British Airways Executive Club: Ultimate Guide

To the point Discover British Airways Executive Club, a loyalty program easily accessible in Canada. Save big on your travels by collecting and using Avios with our comprehensive guide.

British Airways Executive Club - Collect Avios miles

Open an account

Opening a British Airways Executive Club account couldn’t be simpler: in all cases, go to the British Airways website and follow the instructions.

Membership of the British Airways Executive Club earns you Avios.


Travels with oneworld

British Airways Executive Club is the British Airways frequent flyer programme.

Avioscan be earned on board :

  • From British Airways;
  • From one of the 13 member airlines of the oneworld alliance.

With British Airways

Since October 18, 2023, Avios miles are accumulated according to the amount of money spent on the ticket and extras. Eligible expenses include :

  • Ticket price
  • Fees added by the company
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Pre-booked and paid seats
  • Additional baggage allowance.

The total amount of eligible expenses is determined in British pound (GBP or £). The total is then multiplied according to your Executive Club status.

Please note: Government taxes and airport fees are not eligible expenses.


For tickets purchased before October 19, 2023, the accumulation of Avios miles follows the old method and depends on :

  • The booking class of your ticket
  • Flight distance covered
  • Your Executive Club status

You’ll earn between 25% and 300% of the distance traveled in Avios, with a minimum number of miles for each fare category.

In addition, members with Executive Club status receive a bonus based on distance travelled:

  • Blue: 25%
  • Silver: 50% discount
  • Gold : 100%

To find out how many Avios miles you will earn with your flight, go to this page provided by British Airways Executive Club.


With partner companies

Avios can also be earned for flights on any of the 13 Oneworld airlines.

Mileage calculation varies with partner airlines, either according to flight distance or the total amount spent. Details can be found on this page. Here is an example of the accumulation on Qatar Airways :


With car rentals

British Airways Executive Club partners with car rental agencies including :

  • Avis (5 Avios per £1 spent)
  • Budget (2 Avios per £1 spent)

This makes it easy to accumulate Avios on each rental.

Px Avisbudgettoronto

With hotel stays

British Airways Executive Club partners with a number of hotel groups and online booking sites, including :

This makes it easy to earn Avios on every hotel stay .

JW Marriott Cannes-78

With Airbnb

British Airways Executive Club is partnered with Airbnb, earning Avios on every rental:

  • 3 Avios per US dollar (USD) for stay bookings
  • 3 Avios per US dollar (USD) for Airbnb Experiences bookings
Best Tips for Finding Your Airbnb Rental

With credit cards welcome bonuses

British Airways Executive Club is partnered with two institutions in Canada that offer credit cards enabling Avios to be earned directly or indirectly:

Each of these cards will:

  • offer a welcome bonus
  • offer Avios for every purchase

It’s a great way to rack up lots of Avios fast!

cards membership rewards passport

American Express

American Express offersseven Membership Rewards cards. These reward points can be transferred 1:1 to the British Airways Executive Club program.

Our choice is the American Express CobaltMD Card.

The American Express Cobalt® Card is the best credit card from American Express, whether you want points for travel or cash back.

The welcome bonus is distributed monthly for the first 12 months. You’ll earn 1,250 Membership Rewards points for every $750 in purchases charged to your card during the month (whether in the 1X, 2X, 3X or 5X category). That’s up to 15,000 Membership Rewards points.

You can easily use these points as statement credits for everyday or travel purchases. The value is the same for both: 1,000 points = $10.

Or you can transfer them into Aeroplan points, Avios (British Airways/Qatar Airways), Flying Blue, Marriott Bonvoy or Hilton Honors.

With the American Express Cobalt® Card, you can earn between 1 and 5 points per dollar:

Category Points per dollar
Grocery stores (Metro, IGA, Sobeys, Super C, etc.) 5
Food delivery 5
Restaurants and bars 5
Convenience stores 5
Streaming subscriptions 3
Gas station 2
Transportation 2
Travel 2
Other 1

This is a 1 to 5% return on all these purchases.

For example, if you spend $1,000 per month on groceries and/or restaurants and/or food delivery, you’ll earn $50 cash back per month, or $600 cash back per year with this card for this category of purchases!

And if you decide to transfer your points to other programs like Aeroplan, you could get even more value!

In addition, this card provides excellent insurance coverage: rental car theft and damage, baggage delay, lost or stolen baggage, flight delay, $250,000 travel accident, hotel or motel burglary, Mobile Device Insurance, Purchase Security, Purchase Protection Insurance.

Like all American Express Canada Cards, there is no minimum income requirement.

About once a year, American Express Membership Rewards offers a bonus for converting Membership Rewards points into Avios. It’s a great time to convert points! (Please note: this promotion has not taken place since 2019).


RBC offers a credit card directly affiliated with the program: the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite card.

In its RBC Avion Rewards program, RBC Bank offers several credit cards offering travel points transferable into Avios at a rate of 1:1 :

The RBC Avion Visa Infinite Card regularly offers promotions to earn between 35,000 and 55,000 RBC Avion points.

Two or three times a year, RBC Rewards offers a bonus conversion of RBC Avion points into Avios. It’s a great time to convert points!

With purchases made on credit cards

To accumulate Avios more quickly, it’s best to use one of the credit cards (see choices above) as often as possible!

The rate of accumulation will often depend on the issuer and type of card:

With hotel points conversion

Most hotel loyalty programs allow you to convert your points into Avios miles.

It’s a sneaky way to get Avios! Especially since conversion bonuses are offered at certain times of the year.

For example, you can convert Marriott Bonvoy points into Avios.

By maximizing both programs, and converting during a promotional period (such as the one offering 30% extra miles), it is possible to do the following, for example:

60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points = 25,000 Avios miles
+ 30% bonus = 32,500 Avios miles

If you have the :

But if you’d like to earn Avios instead of using your points for free nights, this is the solution for you!


British Airways Executive Club - Using Avios miles

Let’s discover all the ways in which miles can be used to :

  • Airline tickets
  • Car rentals
  • Hotel nights

Plane tickets

Avios are best used for booking airline tickets. These are called “Reward” or “Award” flights. But you still need to know the tips and tricks for using Avios correctly.

The fare structure for flights on British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia and Vueling

British Airways Executive Club rates are based on :

  • the distance to be covered (divided into 9 zones)
  • season (high/low season)

Here is the price list for flights on :

  • British Airways
  • Aer Lingus
  • Iberia
  • Vueling
Economy Class

For economy class flights, it will cost:

Zone Distance in miles Off peak High season
1 1-650 4 750 5 250
2 651-1 151 7 250 8 250
3 1 152-2 000 10 000 12 500
4 2 001-3 000 10 000 12 500
5 3 001-4 000 13 000 20 000
6 4 001-5 500 16 250 25 000
7 5 501-6 500 19 500 30 000
8 6 501-7 000 22 750 35 000
9 7 001+ 32 500 50 000
Premium Economy Class

For flights in Premium Economy class, it will cost:

Zone Distance in miles Off peak High season
1 1-650
2 651-1 151
3 1 152-2 000
4 2 001-3 000 20 000 25 000
5 3 001-4 000 26 000 40 000
6 4 001-5 500 32 500 50 000
7 5 501-6 500 39 000 60 000
8 6 501-7 000 45 500 70 000
9 7 001+ 65 000 100 000
Business Class

For business class flights, it will cost:

Zone Distance in miles Off peak High season
1 1-650 8 500 9 750
2 651-1 151 13 000 15 750
3 1 152-2 000 17 750 20 750
4 2 001-3 000 31 250 37 500
5 3 001-4 000 50 000 60 000
6 4 001-5 500 62 500 75 000
7 5 501-6 500 75 000 90 000
8 6 501-7 000 87 500 105 000
9 7 001+ 125 000 150 000
First Class

For flights in First Class, it will cost:

Zone Distance in miles Off peak High season
1 1-650
2 651-1 151
3 1 152-2 000
4 2 001-3 000 42 500 50 000
5 3 001-4 000 68 000 80 000
6 4 001-5 500 85 000 100 000
7 5 501-6 500 102 000 120 000
8 6 501-7 000 119 000 140 000
9 7 001+ 170 000 200 000

Fares for flights with Oneworld partners

British Airways Executive Club has a different fare structure based solely on distance (divided into 9 zones).

This price list applies only to trips made with other Oneworld members.

Zone Distance in miles Economy Pr. Eco Business First
1* 1-650 6 000 9 000 12 500 24 000
2 651-1 151 9 000 12 500 16 500 33 000
3 1 152-2 000 11 000 16 500 22 000 44 000
4 2 001-3 000 13 000 25 750 38 750 51 500
5 3 001-4 000 20 750 41 250 62 000 82 500
6 4 001-5 500 25 750 51 500 77 250 103 000
7 5 501-6 500 31 000 62 000 92 750 123 750
8 6 501-7 000 36 250 72 250 108 250 144 250
9 7 001+ 51 500 103 000 154 500 206 000

* For Zone 1 flights in North America, fares start at 7,500 Avios miles one-way (economy) and 15,000 Avios miles one-way (business/first class).

One rate per segment

British Airways Executive Club allows you to book one-way tickets. However, if your itinerary includes several segments, it will cost you more in Avios.

It is therefore more interesting to find a direct flight (like Montreal – Miami) than a connecting flight (like Montreal – Philadelphia – Miami).

IMG 4678

Travelling with children

The British Airways Executive Club program is particularly interesting for families!

There are”baby reward flights” (children aged under 2 AND traveling on an adult’s lap).

The required fee will be 10% of the cost in miles of the adult rate (+ taxes). A one-way ticket costs 7,500 Avios for an adult, but only 750 Avios for a child under 2!

Qantas Famille.jpg.

Modifying and canceling a reward flight

British Airways Executive Club allows you to change or cancel a reward flight up to 24 hours before departure.

The fee will be CA$58 (no fee if you are a Gold member). Miles and taxes will be refunded in full.

If the cancellation is made within 24 hours of booking, there will be no charge! Handy if you find an itinerary that suits you better. However, you must call British Airways Executive Club at 1 (800) 247-9297

The reward flights availability

Awards will be displayed on British Airways Executive Club from 355 days before flight departure.

However, for some airlines, tickets will not be posted until 300 days before flight departure.

The sooner you do it, the more likely you are to get the reward flight you want. However, carriers regularly “release” seats based on their inventory. It is therefore not uncommon for a flight to be unavailable 300 days before departure, and to appear available 100 days before.

Carrier surcharges

On British Airways Executive Club, when you book an reward flight, a fee is added to the amount in miles.

This fee includes :

  • airport taxes
  • a possible “surcharge” from the carrier

The carrier surcharge was introduced by some airlines such as British Airways or Qatar Airways when the price of oil reached record highs.

Since then, this surcharge has not been removed, and is a way for airlines to make money.

Also, there is an unavoidable departure tax in the UK, so we’ll be looking to avoid leaving the UK.

However, if you look carefully for your awards, you can avoid carrier surcharges: some airlines don’t charge any surcharges at all!

Airlines without surcharge

To avoid carrier surcharges, you need to know which airlines do not charge them on award tickets.

The following airlines DO NOT charge surcharges:

  • Aer Lingus
  • American Airlines (excluding transcontinental flights)
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Iberia (to Spain only)
  • Qantas (excluding transcontinental flights)
  • Japan Airlines (excluding transcontinental flights)

This means that you can travel anywhere in the world without having to pay surcharges, and in particular anywhere in the USA on the American Airlines network. To find out more about these airlines, read this article.

Short-haul flights: the best deal

An excellent use for Avios: to book short-haul airfares. These are “local” destinations.

In North America, certain flights operated by American Airlines will cost 7,500 miles one way, or 15,000 miles round trip. Like Montreal – New York for example.

However, this is particularly useful in countries such as Japan. Here is an example of an award ticket between Tokyo and Osaka:


There are no taxes or fees for air awards in Japan with Japan Airlines.

Award ticket search tools

There are several free and paid tools to find reward tickets on British Airways Executive Club.

While Expertflyer is aimed at advanced users, is easier to use and offers a free version.

For car rentals

Avios can be used to rent a car.

Here’s an example of a one-week car rental in Miami.


In some cases, this can be an excellent solution for using Avios! Always compare with specialized sites like Holiday Autos.

But beware of your credit card’s collision damage insurance. You’ll need a credit card affiliated with the Avios program (like the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite Card) or a card that covers you even if you’ve only paid taxes, like the BMO Ascend World Elite Mastercard®*.

For hotels

Avios can also be used to book hotel nights. However, point valuation is far from optimal.


British Airways Executive Club - Manage your Avios miles

The value of miles

The value of an Avios depends on how you use it. However, it is generally agreed that1 Avios = 1.7¢.

You could get much more value from short-haul air awards in Asia, or flights in premium cabins (Business/First class).


Miles expiration

Avios do not have an expiration date based on their accumulation date.

This means that all Avios will remain in your account as long as you generate activity every 36 months.

Claiming missing miles

Have you travelled on British Airways or a Oneworld airline without giving your membership number?

Or have you forgotten to use your British Airways Executive Club membership number with a partner?

It is possible to make a claim for missing miles up to 6 months after the transaction. To do this, you will need to fill in the claim form on the Missing miles request page.


The family and friends account

This is a major advantage of the British Airways Executive Club program.

There are three components to know about your British Airways Executive Club Account:

  • My family account (7 people)
  • My family and friends (5 people)
  • My travel companions
family british en

Family accounts can be opened for :

  • people with an individual British Airways Executive Club account
  • residing at the same address

And it’s a way for kids under 18 to earn Avios on their travels!

Once the accounts have been combined, Avios can be accumulated and used together!

To learn more about the Family and Friends account, read this article.

Transfer Avios miles

It is possible – but very expensive – to transfer miles from one British Airways Executive Club member to another. We do not recommend this option (prefer the Family and Friends account option).


British Airways Executive Club has four levels of status:

  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Status points

To obtain one of these statuses, you need to accumulate status points (which are different from Avios).

The only way to earn status points is by flying with British Airways or itsoneworld alliance partners.

The amount of status points earned will depend on the type and fare class of the ticket.

On this page, British Airways Executive Club lets you calculate how many Avios miles and Status points you’ll earn on your flights.

Here’s an example of a one-way ticket between Montreal and London as a Blue member.

At the lowest economy fare (Q, O, G), you’ll earn 813 Avios and 20 Status points.

statut yul lhr fr

Status qualification year

Unlike other frequent flyer programs that are based on the calendar year, British Airways Executive Club takes into account the date of joining the program. The amount of status points earned in the 12 months from that date determines your status for the remaining period and the following year.

Status advantages with British Airways


At this level, there are no particular advantages other than the ability to accumulate and use Avios and Status points.


Here are the advantages of Bronze status:

  • 25% Avios bonus on British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines flights
  • Free choice of seat 7 days before departure
  • Priority check-in and boarding

Here are the additional benefits of Silver status:

  • 50% Avios bonus on British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines flights
  • Free choice of seat upon booking
  • Access to Business Class lounges
  • Additional baggage allowance

Here are the additional benefits of Gold status:

  • 100% Avios bonus on British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines flights
  • Access to First Class check-in desks
  • Access to First Class lounges
  • Free seat selection including emergency exit seats
  • More choice for reward tickets

Status advantages with Oneworld

Obtaining British Airways Executive Club status means having an equivalent on the Oneworld side.

Bronze = Oneworld Ruby

Here are the advantages of Oneworld Ruby status:

  • Access to Business Class check-in desks
  • Access to more comfortable seats (depending on the airline)
  • Priority in waiting lists
Silver = Oneworld Sapphire

Here are the additional benefits of Oneworld Sapphire status:

  • Access to Business Class lounges
  • Priority Online Check-In
  • Priority luggage delivery
  • Additional baggage allowance
Gold = Oneworld Emerald

Here are the additional benefits of Oneworld Emerald status:

  • Access to First Class lounges
  • Access to First Class check-in desks
  • Access to priority security lines
  • More seating options (including emergency exit seating)

British Airways Executive Club - Credit cards

Bottom Line

The British Airways Executive Club is a major frequent flyer program in the world. In Canada, as you saw above, it’s very easy to earn Avios thanks to credit card partners American Express and RBC.

This program will appeal to :

British Airways Executive Club - Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to the British Airways Executive Club?

The login page can be found here.

How much does it cost to join the British Airways Executive Club?

Membership of the British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer program is free of charge.

How much are Avios miles worth?

The value of Avios miles is subjective and varies according to several factors. In 2023, Milesopedia estimates an average of 1 Avios mile = 1.7¢. So 50,000 Avios miles are worth around $850.

Do Avios miles expire?

Avios miles expire when there is no activity in the account for 36 consecutive months.

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