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Skyscanner : Find the best deals on flights and hotels

To the point Dive deep into the perks of using the Skyscanner flight booking platform and learn how to leverage it to seamlessly plan your next getaway.

Skyscanner is one of the most popular travel tools for Canadians looking for affordable flights. Whether planning a getaway to Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, is an invaluable resource to ensure you get the best rates. In this article, we’ll detail how to use Skyscanner, answer some of the most common questions about the site and provide tips on how to save money on your flights.

What is Skyscanner, and how do I use it?

Skyscanner is a flight and hotel search engine that enables users to find flights and accomodations at competitive prices. With Skyscanner, users can compare flight and hotel rates from different suppliers and find the best deals.

Skyscanner is simple and intuitive to use. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to or for Canada-centric searches.
  2. Input your departure and destination airports. For instance, if travelling from Montreal to Toronto, plug these cities accordingly.
  3. Select your travel dates.
  4. Click “Search” and let Skyscanner find the most economical flights for you.
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Is Skyscanner legit in Canada?

Yes, Skyscanner is a legitimate flight search engine used by millions worldwide, many of them in Canada. It compares airfares from numerous airlines and travel agencies to give you the best options available. Skyscanner is a reliable tool whether you’re looking for a flight to Vancouver, Calgary, Ontario or elsewhere.

Skyscanner - Flight tickets

How to uncover the best flight prices?

Like Google Flights and KAYAK, Skyscanner is a search engine, not an online travel agency. The engine analyzes the prices of hundreds of airlines and travel agencies to bring out the best prices.

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Skyscanner: Flight sample to Panama

Let’s say I want to go to Panama this winter. I type YUL as my departure city, PTY as my destination and my desired dates. I also have the option of displaying only direct flights.


Atop the results list, Skyscanner displays the “best flight” (offering an optimal mix of price, layovers, duration, and departure time), cheapest, and quickest.


Are you uncertain about your travel dates or have some flexibility? Skyscanner boasts a flexible calendar highlighting the cheapest fares for each day of the month. This allows you to tweak your dates based on the most budget-friendly prices.


You can also display results in graphical form instead of the calendar.


Pro Tip: Switch the Skyscanner’s language on the results page. I once spotted a $100 difference between the English and French pages! It might be a glitch, but it’s worth a check.

Skyscanner signals that flights are more budget-friendly, departing on the 11th and returning on the 26th. I can easily change the dates of my search by selecting them in the calendar.

The most economical flight now costs $792, a whopping $208 savings from my initial search!


This flight includes an airport change during the stopover, which is well indicated and highlighted by Skyscanner. Ensure you allocate ample time to shuffle between the two hubs.

Money-saving tip: Always scout for alternate airports serving your destination. Many significant cities boast two primary airports and smaller ones on the outskirts.

For instance, London is catered to by six airports. (LHR, LGW, LTN, LCY, STN and SEN). Budget airlines often operate from secondary hubs, so explore all available options.

Skyscanner also lets you compare airlines according to flight duration, stopovers, aircraft type, on-board amenities, etc. This empowers you to make a well-informed decision, opting for an airline that aligns with your prerequisites.

How do I book flight tickets?

Once you’ve pinpointed your ideal flight, it’s reservation time. Skyscanner unveils all the booking options at your disposal.


In this instance, only the airline’s official website is available. By clicking on the link, Skyscanner will whisk you away to United’s page to finalize your booking.


You can spot confirmation post-booking on both Skyscanner and United’s platforms.

Skyscanner : flight sample from Montreal to Miami

You have 11 distinct online travel agency options at your disposal.


Be cautious when booking on a third-party site rather than directly on the airline’s website. You’ll need to liaise with the travel agency in case of issues (delay, flight cancellation, changes). This could make resolving issues more lengthy and complicated.

How do I find cheap flights on Skyscanner?

Skyscanner has considered seasonality, offering the most affordable months based on comparative studies. Follow these steps:

  1. Use the “Cheapest Month” feature to discover the most cost-effective times to fly.
  2. Subscribe to price alerts to stay informed about fare reductions.
  3. Explore the “Everywhere” feature to uncover affordable yet unexpected destinations.

How to book a multi-destination ticket?

Skyscanner allows you to book a journey arriving in one city and departing from another. For instance, on a Central America trip, you might want to land in Panama City and depart from Guatemala City.

To perform a multi-destination search, enter your departure city, leave the “To” box empty and click on it. The Multi-destination search option will appear.


Click on it, and Skyscanner will redirect you to another page where you can enter the details of your multiple flights. You can add more than two if you wish.


Explore the world

Planning a vacation in February but unsure of the destination? Skyscanner can inspire you by suggesting the most affordable destinations for your dates. You can also narrow down your search for specific dates.


Interesting! Flights to San Juan in Puerto Rico are especially affordable in February. This Skyscanner feature can inspire new destination ideas you might not have considered.


Skyscanner - Other services

How to find the best prices for a car rentals?

In addition to flights, the Skyscanner search engine can also find deals for car rentals. The principle is the same: you enter your destination and dates, and Skyscanner scans all the rental agencies and travel agents to find the best price.


You can also search for different pickup and drop-off locations.


Book using a credit card that offers robust insurance for car rentals.

How to find the best hotel prices?

Additionally, you can search and book hotels via Skyscanner.


You can also filter results to view only hotels with free cancellation. Other filters are similar to those on different search engines like (price, star rating, accommodation type, customer rating, amenities, etc.)


How do I add luggage on Skyscanner?

When booking a flight on Skyscanner, you will usually be redirected to the airline or travel agency website, where you can add luggage. Be sure to check baggage policies and associated fees before finalizing your booking.

Setting up price alerts with Skyscanner

Air ticket prices vary widely, and determining the best booking time can be puzzling. Never miss a deal with Skyscanner’s price alerts.

You can set flight alerts to your favourite destination and be informed when prices drop. These alerts are handy to stay vigilant and prevent missing out on the best offer!

To activate price alerts :

  1. Click on the “Create a price alert” option in the top left-hand corner of your flight search.
  2. Click on it and enter your e-mail address.
  3. You will receive notifications when the price of your desired flight changes.

You must create a Skyscanner account to receive these alerts. Once set up, you will receive an e-mail each time your flight’s price drops.


Skyscanner mobile app

Skyscanner brings together all search and booking functions in one easy-to-use mobile application. It’s convenient for consolidating and accessing your bookings on the go. Access itineraries, price alerts, and other vital features directly from your phone.


Skyscanner vs. Google Flights: what are the difference?

Skyscanner and Google Flights are today’s most popular flight search engines. Both aim to help you find the best airfare deals but have notable differences. Let’s dive into these differences to understand which platforms might be best for your travel needs.


Google Flights

User interface and experience

  • Intuitive interface with options to search for flights “on any date” or “to any destination.”
  • Offers a mobile app for easy searching and booking on the move.
  • Streamlined interface, integrated into the Google ecosystem, making search seamless for those already using other Google services.
  • The interactive map lets you quickly see prices from your starting point to different destinations.

Information sources

  • Aggregates data from numerous airlines, online travel agencies and other booking platforms.
  • Can redirect users to other sites to finalize their booking.
  • Draws its information directly from significant airlines and reservation platforms.
  • Users can often book directly via Google, facilitating the booking process.

Price alerts

  • Offers searches for hotels and car rentals in addition to flights.
  • Features a “Bons Plans” section for special travel offers.
  • Offers search for hotel night booking or accommodation rentals.
  • Includes information on price trends, letting users know if it’s the right time to book.
  • Provides information on what to expect in-flight (e.g. Wi-Fi, plugs, entertainment) for specific routes.

Additional features

  • Allows users to create price alerts to be informed of fare variations on specific routes.
  • It also offers price alerts and integrates with Gmail to send notifications when prices change.

While Skyscanner provides many options and specializes in flight searches, Google Flights integrates deeper into the Google ecosystem, offering a smoother user experience. Your choice will depend on your preferences, how you search for flights, and which platform you feel most comfortable using.

It’s always wise to check both platforms when seeking flights to get the best deal. After all, every penny saved in travel matters!

Bottom Line

Skyscanner is a comprehensive tool that allows you to find the best deals, compare options and plan all aspects of your trip in one place. Their search engine compares hundreds of websites and online travel agencies to give you the best options.

Skyscanner is invaluable for anyone aiming to travel within Canada or internationally. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ontario, Montreal or other destinations, this tool is essential for travel savings. Ensure you have it in your travel toolkit for your next getaway!

Travelling is an adventure sometimes expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Over time, you’ll master these tools and save on your journeys.

Frequently asked questions about Skyscanner

Is Skyscanner a free service?

Yes, Skyscanner is an entirely free search engine. There are no hidden fees to use it or to make a reservation.

How does Skyscanner work?

Skyscanner works like an aggregator. It searches the web for the best fares from airlines, travel agencies and booking platforms. It then presents these options in an easy-to-navigate list for users.

How do I contact Skyscanner customer service?

If your question concerns a booking, it’s best to contact the airline or agency you booked with directly. In other cases, you can contact Skyscanner customer service via this online form.

Skyscanner or Google Flights or KAYAK?

All three search engines offer very similar functionalities. You can use all three and compare the results to find the best price. However, Skyscanner and KAYAK offer a mobile application, while Google Flights does not.

Is Skyscanner raising prices?

No, Skyscanner does not inflate prices. This is an aggregator that compares the rates available on the market. However, flight prices can fluctuate frequently depending on demand, seasonality and other factors. It’s always a good idea to book in advance and use price alerts to get the best rates.

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