Easy AIR MILES promotion: Up to 1,000 AIR MILES miles with Shop the Block !

To the point From December 7 to 18, 2023, earn up to 1,000 AIR MILES miles when the AIR MILES Shop the Block promotion returns after a 3-year absence!


This promotion, so beloved by AIR MILES Collectors in recent years, is back!

The last one was in 2020, and we could already feel that it was running out of steam. But for the past few months, BMO has been breathing new life into AIR MILES, bringing back this event against all odds.

With this Shop the Block promotion, AIR MILES is offering to earn bonus miles by using offers from different partners from December 7 to December 18, 2023:

  • Get at least 1 mile from 2 partners to earn 100 bonus miles
  • Get at least 1 mile from 3 partners to earn 200 bonus miles
  • Get at least 1 mile from 4 partners to earn 1,000 bonus miles

Don’t forget to sign up for the Shop the Block offer!

Here are the partners:

And that’s in addition to the bonus miles earned with offers and BMO credit cards affiliated with the AIR MILES program.

Note that a mile can be accumulated as a base mile or a bonus mile.

There’s a big difference between the 3rd and 4th partner (around $80). AIR MILES probably wants to encourage its members to diversify the way they collect miles.

air miles 2023 viree de quartier

Simple strategy to earn $100 in AIR MILES miles

With fewer AIR MILES partners than a few years ago, you might think it’s hard to get that famous 1,000 miles. However, it’s easy to take advantage of this promotion.

Here’s one strategy:

Partner Purchase Cost Base miles earned
AIR MILES Receipts 1 dozen eggs at IGA 2,44 $ 4 + 20 in bonuses
Store Shell: Eligible in-store purchase of at least $5 (bread, snacks, etc.) $5 1
AIR MILES Card link offers Dollarama: $30 (taxes included) charged to a linked Mastercard $30 10
Airmilesshops.ca Minimum purchase of $20 (before taxes) at Amazon, Walmart, Decathlon, Simons, Reitmans or Bureau en gros, etc. $20 1
Total $ 57,44 36
Bonus Miles Shop the Block 1 000
Miles if paid with a BMO® AIR MILES® World Elite Mastercard®*. 4
Grand total accumulated 1 040

*** Please note that the above table is an example of how to optimize promotion. You can just as easily replace the $5 purchase at Shell with a full tank of gas (at least 20 litres of Bronze and Silver gas for 1 AM or at least 10 litres of Premium gas for 1 AM).

Another tip is to buy an item listed in AIR MILES Receipts (a bag of chips or tortillas, for example) when you buy $30 at Dollarama. This way, you check off 2 partners (AIR MILES Rewards and À la carte Offers) in 1 single purchase.

So, for about $60 in purchases that you would have already made anyway, you can receive the full 1,000 AIR MILES miles. This has a value of $100.

Then, if you collect Cash miles, take this 1,000 miles for :

  • Pay $100 for gas at Shell
  • Buy an e-voucher for $100:
    • Shopping at Hudson’s Bay ;
    • To pay for a meal at St-Hubert, The Keg, Boston Pizza, A&W ;
    • Shopping at Winners, Bath & Body Works, Decathlon, H&M, etc.

And don’t forget that in the coming months, AIR MILES will offer the possibility of transferring miles between Cash and Dream accounts.

voucher air miles

Several reminders for those wishing to take part in this event:

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Jean-Maximilien Voisine
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