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Review: Sriwilai Sukhothai hotel, Thailand

Hotel Sriwilai Sukhothai Resort & Spa
Country Thailand
Room Type Superior room
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Sriwilai Sukhothai Resort & Spa
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To the point I stayed at the Hotel Sriwilai Sukhothai during my visit to the first capital of the kingdom of Thailand. Here's a snapshot of my experience at this four-star establishment.

From Bangkok towards the north of Thailand, a visit to Sukhothai is sure to charm you. For a luxurious and relaxing experience, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place than the Sriwilai Sukhothai Resort & Spa which is at the top of TripAdvisor’s list of the best hotels in Sukhothai, at the time of writing.

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Milesopedia was invited to stay at this establishment as part of a trip organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. No remuneration was received for the realization of this review. The opinions remain mine and were not influenced in any way.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Booking

As an independent hotel, the Sriwilai Sukhothai is not associated with a rewards program. It is still possible to use credit card rewards points to stay there by booking through Expedia, Agoda or, for example, then obtain an account credit by redeeming your points :

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Sriwilai Sukhothai - Location

The Sriwilai Sukhothai is located just 2 km from Sukhothai Historic Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the city’s main attraction, and rather than taking a cab, you can also visit it by bike, weather permitting. The hotel also offers free bicycle rental.

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Many other activities are available in the surrounding area and are posted near reception; ceramic workshops, craft activities, and more.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Check-in

We were well received at Sriwilai, with fresh towels and a welcome drink. We were informed that we could take advantage of a 20-30% discount on spa treatments. The hotel is an open-plan concept that provides a real immersion in the Sukhothai environment. As can be seen here, the reception is located in a covered area, but well outside.

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My luggage was taken to my room and the way there took us through the hotel’s garden, which grows fresh herbs.

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Sriwilai Sukhothai - Room

My room was located on the first floor of a two-storey building with a large corridor with chairs where you could rest, and large green grounds. The spacious living areas create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Very spacious, the room is decorated in a traditional Sukhothai style, inspired by the lifestyle of Thai farmers. The high ceiling and wooden furniture contribute to the room’s rustic, welcoming feel.

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The room is well-equipped, with a flat-screen TV, mini-refrigerator, desk or dressing table, bathrobe, mosquito repellent and a flashlight – a thoughtful addition.

The only downside was the TV, which started playing a video automatically when you arrived in the room, a function I would have preferred to deactivate, but it was a very minor inconvenience.

The bathroom is regular in size, with a walk-in shower. The hot water didn’t work at first, but the problem was quickly solved by the hotel staff. Bathrobes and toiletries were also available.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Breakfast

Since we had to get up very early in the morning, we pre-ordered breakfast the night before, and my plate was ready by the time I arrived at the restaurant. On the first morning, I went for the classic American option with an omelette and on the second day, I opted for the typical Thai breakfast, a pork porridge seasoned to taste, which I frankly found delicious.

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A small buffet served a variety of side dishes: salad, French toast, assorted breads and jams, onion soup, doughnuts and more.

We ate at the hotel restaurant again for dinner, and the food was delicious. It included regional dishes and specialties from Northern Thailand that are hard to find elsewhere. And what about the presentation:

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Sriwilai Sukhothai - Other services

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Swimming pool

A large infinity pool allows you to cool off on hot days and offers a beautiful view of the rice paddies.

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Umbrellas, sun loungers and towels were provided and I took advantage of the opportunity to relax there after a long day of sightseeing. Since it’s adjacent to the restaurant, I was able to order an iced coffee and sip it by the pool.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Spa

I decided to take advantage of the spa discount to treat myself to a Thai massage, which only cost $24 for a full hour. If you’ve never tried this type of massage, I highly recommend it. Also known as Thai Yoga Massage, this technique combines deep stretching and rhythmic pressure. The massage is often performed on a mattress on the floor, and its benefits include improved blood circulation, flexibility and relief of muscular tension.

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The session ended with a cup of tea, as is customary in Thailand. It wasn’t my first Thai massage experience, but I must say I enjoyed it immensely; my tensions from all the traveling quickly disappeared.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Fitness center

There is no fitness center at this hotel. Workout enthusiasts can still take advantage of the large green spaces on site for a yoga session or an equipment-free workout, if required.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - Nature

Much of Sriwilai’s charm comes from its surroundings and the land on which the hotel is built. Day or night, you’ll enjoy a relaxing atmosphere as you listen to the sounds of nature.

Sriwilai Sukhothai - My overall impression

My stay at the Sriwilai Sukhothai Resort & Spa went wonderfully well. The hotel is built in perfect harmony with its surroundings, emphasizing nature, well-being and relaxation. You can feel the respect for nature and the intention to offer customers an authentic experience. I highly recommend it for a luxurious experience in nature at an affordable price.

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