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Review: Lufthansa A319 Business Class

Flight Carrier Lufthansa
Departing Airport Frankfurt am Main Airport
Arrival Airport Paris Charles De Gaulle
Flight Number LH1040
Duration 1:15
Aircraft Airbus A319
Cabin Class Business Class
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Frankfurt am Main Airport
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To the point Here's my review on a short-haul European Business Class flight, aboard an Airbus A319 from Lufthansa, during COVID-19.

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Frankfurt Airport

After a few hours at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge – located at Terminal B – I now go to Terminal A to catch my flight to Paris. This means crossing a good part of Frankfurt airport, with deserted boarding gates.

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However, many flights continue to serve several destinations across Europe.

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Obviously, the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is closed. The Canadian airline has just begun to reopen some lounges in Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver.

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To reach Terminal A, I have to go through customs and officially enter the European Union. Having a French passport (in addition to my Canadian passport), I have access to automatic kiosks.

Entry into the EU will take less than 30 seconds, with no questions asked (neither my origin nor my destination).

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I have to pass security before reaching my boarding gate. There are signs on the ground to enforce social distancing. But there is no crowd.

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Unlike in Montreal, where bins are disinfected at every pass, this is not the case here. However, the disinfectant gel is available immediately after security.

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Just coming out of a lounge, I don’t need more food, but it is worth noting that some options are available.

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I prefer to watch the activity at the Frankfurt airport tarmac.

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Boarding - Lufthansa Business Class

After this #planespotting, here I am at my boarding gate. The process is automated, with random passport control.

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Once aboard this Airbus A319, I place my Away luggage in the overhead compartment (there too, no problem on Lufthansa with the Bigger Carry-On model).

lufthansa business class europe covid-01

We are in Europe: Business class is far from what we use to have with Air Canada and its large comfy seats.

Here, the seats are strictly identical in Business and Coach. The difference? The middle seat is blocked.

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lufthansa business class europe covid-07
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The flight attendant gives us a disinfectant wipe, identical to the one offered on long-haul flights. We don’t get any hygiene kit, as opposed to CleanCare+ products onboard Air Canada.

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There are only three other business class passengers on this flight to Paris. Boarding is complete!

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In-flight - Lufthansa Business Class

We leave the gate on time and take-off quickly; there is no traffic on the tarmac. Here is a view of this Frankfurt airport, one of the largest in Europe.

lufthansa business class europe covid-09

Even if the flight lasts only one hour, this does not prevent Lufthansa from offering a catering service on board (even at 4 p.m.).

Lufthansa is one of the few airlines worldwide to have maintained a full onboard service, even during COVID-19, something I have already noticed on my flight between Vancouver and Frankfurt.

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The flight attendant distributes a form required to enter France: it is contact information to reach passengers who have come into contact with a carrier of COVID-19.

lufthansa business class europe covid-12

After a short and uneventful flight, we arrive in Paris, with magnificent views at the end of the day on the Eiffel Tower and Le Bourget Airport, close to Charles De Gaulle.

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Arrival - Paris Charles De Gaulle - COVID-19

Although my flight arrives from the European Union, I have to go through customs again in Paris. Even without an automatic desk, I have no more questions than Frankfurt from the customs officer: Bonjour, Au Revoir. Thirty seconds.

cdg – covid-1

Immediately after customs, there is a temperature checkpoint.

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Note that unlike in Canada, where a social distance of 2 meters is required, in France, it is only 1 meter. Streets, cars, hotel rooms, social distancing: everything is smaller within the Old Continent!

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After visiting Montreal, Vancouver and Frankfurt airports, I find a Paris Charles de Gaulle airport rather busy!

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I decide to order myself a Private Chauffer Services (VTC in french) through an app recommended by a friend: Bolt. For less than 30 euros, I reach the center of Paris, a real bargain when taxis often charge 80 euros!

Especially with a big comfy van just for me!

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You can get 5 euros off on your next trip with our referral link for BOLT!



I said this in my previous article on Lufthansa: Business as usual. Apart from the mandatory mask at all times (even if some passengers make meals last), there is no significant change compared to the service before COVID-19.

It’s a pleasure, but I think to reassure casual international passengers, perhaps the German airline could take an example on Air Canada’s CleanCare+.

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