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New: Earn and redeem Aeroplan points with Emirates

To the point Aeroplan members can now earn and redeem Aeroplan points when travelling on Emirates.

This important news takes the Emirates and Air Canada partnership to a new level. In November, the two airlines announced the implementation of a multi-code operating agreement, suggesting that more news would follow.

We now know Aeroplan members can earn points by flying with Emirates and redeeming them for Emirates flight rewards. The reverse will also be possible; Emirates Skywards members can now earn Skywards miles on Air Canada flights worldwide.

But first, let’s get to the heart of the matter: redeeming Aeroplan points for Emirates flights!

Redeem Aeroplan Points for Emirates Flights

As part of the partnership with Emirates, Aeroplan has developed a dedicated chart for Aeroplan members who wish to redeem their points for Emirates flights:

Distance (in miles) Economy Class Business Class First Class
0 to 2,000 15,000 – 35,000 points 30,000 – 77,500 points 65,000 – 175,000 points
2,001 to 5,000 21,000 – 65,000 points 45,000 – 140,000 points 110,000 – 325,000 points
5,001 à 9,000 40,000 – 85,000 points 80,000 – 185,000 points 225,000 – 475,000 points
9,001 à 12,000 60,000 – 110,000 points 120,000 – 225,000 points 300,000 – 600,000 points
12,000 and more 85,000 – 150,000 points 180,000 – 300,000 points 400,000 – 750,000 points

As you can see, this is likely to be dynamic pricing, unlike the fixed Aeroplan chart for the other 45 partners.

You can combine flights with Air Canada, Emirates and all Aeroplan partner airlines. And you can also add a stopover on your itinerary for 5,000 points(all online).

CDG-DXB – Emirates J – JM-05

Reserve NOW !

Aeroplan shared some important details with us as part of the partnership launch:

  • We may see even lower fares in the coming weeks for Aeroplan members until the merger of Emirates and Air Canada fares are complete. Fares will be similar to Aeroplan airline partners! (See the example below).
  • Emirates First Class flights are not yet available for booking: Aeroplan expects the above fare structure to be fully active in early 2023

So if you have a trip in mind, it might be worthwhile to book a flight reward and not wait too long! You may be able to secure excellent economy or business-class flight rewards.

Here is an example of the current pricing for an Emirates flight between Dubai and Paris:

  • 25,000 points in economy class
  • 45,000 points in business class

This fare will certainly not last. Don’t wait!


Another example for an Emirates flight from Dubai to Malé in the Maldives:

  • 12,500 points in economy class
  • 20,000 points in business class

Examples of destinations with Emirates

To see the different destinations available with Emirates, you will need to use the Flight Connections tool:

emirates routes

Then combine this with Great Circle Mapper – GC Map:

emirates gcmap

And it might be useful to go looking for sweetspots like the Fifth freedom flights operated by Emirates, of which there are a good few:

emirates fifth freedom flights

Examples include:

  • Rio – Buenos Aires
  • New York – Milan
  • New York – Athens
  • Sydney – Christchurch
  • Bangkok – Hong Kong

0 - 2,000 miles from Dubai

Here are the destinations accessible from Dubai in the 0 to 2,000 mile band:

emirates 0-2000

Here it opens the way to exciting destinations such as:

  • Athens (Greece)
  • Cairo (Egypt)
  • Nairobi (Kenya)
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • Malé (Maldives)
  • Moscow (Russia)

Some of which are served by the A380. To test the bar at the back of the aircraft.

dxb-cdg- emirates f—-

While others are connected with B777s equipped with the new First Class cabin:

emirates nouvelle première classe – vue suite fenêtre ouverte
emirates nouvelle première classe – espace intérieure lumières

2,001 - 5,000 miles from Dubai

Here are the destinations accessible from Dubai in the 2,001 to 5,000 mile band:

emirates 2001-5000

In this band, Europe and Asia become accessible, as well as Perth in Australia. Some examples:

  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Paris (France)
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • Casablanca (Morocco)
  • Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
  • Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Perth (Australia)

Some of which are served by the A380. To experience the pleasure of a private suite:

dxb-cdg- emirates f—-

5,001 - 9,000 miles from Dubai

Here are the destinations accessible from Dubai in the 5,001 to 9,000 mile band:

emirates 5001-9000

In this band, American and Pacific destinations are accessible as :

  • Toronto (Canada)
  • Los Angeles (United States)
  • Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • Sydney (Australia)
  • Auckland (New Zealand)

Some of which are served by the A380. For example, to test the on-board shower in First Class.

dxb-cdg- emirates f—-

It will be interesting to see what this partnership between Air Canada and Emirates will mean for the two airlines’ flights between Toronto and Dubai. Knowing that currently, the fares offered by Air Canada are somewhat prohibitive on this route:


With a distance of 6,899 miles between Toronto and Dubai, the Emirates-operated flight is expected to cost :

  • Between 40,000 and 85,000 points in economy class
  • Between 80,000 and 185,000 points in business class
  • Between 225,000 and 475,000 points in first class

Earn Aeroplan points with Emirates

As is the case on Air Canada flights, an accrual chart is being established for Aeroplan members earning points on Emirates flights. Here are the accrual rates according to the booking classes:

Class of service Eligible booking classes Aeroplan point earning rate
First Flex F,A 150 %
Business Flex & Business Saver J, C, I O 125 %
Business Special H 110 %
Premium Economy W, E 110 %
Economy Flex + R, Y, P 100 %
Economy Flex U, B, M, K 50 %
Economy Saver G, T, L, Q 15 %
Economy Special/Ineligible classes V, X, S, N, D, Z N/A
DXB-YYZ Emirates First Class 777 -097

Other partnership details

Here are some additional, but not insignificant details of this partnership:

  • Aeroplan points can be earned on Emirates flights. However, Emirates flight segments will not count toward Aeroplan status.
  • There will be no additional airline fee; only the $39 booking fee with a partner airline applies, as with other Aeroplan partners.
  • Aeroplan members will be able to book Emirates flights with points directly on aircanada.com, on the Air Canada app or through the Aeroplan Centre

Access to airport lounges

Here are all the details on airport lounge access between the two airlines:

  • In Dubai, Aeroplan 50K, 75K, and Super Elite members flying in Economy Class on Emirates will have complimentary access for two to the Emirates Business Class Lounge.
  • In Toronto, Emirates Skywards Gold and Platinum members flying Air Canada or Emirates Economy will have access to Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges. Emirates Business Class travellers will have additional access to the Air Canada Café, and Emirates First Class travellers will have access to the Air Canada Signature Suite.
salon emirates première classe-18
Salon Emirates Premiere Classe

Bottom line

Aeroplan and Air Canada’s new partnership with Emirates now offer many new opportunities to redeem Aeroplan points, and to earn even more on Emirates flights. Find out the best credit cards to earn Aeroplan points to book an Emirates flight reward!

dxb-cdg- emirates f—-
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