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New at YUL: First McCafé to open in a Canadian airport

To the point A new McCafé will open at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport in the summer of 2023!

*** Updated July 18, 2023: The McCafé® is now open! ***

Good news for travellers who love the famous McDonald’s brand: work has begun on the first-ever stand-alone McCafé®location at a Canadian airport, which also represents the first stand-alone McCafé®.

It will be located at the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

TheMcCafé® celebrated its grand opening on July 18, 2023; it’s located just across from the door 50, before crossing the gates to theinternational gates. No jealousy on the menu, since international and domestic travelers will have access to it.

MCcafé YUL

We are pleased to expand our presence to satisfy our customers’ love of the brand and our premium roast coffee beyond their daily routines,” said Michèle Boudria, President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada. This new stand-alone McCafé location at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport marks a turning point in the evolution of the McCafé brand in Quebec.”

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The new restaurant will be equipped with ordering kiosks to provide customers with a quick and convenient way to order coffee and a variety of on-the-go items during their commute.


Exclusive products

In addition to serving signature items such as coffee, espresso drinks, McMuffin® sandwiches and pastries, the new eatery’s menu will feature freshly made house-made sandwiches, including melty cheese sandwiches and sandwiches on baked croissants.


Credit cards for McCafé

Since McDonald’s / McCafé is considered a food service establishment, use a credit card earning more points at McDonald’s!

For example, with the American Express Cobalt® Card or the Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card, you can earn 5 points per dollar (a 5% return). These are the two best credit cards for food and beverages (and groceries).

When it comes to Mastercard credit cards, choose the National Bank’s World Elite Mastercard®: it is the only Mastercard credit card that offers 5 points per dollar for restaurants (and grocery stores).

Finally, if you prefer Visa credit cards, you could also earn 5 points per dollar with the BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite* Card (a return of approximately 3.55%).

Bottom line

This new restaurant offer will certainly make many happy. If you’re looking for the quiet (and free!) lounges, we invite you to check out our articles on how to enjoy airport lounges with credit cards.

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