively and secure affordable flights to Europe for attending the Olympic Games in Paris. The choice of the program largely depends on the following:

  • The cash fare
  • The award availability in each respective program
  • The award fare

Membership Rewards emerge as the most valuable points due to their versatility, allowing their usage as Travel Rewards or for cashback, in addition to the option to transfer them to Aeroplan, Flying Blue, and Avios. Armed with a substantial amount of Membership Rewards points, you can easily book flights to the Olympics without straining your budget.

The Scene+ program is also great for saving on flights and other travel expenses, as you can earn them with the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite* Card and use that credit card to get the best exchange rate during your trip. Visa is also the sponsor for the Games, and you will need to have a card from their network to pay on-site.

Remember, mixing and matching programs based on availability and pricing is a viable option. For instance, you can opt for an Aeroplan flight for your outbound journey and a Flying Blue flight for the return. Additionally, incorporating alternative transportation modes like buses, trains, and low-cost flights enable the creation of a memorable and budget-friendly trip.

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