Air France Montreal YUL Lounge

Review: Air France Lounge – Montreal-Trudeau YUL

Lounge Air France-KLM
Airport Montreal-Trudeau International Airport
Lounge Access Method American Express Platinum Card
Terminal International
Country Canada
City Montreal
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To the point Here is our review on the Air France Lounge at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, completely renovated in 2021.

Air France is increasingly developing in Canada.

After announcing the partnership with American Express for converting Membership Rewards points to Flying Blue Miles, and the plans to serve Pointe-à-Pitre from Montreal, here comes the opening of a completely renovated lounge at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.


The Air France Lounge is located near gate 57. Registration is done on level 2 (departure level).

Salon Air France Montréal-39
Salon Air France Montréal-37

Right away, you can feel the “chic” aspect of the Air France lounge.

Salon Air France Montréal-35

You can go up the stairs or take an elevator to get to level 3.

Salon Air France Montréal-34

Entrance to the Air France Lounge

Once the elevator doors open, we find a transformed lounge.

Salon Air France Montréal-18
Salon Air France Montreal YUL-08

The table is set: an imposing replica of the Concorde welcomes you, as do sofas coloured as the tricolour airline.

Salon Air France Montréal-33
Salon Air France Montréal-31
Salon Air France Montréal-17

Work and relaxation area

On the left, you can put your belongings in secure lockers if you wish.

Salon Air France Montréal-04

There is a work area with a raised desk facing the tarmac.

Salon Air France Montréal-14

Further on, a more cosy space allows you to isolate yourself.

Air France Montreal Lounge
Air France Montreal Lounge

Moreover, a part is reserved for the most elite customers of the company (and for VIPs).

Salon Air France Montréal-12

Dining area

In the largest part of the lounge is the catering area.

Salon Air France Montreal YUL-02
Salon Air France Montréal-27

Two buffets are available: one for hot or cold drinks, the other for the meal.

Salon Air France Montréal-29
Salon Air France Montreal YUL-04

Food is available 2 hours before the departure of the first Air France KLM flight. Having arrived a little early, I was still able to ask for a hot mini-sandwich.

Salon Air France Montreal YUL-10

At the appointed time, the waiters fed the buffet.

Salon Air France Montreal YUL-14

There is a selection of cold dishes:

  • Charcuterie
  • Cheese
  • Fruits
  • Niçoise Salad
  • Goat cheese and sun-dried tomato salad
Salon Air France Montreal YUL-11

And hot dishes:

  • Basque chicken
  • Beef bourguignon
  • Piperade
  • Cassoulet with white beans
  • Mashed potatoes
Salon Air France Montreal YUL-15

It is also possible to have a drink at the bar: I chose a glass of champagne.

Salon Air France Montréal-24
Salon Air France Montréal-03

For dinner, you can sit down near the buffet.

Salon Air France Montréal-30

Also enjoy the large tables with wireless power to charge your phone.

Salon Air France Montréal-23
Salon Air France Montréal-25
Salon Air France Montreal YUL-05

Or in a space more like a restaurant.

Salon Air France Montréal-07


The Air France Lounge has many toilets and 3 showers (including one for people with reduced mobility).

Salon Air France Montréal-08

This is a real plus for this lounge in order to be “fresh” before taking a transatlantic flight at night, after a day of work in the city.

Salon Air France Montréal-09

Access to the Air France Lounge

Available to passengers travelling in business class with Air France-KLM on international flights, you can also enter with specific credit cards available in Canada.

Amex Platinum Cardmembers or Amex Business Platinum Cardmembers can access it for free (with a guest and up to two children under the age of 2. From the age of 2, they must pay a reduced fee).

Similarly, American Express® Gold Rewards Cardmembers enjoy four complimentary annual visits.

One of the benefits of these cards is that they offer access to the Plaza Premium lounges – of which the Air France lounge is a member.

Thanks to an agreement between Visa and DragonPass (a network of lounges), Visa Infinite Privilege cardholders have six complimentary annual visits to DragonPass member lounges.

Here are some Visa Infinite Privilege credit cards:

Also, if you hold one of these Visa credit cards, you have several complimentary annual visits to this airport lounge:

Finally, all World Elite Mastercard cardholders can access the lounge through Dragonpass. However, each visit is subject to a fee.

Only the BMO Ascend World Elite Mastercard offers four complimentary annual visits.

Bottom Line

The Air France Lounge is without a doubt one of the best options in this part of Montreal-Trudeau International Airport for international flights.

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, the National Bank Lounge and the Desjardins Odyssey Lounge are located in this terminal.

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