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Review: Lufthansa Airbus A330 Business Class

Flight Carrier Lufthansa
Departing Airport Vancouver International Airport
Arrival Airport Frankfurt am Main Airport
Flight Number LH493
Duration 10:05
Aircraft Airbus A330
Cabin Class Business Class
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Vancouver International Airport
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To the point Here's my opinion on a transatlantic flight Lufthansa Business Class flight aboard an Airbus A330, during COVID-19.

Review: Lufthansa Airbus A330 Business Class

Boarding - Lufthansa Business Class

After a visit to Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge,and the crossing of a nearly empty Vancouver airport,here I am at Gate 55.

lufthansa a330 business class-03
lufthansa a330 business class-01

Few passengers on this flight who wait by following the social distancing measures. My flight to Frankfurt is boarding on time.

lufthansa a330 business class-02

Two bridges are deployed and I’m the first to enter in this Airbus A330.

lufthansa a330 business class-05
lufthansa a330 business class-04

I have my Away set in the luggage compartment – and it fits perfectly after a question from a member of the milesopedia community who will recognize himself ?

lufthansa a330 business class-06
lufthansa a330 business class-12
lufthansa a330 business class-13

Lufthansa Business Class Cabin

The business class is splitted in 2 cabins. This is a 2-2-2 configuration. This is a type of configuration that I have already seen on the Lufthansa Airbus A350 between Montreal and Munich.

lufthansa a330 business class-07
lufthansa a330 business class-08
lufthansa a330 business class-11

If you are travelling on this aircraft, I recommend choosing the seats in front of each of the two cabins: the foot space is larger (however, you may be more bothered by noise coming from the galley or the traffic to the restrooms).

lufthansa a330 business class-14

If you are travelling alone, avoid the middle seats: your legs will be very close to the ones of the other passenger, only a very small partition separates your feet when you are lying down.

lufthansa a330 business class-17
lufthansa a330 business class-25

While the entire cabin is modern, the fact that passengers seated in the window seats cannot directly reach the aisle without stepping over their neighbour is not at the competition’s level (like Air France or Air Canada).

However, no worry for this flight: there are only 8 passengers on the entire business cabin. So I have two seats: one for work and eating, the other one for sleeping.

lufthansa a330 business class-45

Lufthansa Business Class Seat

The seat offered by Lufthansa on this A330 is comfortable. All electrical settings are available, as well as a firmness adjustment function.

lufthansa a330 business class-21
lufthansa a330 business class-22
lufthansa a330 business class-23

Individual light is available at the headrest, which can be adjusted on both sides.

lufthansa a330 business class-28

You’ll find a space for your glass between the two seats, where a disinfectant wipe has been placed.

lufthansa a330 business class-26

If you want to grab your jacket or hang your glasses, a support is provided for this purpose.

lufthansa a330 business class-29

Hidden on the side of the seat: an audio headset with noise reduction whose hygiene seems… untrustworthy. I’ll use my Bose headset.

lufthansa a330 business class-34

A welcome amenity kit and a bottle of water are distributed. The kit will be added to my collection, although it is not the most practical in my opinion.

lufthansa a330 business class-30

There are the bare necessities inside. Unlike Air Canada, no bags with hygiene products (disinfectant bottle, mask, etc.).

lufthansa a330 business class-31

The menu is also delivered:

During boarding, no drinks is served: the crew will wait for take-off. It is a way for airlines to avoid taxes on alcohol in the country of departure, but this is the first time I have seen this with Lufthansa.

We take off on time with great views of Vancouver. As the cabin was empty, I was able to take some pics of the snow-capped mountains visible on the left side of the aircraft.

lufthansa a330 business class-35
lufthansa a330 business class-43

In Flight

Shortly after take-off, champagne and hot cashews are served.

lufthansa a330 business class-46

The screen is of good quality and the content provided is varied. However, for this flight, I choose to focus on sleep!

lufthansa a330 business class-51
lufthansa a330 business class-52

In fact, the service is delivered quickly after take-off to allow passengers to sleep sooner.

Unlike other airlines that have changed their service in COVID-19 times (for example with the lunch box provided by Air Canada),there is virtually no change on Lufthansa’s side.

Here’s my appetizer (Delicious! Seared Scallop, hot-smoked Maple Salmon and Fennel Apple Grapefruit Slaw):

lufthansa a330 business class-47

Followed by the main course(Grilled Prawn with Indian Korma Sauce, sauteed Spinach with Corn and Onion, red Pepper and Turmeric Basmati Rice):

lufthansa a330 business class-48

The cheese platter (Cream Brie, Blebry Cheese, aged white Cheddar served with Grapes and Fig Compote)

lufthansa a330 business class-49

And an ice cream for dessert (the Tiramisu Cake from the menu is unavailable):

lufthansa a330 business class-50

The service was very fast with only 8 passengers on-board. After replying to a few emails and messages on the Facebook group (thanks to the complimentary Boingo Wi-Fi coming with the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard® ), I head to my bed, about 7 hours from landing!

A real cocoon with several pillows and a good down.

lufthansa a330 business class-44

After a semi-deep sleep of 6 hours (somewhat bothered by the surgical mask) I wake up to have breakfast.

I chose the Power Breakfast: Bircher Muesli with fresh Berries, Gouda and Camembert Cheese. Very “German” accompanied by an orange juice, coffee, croissant ?

lufthansa a330 business class-57

The landing in Frankfurt happened on time, passing parking lots filled with jumbo jets: A380 and B747, some of which have already “lost” their engines. Really sad to see for a #avgeek like me.

lufthansa a330 business class-58
lufthansa a330 business class-60


A very comfortable 10-hour flight on-board Lufthansa: unlike Redeyes Transatlantic flights from Montreal where it is difficult to find sleep, here, no problem!

And it was nice to travel on an airline where it’s rather “business as usual” in these days of COVID-19!

lufthansa a330 business class-61
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